Let It Die

  • Made it to the 19th floor finally! I had finished clearing the boss on the 16th floor and decided to go exploring... that was rough. I was eventually running around with no armor and no weapons, fighting to survive. I did encounter a large robot type enemy I hadn't seen before who created earthquakes. My fists were doing a grand total of 0 and I thought that was it for poor Cheryl the striker... but I found I could do tiny bits of damage by punching him in the back. That elevator never looked so good.

  • I stopped playing for awhile, made it to 23 a while back. The gameplay loop kinda wore on me a bit. I just need to give it some time.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Yeah, I'm starting to feel a bit of a drag as well. I'm in the process of actually moving so I won't have internet in my home for a bit. Hopefully that'll be a nice refresher.