For Honor (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I personally don't see myself getting into this game but I do enjoy watching videos about it and such. Up until now I just assumed that if I were to get it I would play as a Samurai but that Peacekeeper is exactly who I would want to be.

  • I was petty disappointed when they changed their minds recently about having an offline single person campaign. It's always online now. I understand it's mostly a multiplayer focused game, but having a stand alone offline playable campaign is a pretty big bonus imo. Uplay has never inspired a lot of confidence in me and Ubisoft servers seem to go down several times a month, in my experience.

  • the latest demos plundered my anticipation for this game. I love historical games with high production values but it's game design looks poor. At this point, I have became tired of the corridor level design, specially if you set the mentioned corridor within an unatural canyon.

    I'm still interested in the game but if it get poor reception I won't get it for over $40

  • From a gameplay standpoint it's pretty interesting and it had way more depth than I expected it to have.

    However I have pretty much 0 hype for the game. I have no interest in the story, the world or their struggles so far.
    The modes didn't seem all that interesting and some even detracted a bit from what they were trying to do. The game is basically only about duels after all.

  • I had fun playing the beta, but I'm not sure if its worth full price for me.. I just can't tell how much I'd want to play it. I like the combat system and dueling with another player feels really good and realistic, but I feel like the single player campaign isn't going to be great..

    I'd really like to see a mode with 10 or so players on each side to get a big brawl going or maybe a siege /castle defense mode where one team defends points and another team has to push them back.


    Damn that was one epic trailer, I didn't expect the singleplayer campaign to be that fleshed out. I had a lot of fun playing the alpha, and I'm usually not into competitive multiplayer at all, so that says a lot to me. If the singleplayer is as good as it looks, I'll definitely get the game.

  • I was hyped for this game, but I'm really worried about controls on PC. Luckily the beta is out soon.

  • @Nillend I was hearing a lot of complaints about PC controls but I'm sure they've improved it since the beta.. I used a PS4 controller and it worked really well

  • @Nillend said in For Honor:

    I was hyped for this game, but I'm really worried about controls on PC. Luckily the beta is out soon.

    You should probably invest in a controller. Good advice in general though, some games just play better with a controller than a mouse and keyboard.

  • @Paper-Lion Playing a game with a controller is a torture for me. Even if a game is fantastic, I can't enjoy it with a controller. I know, I'm weird

  • I basically stopped thinking about it since they passed me up on the recent tester events, and nobody else I play games with is getting it.

    So I'll wait till it launches and see what the landscape of players think of it in action, the idea that their DLC will be free is nice though, that's a good step for them...not to mention unusual for Ubisoft.

  • Closed Beta is happening next week, Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th on all platforms so if you want a chance to test the game and see what it's all about, sign up and stuff. You can also go through the scar website to get a guaranteed key, although it's only available for certain regions, US not included.

    Probably it will be like the alpha, where we got 3 extra keys we could give out to anyone, so if you don't get in, just hang around the subreddit or the forums and you can probably beg your way to a key without a lot of difficulty. It's not over just because you don't get selected.

  • I'm just going to hunt for Huber's head as a Knight.

  • I'll have access to the beta, and I'll probably play a few hours to see what's new/changed, but I likely won't get too into it.

    Don't want to burn myself out of the game before it comes out.

  • I've got into the Beta as well, so if it's possible some of us could always form an easy alliance.

  • Looking forward to see what changes they've made since the alpha(s).

  • Doesn't look like I got an email. If there's any buddy codes or whatever, I'll get in line. Gotta figure out whether this is something I'll even like.

  • Never mind. Just got an email. Let me know if anyone wants my friend codes.

  • @TokyoSlim I would gladly take that offer

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    I just got an invite email! :D so downloading it at the moment! I sent an invite code to my friend which recieved an email saying he were invited, then he pressed the button of taking part but hasnt recieved any code. anyone know why that might be?