For Honor (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Who's available around 3:30pm EST today to hop on the For Honor beta?
    Created a signup sheet with all the details.
    (Full disclosure: this is a game scheduling site I run. Mostly a 1-man operation.)

  • I definitely want to check out the beta. I won't be able to get on till much later today if I do at all but I'd be down to party up with people at some point this weekend.

  • Will be around plenty, invite 'xealoux' on PSN. Not sure if I can fathom any chat or discord this evenin though :/

  • Gave it a try with the beta now to get some sense what it's all about. Aaaaaand it was kind of fun, sure, but I think I'll leave it to this weekend. I can see how you could get really good in this when spending hours to hone the combat skills. Already felt it being there during my hour and a half. It's just that I've always liked single-player games more, that's all. I'll still give it a go tomorrow with my brother, we'll try fighting together and against each other, of course.

    I went with the knight, and man, does he look good. The starting character. These Crusader knights have always been to my liking, for instance in the first Assassin's Creed as well. Aestheticly there's just something in the way they look and feel that makes me respect them. The customization felt really good in that regard, I could see myself spending so much time trying to perfect my knight's looks. Already did that in some sense with the few starting options. Really cool.

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    I brought this back and my viking blood is running warm! I played a couple of games then I was fine, might play a game or two tomorrow with some friends, but we'll see

  • Definately gonna be a Ubisoft launch...This games frakkin immaculate, but that Ubisoft back end is going to do its best to hinder.

    I shall not be deterred. They may try to bar the gates to Valhalla. But even though my thumbs are calloused and my nerves are shot, and even when all controllers have died we shall find a way to smash down these gates and VALHALLA will await!

  • Join with members of the EZA Discord in a Game night this Saturday (2/11) at 10PM EST (3AM GMT).
    We will be playing the For Honor Beta on the PC and PS4

    You can join in the chat on here ( and some of us maybe streaming here (

    Stop by for some Love, Respect, and maybe some axes to the face.

  • That will be quite cool if there's a clan system in game, I'd join an EZA clan on the spot.

  • Anyone having trouble finding games on PS4?

  • Yeah, it keeps waiting, switching to all regions, switching skill range to extended, and then all. Are people just not playing? They're all waiting for the release next week?

  • Could be part and parcel of everything they are trying to fix @_@

    Meanwhile, what are peeps thinking of Elimination? Not keen myself, potentially lots of running around in circles grabbin powerups and reviving (execution or bust). The revive speeds and vengeance seems to be getting out of hand. I guess that's mostly gear build, but still. Seems to take away a lot of the purity of the game thus far. Fun to have a very different mode, but you also dilute the player base with too many modes.

  • @Valordar I'm annoyed that there's two game modes that you can't pick between. I haven't been able to find a Deathmatch game in any of the alphas or betas.

    I enjoy the game mode, but it feels unnecessary. I'd rather them move it to the same tab as Duel/Brawl/Elimination, and then have Deathmatch and Dominion as the three battlegrounds.

  • Yeah, not a huge fan of elimination. It's a fun mode to play once in a while, but nothing you can play seriously. It tends to boil down to one person dying, and their opponent then being able to go 2v1 someone and then it's a runaway victory for that team. But it does make for some great moments when you manage to beat the odds.

    I was alone against all 4 of the enemies one round, and they were all running towards me, so I nuked them all with the Warden's catapult ability. Top kek 10/10.

    It sucks when the last person just runs though. I still say they're idiots if they don't add a 3v3v3 game mode, where it's faction locked, and it's vikings vs knights vs samurai.

  • @Paper-Lion said in For Honor:

    I still say they're idiots if they don't add a 3v3v3 game mode, where it's faction locked, and it's vikings vs knights vs samurai.

    That idea would make me give this game another chance. It's very rare we see a multiplayer game deviate from the classic team A versus team B but adding in more teams adds a dynamic I really love. Given the fact that the game is basically split between those three factions, it would be dumb indeed if something like this wasn't included.

  • Gah, the more hours I put in the ever greater the smaller irritations become; the erratic targeting (really, just target the nearest guy as priority), the revenge mechanic. Ubisoft. Those assasin 'heroes' who runs in circles for 3 minutes on 10% health delaying the inevitable end of a match.

    Meh, I'm prolly jus salty cos the soul of this game is so epic and my reactions are so poor, besides my social anxiety for meetin up and teaming.

    Huber keep me entertained with streams while I paint!

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  • What do you guys think about campaign?

  • @Nillend first thing I'm diving into when my download finally finishes :/

    Meanwhile I could already play the tutorial again, and I am SUCH A MUPPET! I mislead myself with the tutorial during the beta because it stats you ['Hold' L2 + direction] to block, also ['hold' L2 + direction, attack] to attack. This was immediately ingrained into my gameplay as I constantly and desperately held the stick in the direction I needed.

    My revelation this mornin was simply taping the stick to change stance and allow the block to happen. It makes complete sense if I had not misinterpreted the tutorial. ie 'Hold' L2 & 'Hold' the direction to block, not 'Select' your block direction while holding L2.

    Whadyaknow this make everything 100 times smoother. I still cant cancel a guard break, but we'll work on that (probably also related to me continuously holding a direction with the right stick) . :)

  • So I'm not sure if it just wasn't in the beta, but i felt like there was no invisible mmr or ranking or anything. On the Sunday I decided that maybe the skill rating would've been calculated (prestiged kensei, so i played a fair amount), so i went and played 1v1's the whole afternoon, and didn't lose one, so disappointing. I'd rematch every person then beat them again, so I leave. Hopefully full game pairs me up better. #humblebrag

  • I'm super curious how you guys who bought the game are finding it. Specifically is the single player a worthwhile game or does it feel tacked on to what is in essence a multiplayer game.

    Any issues with multiplayer matches freezing or getting kicked from the server?

    I should add I played the beta and got a good sense of what the multiplayer game would play like. Any big changes to what was in the beta?