Arrival (the movie)

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    I just needed to tell people that Arrival is an amazing, amazing movie. Probably my favorite of the year. Don't wan to spoil anything for anyone but if you get a chance this is definitely worth the see. Excellent cinematography and story layout, just a wonderful movie. I found it really engrossing and walked out of the theater wanting to immediately see it again.

    Anyone else like this movie?

    I saw it on Friday. Was weeping at the end of it.
    The less you know going in the better.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate everyone's input. I personally didn't think it was similar to interstellar at all

    This next bit is a bit spoilery so don't read ahead if you are hoping to see the film because as @TheHashtag0nist said the less you know going in the better.

    What I really enjoyed about the movie is that what the core message of what the movie was saying was actually said in the layout of the scenes they chose to show and you only realized it at the end. It was amazing I thought. Really a well constructed film

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  • I expected no less than a 9/10 film from Vilenueve and that's exactly what I got. He's such a excellent director and its good to know that he's in the spotlight. If y'all haven't watched his previous work, Polytechnique is a good start

  • @siegeh thanks for the tip, I actually made it a point to walk out of the theater and look up his other films.

  • @siegeh Dang. I just looked up a the plot summary and that movie sounds HEAVY.

  • @siegeh I'll have to check that out. I've only seen his more recent films since Prisoners.

    I'd highly recommend Sicario as well to anyone who hasn't seen it. Its similar to Arrival in some ways, wherein the main character serves almost as a lens for the audience rather than the star of the movie and Emily Blunt does it just as well as Amy Adams in my opinion. He does a great job of relentlesly building tension in that movie

  • @Faaip Oh yeah I just recently watched Sicario on Amazon Prime and that movie is fantastic! So intense but grounded. I do enjoy his style, like you mentioned its less about this one character and more about an overarching narrative. Really good movie. Worth a watch for anyone who hasn't seen it.

  • @Tragosaurus it's an interesting film, I'd say the same for Enemy (there was even a nod towards it in Arrival)

  • I loved Arrival! I knew nothing about it going in so I had no expectations, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • It was good. There has been lot of these non-linear time with emotional resolution movies/series lately (Lost and Interstellar come to mind) but I have to say that best it has been done (though Interstallar was really good also) was that one storyline on Game of Thrones that Huber brought up on latest Frame Trap. That had really crushing effect on me and Huber said it made him cry for hours :D