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    @ZyloWolfBane It sounds like I may not have the easiest time once I get there, haha. But I've been grinding quite a bit, trying to upgrade my base/add fighters so I can actually win some defenses for a change. I noticed a lot of the Haters that come out me have machetes so I figured they'd be pretty powerful but I'm generally running assault rifle/magnum combo with a 2 star hammer/bat as back-up. Do you have any weapons that deal electrical damage? That could potentially help but I know I haven't run across many elemental blueprints - just one for a fire rod that requires materials I haven't come across yet. The other thing I can think of that might help is skill shrooms. I'm not sure if you've run into them yet, but I definitely found some bronze ones during my second run of the boss on the 10th floor that I could trade in for a 10% increase to certain damage types. I picked blunt weapons but there's a decal for slicing as well.

    Yeah, on the 21st floor there's a blueprint for an electric weapon but I think it requires materials from higher floors I haven't gotten to yet sadly.

    Same problem with all my fire weapons =(

  • My experience with Let it Die, in three days:

    Day 1: My lifelong friend, a blue collar, married, gaming hobbyist with a surprising amount of consoles and games and a surprisingly low enthusiasm for gaming, has been bugging me about this game for a week. I told him about it after the conference, he played it out of curiosity because he had no idea about it, and now he's hooked.

    I have a spare night, and the game is already downloaded. I make myself a hot toddy because I'm sick and go to play Let it Die. It's undergoing emergency maintenance. I fiddle about with a couple of PS Plus games, then return to Let it Die. Emergency maintenance.

    I go to bed.

    Day 2: One week later. My friend has been phoning me every day on his way home from work to see if I have played Let it Die, so I decide to try again.

    I get in.

    Death is neat. I like the look of the train station, but the game immediately falls into vaguely industrial, dilapidated environments that aren't at all interesting. It plays like the Souls games and reminds me that I only ever really played Demon's Souls other than Bloodborne, and never made it very far. It also pulls the same required death gag in case you really didn't notice.

    There's a lot of text---not a very compelling way to introduce the functions of the world. Characters are weird and tacky, but also surprisingly absent. Much of it is just maneuvering vacant halls and breaking weapons on people wearing reflector vests.

    It tries very hard to be as gratifying as it can for the player. Here's some fireworks telling you that you just made the game a little easier for yourself. Keep it up. Here's a present; every day can be like Christmas if you just log in. I find its coddling and celebration at odds with its dungeon crawling.

    I play for a couple hours then go and watch a movie. The Neon Demon. It fucking sucks.

    Day 3: My friend is still bothering me. He assumes that now that I've played it, I know everything about the game and would love to hear about all of his stories fighting about. Which I kind of do, it's nice to hear him passionate about a game again. He presses me to keep playing, so I decide that I'll put in some more time after I walk the dog. I hadn't played enough of Let it Die to make up my mind or obtain a full understanding of it.

    It's cold outside, there's snow. We had a good amount of wind a couple nights ago and even a short blackout.

    I get back and jump into Let it Die. There's an update. The PS4's sleep mode was cut out by the power outage so the update didn't happen. It takes half an hour to download and another hour to install. When I see this, I delete the app.

    I search through my drawer for Demon's Souls. I figure my efforts in giving a game in this style of game a fair(er) shake is worth something.

    I'm enjoying it more than I did the first time.

  • @Ringedwithtile My first day was much like yours. I had a rough day at work, I had been looking to coming home, opening a beer, and having a weird time and bam... emergency maintenance. Since then, I've clocked in close to 20 hours in less than a week.

    Thing is, I can't really disagree with anything you said. The environments do change, but you have to put a lot of work into it to make it happen. A lot of functionality is pretty much closed off until you start beating some of the earlier bosses - you can't actually invade bases, protect your own, or get classes other than the "all-rounder".

    As for the characters and their attitudes towards you, I think the complaints you mentioned can be applied to any game suda51 has even briefly helped create. That doesn't mean there isn't an issue there, it just becomes more of an acquired taste. For the setting and the comparison to the Souls series - I can't recall when he said it, but there was a video awhile back of Jones explaining his disinterest with the Souls series but how he appreciated Bloodborne much more. He explained that Dark Souls aims for a fantasy setting, which in most forms of media, includes bustling cities and a diverse population. Souls is just bleak all around. On the other hand, Bloodborne has a gothic horror backdrop so a lot of what the Souls series unique fits the world so much better. I feel the same with Let It Die, this is a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged. If I had a bunch of characters inhabiting the world, I feel like the place would be less... believable. That may not be the right phrasing, considering the main character in the game is a grim reaper that rides around on a skateboard.

    But hey, at least it sparked your interest back in Demon's Souls. I'd definitely say the game isn't for everyone and things are still early on. I'm actually most curious to see how this game changes over time.

  • Oh, I love weird and tacky, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm mostly into more experimental and strange games. I haven't played a game from Suda prior to this one, though my same friend lent me No More Heroes not long ago, which I understand is one of his stronger efforts.

    I'm also not against giving this game another shot down the road, my post was more of illustration of how my first impressions, and the circumstances surrounding my playing it have caused me to be a bit unfair to the game.

  • @Ringedwithtile Totally fair, I just hope you give it another shake at some point! If you plan to hunt down that suda goodness, No More Heroes and Killer7 would definitely be the way to go.

  • Reminder to support this game by actually buying something you think is fair if you find yourself pumping dozens of hours into Let It Die and are genuinely having a good time. It's not immediately evil to give money to Free to Play model games, and you're not "part of the problem" as long as you're not giving in to a game designed to do nothing but suck cash from your wallet. Decide what you think is a fair amount and will enhance your already good experience with the game, and consider it the price you would've payed for the game had it costed money to begin with.

    It's easy to just walk away having never spent a dime and brag about it, but that's only encouraging the Free to Play tactics to get scummier and slimier in how they pressure you to spend money. Instead reward one done right, so in the future companies can understand treating their customers right can be beneficial to everyone involved.

  • @Mbun $15 spent so far, I'm sure that won't be all either lol.

  • @Mbun Couldn't agree more. I love that the game isn't intrusive with its microtransactions, but I love it to death so.. $5 in already. More once this holiday season is over.

  • ill probally check it out after the new year really gotta finish other things on my ps4 becasue i need some space they really shit the bed with a 500gb harddrive

  • @FF7Cloud I installed a 1 TB hard drive and I'm still always running out of space. It's rough.

  • @SabotageTheTruth ff15 is 55gb cod4 is 58 and cod iw is 52 theres 160gb just in 3 games

  • @FF7Cloud From what I remember, Let It Die is like 48 with all the patches as well. Wheee.

  • Made it to the 19th floor finally! I had finished clearing the boss on the 16th floor and decided to go exploring... that was rough. I was eventually running around with no armor and no weapons, fighting to survive. I did encounter a large robot type enemy I hadn't seen before who created earthquakes. My fists were doing a grand total of 0 and I thought that was it for poor Cheryl the striker... but I found I could do tiny bits of damage by punching him in the back. That elevator never looked so good.

  • I stopped playing for awhile, made it to 23 a while back. The gameplay loop kinda wore on me a bit. I just need to give it some time.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Yeah, I'm starting to feel a bit of a drag as well. I'm in the process of actually moving so I won't have internet in my home for a bit. Hopefully that'll be a nice refresher.