Anyone here interested in Games Writing / Art / Podcasting?

  • Not sure if this is breaking any rules, so if it is, please delete this!

    I want to gain some experience in running a website, so I am looking for people who want to get their feet wet in games writing, web comics or potentially podcasting.

    If you've always wanted to give this a try, but didn't know where to start or couldn't get review codes, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter and we can talk to see if maybe we can do something together.

    Find me @TheHashtag0nist !

  • I have plenty of older games I want to write about (those games I keep mentioning on these forums time and time again, for example Turrican II, ADOM), yet I have never gotten around to write anything... (Besides, as I started my studies in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, I haven't had much freetime to write anything, really.) But if you want, I think I can make up some time to write something about stuff like that.

    I don't have much time for newer games, newest game I have played was new DOOM, and I do have Mankind DIvided, yet I haven't touched that one, despite wanting to play it. Maybe I'll look more into writing about newer games once I'm done with my studies? (Estimated graduating window is end of 2019 - early summer 2020)

    I can be found @Jipostus

  • I am studying Game Development and this might be something I'd love to dabble in especially since I want to expand my Horizon.

    I haven't been big on the newer AAA games lately besides Pokémon but I have some writing experience. I do have a ton of free time to spare.

    You can find me @DreyG0 on Twitter.

  • Pick me! Pick me!
    Over the past year and a half I got way more into gaming after buying new PC. So as I was able to shape and develop my opinions, I didn't/couldn't share them in a meaningful way. I'm in collage right now, so I have time to spare, thought to share and feets to get wet ;)

    @Nillend wink, wink, nudge, nudge

    Seriously though, I am ready and able to provide some gaming disscussion, if not for anything else to be more engaged into it. Video games are great after all.

  • I'd be interested in writing a few reviews or op eds. I only have access to a PS4 and 3DS (which will turn into a Switch at midnight on March 16th), and retail copy, so I wouldn't be able to meet embargo. Nonetheless, I've experience writing several game reviews for my college paper and would call myself a strong writer.

    I also have a bit of a strong voice, as you may know from seeing my posts here on the forums. For example — and this was one of my more avant-garde decisions — I referred to the boy in Inside as "Shinji" for the duration of my review.

  • I would be interested in writing, or contributing in other ways.

    I'm currently not doing much in terms of projects outside of work, so I can definitively make time for other stuff, and I've been thinking about doing stuff like this already, with the main factor preventing from doing so is not having an avenue to do so.

  • Thanks all!

    I'll hit you up individually.

    Just to be clear, I am not looking for a deal where you guys do a ton of work and I just reel in the clicks and views. It would very much be "I have a code, give me an article" in order for people to gain some clips and then move on and do their own thing (if they want of course)

    I was given the opportunity like this, but I think nobody should write for free for an extended period of time.

  • Maybe! I do some game writing in the blog section of this site, so you can sample some of my stuff there. Most of the writing I've done on the medium has been on older stuff, so there's a lot of more recent games I haven't got around to; which might not make me the best choice for new releases or current events or whatever.

  • The idea of writing again sort of fascinates me, but I'm about to start looking for a job so that I can safely quit my current job without dying alone in a ditch. I don't think I want to commit to any obligations that might be affected by or induce any further stress levels I have. :)

    Once things settle down a bit, I may volunteer to do some proofing and editing if you'll need that down the line.

  • On old GT I used to write reviews for everything I finished. Did make a attempt at doing a video review, but time and personal stuff has made it hard to try and continue that. Did try to continue writing, although my lack of structure kinda made my reviews really...really long (got a 90 page review of RE6 on a flash drive somewhere)

    With that said im interested, it would hopefully give me something to do in my free time between work and helping take care of my mom, and hopefully better my writing skills. As for doing a podcast that would probably be something extremely rare rare on my end as the only free time I would have to talk to anyone would be like 12 midnight to 2am.

  • I'm definitely interested in writing and/or podcasting, and I've got a PS4/3DS/Wii U at my disposal. I've got extensive experience in writing/editing/proofing/translating for games, so hopefully I can help in that regard. Hit me up as well!

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    oh mi god! yes! so much yes!

    @TheHashtag0nist Hit me up on da Twitter! I would love to give the a try! always secretly wanted to be in a podcast, at least once just to see what its like! also I have always been writing stuff, so yeah would be interested in doing stuff!

  • @TheHashtag0nist I don't have a twitter, but I'm interested in writing. Not sure what kind you're looking into, though. I don't have any systems outside my 3DS and macbook at the moment, so if you're looking to do reviews I'm not your guy. I'm still working on some stuff on the side, though. I was hoping to post this one piece that I've been working on relatively soon, now that I've finally finished with all my grad school apps! Maybe once that gets up that can be equivalent to a "writing sample" for a job app, or something along those lines.

    I'd also of course be interested in Podcasting, but I live on the wrong side of the world for most people, so time zones would be an issue.

  • I'd be interested but work stuff might cause conflicts of interest and all that jazz. I'd be happy to talk/write about general gaming topics and game design stuff.

  • I'd be interested in helping out in some way! I've always wanted to try writing or podcasting for games or anything really depending on the scope of the site

  • Hey all,

    Thanks for the responses!
    I'll try to respond to you all individually over the next few days!

  • @TheHashtag0nist Good on you mate. It's great that you gave the initiative for all of us to do something together.

  • I'm also interested! I'm studying Professional Writing and Digital Media Production right now with the hope of being able to enter the games/tech/film industry in that realm. I've been wanting to get something going so that I can get so more experience in that whole vein, especially with writing, video, and podcasting.

  • Ok, i'll open up a groupchat later with some details! Thanks guys!

  • @TheHashtag0nist I'm definitely interested. Can we only find you on Twitter?