For Honor (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I would just like to say, I'm pretty good at swords. I feel like I'd be ok if this game was real life.

  • @TokyoSlim legit? What have you trained with?

  • @Mango Well, its more comfort, familiarity, and physical adroitness with bladed weapons than formal training in any particular style. Also, just in case I ever have to sword fight any of you - I'm not going to tell you how I roll. :p

    I like how you are asking to see to see my sword diploma though. lol

  • @TokyoSlim lol I don't know the first thing about swords or swordfighting, I was just genuinely curious

  • @Mango Thats exactly what a devious swordsman would say to someone.

  • @TokyoSlim said in For Honor:

    @Mango Thats exactly what a devious swordsman would say to someone.

    1v1 me irl breh sea wat hapens :C

  • @Paper-Lion First you must defeat me in a spelling contest. :)

  • @TokyoSlim said in For Honor:

    @Paper-Lion First you must defeat me in a spelling contest. :)

    This is turning into insult sword fighting from Monkey Island, I love it!

    Oh yeah, For Honor feels pretty damn great. Been playing it on beta now.

  • Lol at everything above.

    I have to admit the game play has grown on me during the time I spent with the game. I watched a few videos online of other people playing and it's clear to me that the fighting has depth and that I just suck at it.

    As for value I think that's relative for everyone. I don't particularly see how this would be less valuable than say the latest full price COD or something similar and in fact is a lot more likley to get me to buy than a COD game would for how different it is.

    I am a little weary of the in game currency set up and am worried about what kind of content ubisoft is planning on putting up for real money... you can see the ground work for loot boxes etc and depending on prizes that may impact game play online which would be unappealing from my perspective.

    So still a lot left to be seen I guess. I am optimistic... I kinda feel like I might enjoy watching Huber play than play it myself.

    I should also note that this would probably be way more fun playing with a group which I didn't get a chance to do. I didn't know that couch coop was offered and then removed so I guess I can't get too upset about it but damn this game would be awesome for couch coop....

  • Anyone know what the chest currency is you can see beside your name at the top left?

  • @Greymarch said in For Honor:

    Anyone know what the chest currency is you can see beside your name at the top left?

    I know you could get 2 if the community order was completed. Maybe some kind of rare gear chest? I saw some dude with purple gear and his sword looked crazy. Like some sort of king had owned it once. I gotta admit. Kinda jelly.

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    Just wanted to say that this game has grown more and more on me! I have been playing most of the beta with friends and we have had a great experience and met all kinds of resistance, people completely whooping our asses to crushing the enemy team. The duels are a lot of fun but the AI varies too much, sometimes it feels too cleaver for its own good, but a lot of times it is also incredible stupid or play too cowardly. I has mainly played as a Berserker and it suits me really well! harras the enemy and poke em down, or sneak in behind and cleave them down.

    In terms of bugs I only got a few times that it errored when trying to go into a game and we had to do a hard reboot of the game. Also that you cant back out of a lobby sometimes really annoys me, or join my friends session when they are inside a game, even if its only a AI on their team.

    But Great game and I might get it on release, if not fairly short after its release

  • I'll be waiting for a bit still, I still have vivid memories of The Division Launch and the months afterwards. Having a game I WANTED to play and how the game itself and the servers just got in the way of that constantly, until I simply walked away from it.

    I want to make absolutely sure For Honor won't fall into that same problem before I dive in, plus Nioh launches the week before, so I'll still be busy with that to really care about a multiplayer game, competitive team based multiplayer games always come second to enjoyable single player games for me.

  • This is the closest I've come to pre-ordering a game in quite some time. I'm pretty sure I'm a day one customer for them, but you know, patience and all that.

    As someone who doesn't like souls game, this may be a perfect intermediary. Slow paced, quality combat. I know its not the same combat system, but it still gives gives similar impressions. I'm expecting it will feel way different to be annihilated by a player than by a boss.

  • For anyone who's still on the fence, or anyone who just wants to play more For Honor, they've announced an Open Beta that will take place between Feb 9th and Feb 12th. They've erred on the side of caution and only announced the same playable heroes as in the Closed Beta, because they're unsure if the tweaks they're making to the three missing ones will be ready in time. But if they are, those might be added in before or during the Open Beta.

    Otherwise, the main change will be the inclusion of the new gamemode Elimination, which is a 4v4 team deathmatch with powerups and no respawning.

  • @Paper-Lion
    I wish they would've focused more on the 1v1 aspect, since that's what the combat system is designed around.

  • The crazy thing is that this launches the week after Nioh. I didn't get to play the Beta due to slow download speeds where I live, but I'm pumped to jump in after playing it at Gamescom last year! I just hope the servers are okay!

    @TokyoSlim I think a real-life EZA sword fighting competition is in order. At the end of it the winner must face Huber in an axe battle.

  • I was sold on this game the moment I played Bushido Blade in 97'. I got into the last evening of the Beta after enjoying the Huber stream and loved; the combat, different modes, the faction war, the char progression and the depth of visual customization.

    The only other thing I would want for this game is perhaps an EZA community. I will be playing on PS4 and I'm GMT but I have barely used the community/party/chat features in the past. Hell I would even stay up late get up early to participate in a For Honor fightclub EZA style. I can imagine a friendly ego free group training through duels and brawls against numerous classes including the mighty Allies themselves. I care not for MLG attitude, but as Huber says he wants to be great at this game.

    As warriors we owe it to Vandenbergh!


  • @Paper-Lion Nice! I wasn't all that interested in the game but watching the streams this past weekend changed that. I will definitely download the beta and play around with it for a bit.

  • Curious about the best tips/guides videos people have found? During the few hours I played it was plenty tough to absorb what was happening. It helps so much to have a gist of the interplay with the basic combat, special moves and combos of the classes.

    The best I've found at the moment by Cartoonz only covers the Knights, but its pretty in depth. It also helps to know your enemy, and the archetypes across each faction are similar.

    Knight Faction Intro

    Knight Faction Classes

    Be prepared and enjoy the open beta to the fullest :D