Favorite Christmas Memories

  • Hey everyone,

    Its that time of year where i believe nostalgia runs high in gaming. For many people gaming and Christmas go hand in hand since we were all once a child who could not buy games or consoles on a whim. Even to this day for many of you, this is probably also a time where we still get gifted games from family and other loved ones (or gift cards to buy games). Given all that, what are some of your favorite gaming Christmas memories?

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    I think my favorite game related Christmas memory was when i got a PlayStation with Final Fantasy VII. At this point in time I had a Sega and Sega CD. The only time i got to play Nintendo was when i went over to friends house. I know there is a lot of good Sega games that i probably never played but i remember thinking that i had the worse console. This partly due to the fact i didnt get to buy very many games. I was only able to rent games from time to time as well as maybe receive the odd game for a gift. Anyways for whatever reason after playing a game called Angel Devoid on PC I saw the Final Fantasy VII trailer. Maybe it was the pre rendered back grounds or cyber punkish aesthetic, but Looking back at it now, i have no clue why i thought it would be a similar game lol. Anyways I remember looking at toys r us catalogs around Christmas time (always a fun thing to dream when your a kid) and thinking about all the things i could ask for. It was between asking for a Nintendo 64 or PlayStation. Because of my complete lack of understanding of what i saw with FFVII i asked for a PlayStation. I remember going and sneaking a look at what was under the tree and got so excited when i got exactly what i asked for. This is the first time i ever asked for something like a console. Come Christmas day, i savagely opened up my PlayStation and the copy of FFVII and was completely shocked at what i was playing. This isn't a first person point and click adventure game (yeah.. i dont know what i was thinking..) But to my surprise i quickly fell in love with this game. I would stay up all night playing for the rest of Christmas vacation. That was the moment i realized how much i loved video games.

  • In 2006 — when I was 11 — my parents risked store lines and backdoor shady deals (mall utility entrances) to get me a launch Wii for Christmas day. I felt like I needed it to play what the playground purported to be the superior version of Twilight Princess.

    Waggle or not, that game was and is so excellent. I don't remember my first time playing through because I was so enraptured, but I do recall shunning friends playing out in the snow to strain my wrists, desperately shaking the controller at the darknuts on the last two floors of the Cave of Ordeals. I also remember pushing through to the final battle with Ganondorf, Hyrule Castle sundered and his bestial war drums pounding with thunder booming all around.


  • I would say N64, but I'm pretty sure that was a birthday present.. can't remember.

    One Christmas that always comes to mind is 2002.. my Lord of the Rings obsession was really starting to kick in and over my break I went to see Two Towers and then got the game (and a lot of LoTR toys) for Christmas. I have fond memories of playing that game and listening to Linkin Park.. plus its probably the most recent Christmas I can remember that still felt really magical.

  • My parents were against video games for the longest time, but on my 12th Christmas, I received a Dandelion yellow Game boy Color with Pokémon Gold. I played on Intelevision a bunch before, but this is when the obsession truly began. No sharing the TV. This thing was my own. I later on bought Dragon Warrior III on the system and that would become the greatest video game adventure I ever had.

    Good memories.

    @Haru17 wow. I always wondered how different the perspective is on gaming when you start as late as say the GameCube or Wii era instead of the SNES or NES eras.

  • on Christmas 1999 when i was 7 i got a n64 with super mario 64, i had a nes before that and a computer but this is when the hobby started for me

  • @Kaminski Its crazy to think that something like dragon warrior three on a gameboy felt so epic back in the day. As a kid, you get so enveloped in a game. I don't know about you but when you grow up with limited TV and without other distractions that exist today while spending most your time using your imagination, the simplest games mixed with that imagination created powerful experiences in gaming.

  • @FF7Cloud out of curiosity how did your name end up being FF7 if you were around 5 when it came out. Obviously i know you probably played it late. But whats the story there? Must have left an impact on you somehow.

    I never had a n64 but i got to play at friends. It was a great console.

  • @CGamor7 my cousins had a ps1 growing up and i had a n64 my older cousin who is 6 years older then me had the final fantasy games and id watch him play them. i got a ps2 for Christmas in 2004 i played 10 and 10-2 while they were ok games. that next summer in my town we have canada's largest flea market and at this flea market a guy was selling final fantasy 7 i think i payed like 5 bucks for it and i played it. i feel in love with the characters and the world. but even in 2005 the game visually hadnt aged well.

  • @FF7Cloud Cool, thanks!