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    I'm half way through the 3 campaign chapters now (1 chapter per faction, 6? missions). The campaign might be described as a single player mode. The story is engrossing enough as an over arching tone setting piece. It has some stand out characters, moments, and missions so far. The settings are varied and breath taking at times. It immerses you fairly well into the world, each of factions, and the role of many of the classes in that world. The campaign certainly seems to enjoy itself and I have enjoyed the ride thus far.

    As a single player game mode you are tasked with finding a number of 'Observable' lore snippets and breakable pots in each mission, which encourages you to explore and admire the detail and visuals. Repeating these missions on the higher difficulties with all tasks complete (including a UI free instadeath hard mode) unlocks a deluge of customization's for the multiplayer, aswell as providing XP for your 'story level'. This basically unlocks higher tier feats for use in any mission, potentially easing progress on the higher difficulties.

    I have not yet returned to Multiplayer post launch, this will only happen once I am completely saturated with the lore and atmosphere of the campaign.

    Hmm, ancient Roman civilization eluded to twice already.

    Romans and possibly the Chinese would seem the most likely I'd say.

    They have some of the more iconic weapon and armor styles that people could identify with rather quickly.

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    Romans and possibly the Chinese would seem the most likely I'd say.

    They have some of the more iconic weapon and armor styles that people could identify with rather quickly.

    Also native americans, spartans, aztecs, huns, mongols, egypts. There's tons of cool factions they could add.

  • Comoon Ubi put the Dwarfs and their hammers in there and we just pretend they were real. There is already some fantasy elements in the game like weapons that catch fire and flame wings.

  • Other thread locked gahh we are never gonna get the For Honor community organised. The dream is DYING.

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    ADD ME for brawls or anything. Warning, Im older and slower than most. Being laid back and easy going makes up for it??

    Meanwhile groovy emblem inspiration?

  • @Valordar If you want to organise so that people can play with eachother why not create a post with whatever usernames you get for whichever system and keep updating the post?

    It can even be added or just linked in the OP so others can see.

  • Indeed, though that is essentially the thread you locked. I'll see the truly dedicated on discord,PSN .o/

  • Hey all I have never really posted on the EZA forums because I just don't have the time with watching all the EZA shows, games, work, and life but I am a huge fan and wave been watching the guys since before final bosman started back at GT. Anyway, I am loving For Honor but I am primarily a singe player gamer with the exception of souls games. so I have no friends to play with. I won't lie I'm not great yet but if your okay with having a scub on your team add me.

    PSN: TheClassiestHobo

  • My PSN is waraidako. Feel free to add me if you want to do some viking raiding. :D

  • Will be throwing out the invites. Fear not TheClassiestHobo its an Honor to flght alongside any ally!

    Also BUMP for the discord message chat. Best place so far for coordinating.
    You can join in the chat on here (

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    I still havent had time to play this! or well I played both the betas, but havent touched the released version. Are the servers still having issue and how is the balance of the game? are like 2-3 classes till kinda OP?

  • For Honor is in a kind of a hard place in sense that it's not the easiest game to learn to be enjoyable for the more casual player but on the other hand it's not really that good high level fighting game. Lot of the heroes are not viable at higher levels and those that are usually are because of one or two moves. This leads to lot of boring matches with the usual suspects while the game has been out just couple weeks.

    Game has terrible UI, lot of balancing problems in game play and the faction war feels like an after tough. Core of the game is pretty fun though it just needs better stuff around it. I enjoy playing it in the middle levels where stuff like unlocking then locking back between hits to make longer combos isn't a thing. At least not yet.

    Ubi needs to keep pumping out new modes, heroes and gear in fast and steady rhythm to keep players interested.

    I guess this became a late mini review. 7.8/10