For Honor (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • @Dakhath aye, may start this up around open beta time when hopefully few more peeps will be trying out the game. Though I know I would happily overlap timezones where possible.

  • @Paper-Lion Pretty sure there wont be a clan system in game for each separate platform :/ But a PS4 group is a definite, plus Dakhath ideas below.

    Blergh, 7 more days till 9th.

  • I think there's a clan system in the game. Or will be, anyway. They released their new video showing off the season pass and future content, and in one of the frames you could see a computer with a menu that looked like a bunch of clan type things.

    alt text

  • Can anyone tell me the point of deflections? They seem like they're much harder to pull off than parries and your risk of getting hit as a result is much higher.

  • @Dakhath certain characters pull into combos or moves off deflections which gives 1 free unblockable hit

    I have to say that I have had the urge to play this game a lot since the beta closed. Funny how the combat stayed with me even though I wasn't crazy in love while playing it. Having said that I have significant reservations and about the in game currency system and also the fact that they made the campaign always online holds me back from picking this up. I'll wait to see how it shakes out. Ubisoft Doesn't have the best track record when it comes to these issues....

  • @Mango True, you can often get an unblockable hit in, but can't you usually get in a light attack after a successfully timed parry as well?

    Maybe I'm just scratching my head because I spent 30 min against a training dummy trying to master deflections and only got it right like, 20% of the time. Parries + counter was significantly easier for me. That said, did anyone find deflections easy to pull off regularly?

  • @Dakhath I can not yet imagine playing any of the assassins with my reflexes to deflect, so have yet to try. I still need many more hours in game to successfully counter guard breaks. Was the dummy an assassin class, deflecting the attack speed of another assassin must surely be the hardest thing in the game?

    A player more alert than me can always respond after a parry, ie block your light attack, or maybe even deflect your light attack and inflict a bleed in response (Peacekeeper).

    This combat is so ridiculously dynamic it both fascinates me and makes my brain hurt, when in doubt, throw em off a cliff.

  • @Dakhath I don't think deflects are all that difficult. Just dodge into the direction of the attack when the thing flashes red/when the enemy is about to hit you, whichever indicator works best for you. Then it goes SCHWING and you can press R1 or R2 or whatever for free damage.

    Although I don't play assassin classes that much, so I don't get to use deflect a lot. I mained Nobushi this beta and Warden during the alpha. Dodging with the Nobushi on the other hand. That was difficult. Her dodges are pathetic.

  • @Dakhath I just assumed I suck. I mostly liked the assassin class and I found even when I couldn't get the deflect I may dodge the attack anyways but no I was not able to get deflect very often

  • @Paper-Lion oh, stupid question... can you deflect an overhead / middle attack? Are you supposed to dodge forward? Or that just doesn't work?

  • @Dakhath said in For Honor:

    @Paper-Lion oh, stupid question... can you deflect an overhead / middle attack? Are you supposed to dodge forward? Or that just doesn't work?

    You can, yes. And you got the idea right too, you dodge forward right into it.

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    I kinda stopped using dodges in the game. For me it felt like however I dodge, either the character only slightly moved backwards and got hit, moved too slow or moved the wrong way so he got hit anyway. Instead I'll just focus on blocking and counter attacking which seemed fine, but no fun with the dodge, even when trying to get away from someone it caused more harm than good.. at least on my end

  • I was slaughtering people trying to roll dodge. I don't think it's a valid strategy against regular opponents.

  • It depends on the character. All dodges aren't born equal in For Honor. I mained Nobushi this time around, and her dodge game is pathetic. Besides for vertical attacks, getting the timing down for them was nearly impossible. And on the opposite side of the spectrum you have assassin classes who dodge a full 90-120 degrees around you.

  • @TokyoSlim I suspect this was a hangover for Souls/Witcher players and rolling invulnerability, its risky in Honor. Like the deflect and dodge discussions everything can have its opportunity I sure, depending on your class, your opponent, the situation and your timing.

    .< Im gonna die a million times this weekend (Analysis replaced by panicked button mashin)

  • I will be playing on PS4 and PC, so feel free to whisper me on these forums with your PSN/Steam/Discord. I'll update my profile with my information as well.

    Going to try and blitz through Nioh in the next week!

  • Who's available around 3:30pm EST today to hop on the For Honor beta?
    Created a signup sheet with all the details.
    (Full disclosure: this is a game scheduling site I run. Mostly a 1-man operation.)

  • I definitely want to check out the beta. I won't be able to get on till much later today if I do at all but I'd be down to party up with people at some point this weekend.

  • Will be around plenty, invite 'xealoux' on PSN. Not sure if I can fathom any chat or discord this evenin though :/

  • Gave it a try with the beta now to get some sense what it's all about. Aaaaaand it was kind of fun, sure, but I think I'll leave it to this weekend. I can see how you could get really good in this when spending hours to hone the combat skills. Already felt it being there during my hour and a half. It's just that I've always liked single-player games more, that's all. I'll still give it a go tomorrow with my brother, we'll try fighting together and against each other, of course.

    I went with the knight, and man, does he look good. The starting character. These Crusader knights have always been to my liking, for instance in the first Assassin's Creed as well. Aestheticly there's just something in the way they look and feel that makes me respect them. The customization felt really good in that regard, I could see myself spending so much time trying to perfect my knight's looks. Already did that in some sense with the few starting options. Really cool.