PSA: Lost Odyssey free until december 31 (gold is not required)

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    The digital version of Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon became avaliable on the Xbox Store.
    Lost Odyssey is free until december 31th. Don't miss it, the game is probably the best JRPG of the last generation.
    Blue Dragon is $20
    Gold suscription is not required

    Both games are backwards compatible through Xbox One.
    Both games show performance improvements on the Xbox One (v-synch, more stable framerate, shorter loading times)
    Lost Odysey
    Specially Blue Dragon

  • Awesome! My copy of Lost Odyssey was scratched a bit when I bought it, so it would randomly freeze and lose a lot of progress on me. The annoyances prevented me from completing it, so this will be perfect!

  • man Lost Odyssey was so good, it's one of those games I would love to play again if it weren't for the fact that it is super long.

  • That game was excellent, very fun combat system, and a great story. The "Thousand Years of Dreams" short stories you unlocked throughout the game were beautifully written and emotional. The soundtrack is great too. Definitely give it a shot if you like JRPGs.

  • The true successor to Final Fantasy IX :p

  • @Sora said in PSA: Lost Odyssey free until december 31 (gold is not required):

    The true successor to Final Fantasy IX :p

    My thoughts exactly, most Final Fantasy feeling game in a long time. Such an amazing game, no game or media has ever made me cry as much as this game. I didn't play it until a couple years after its release and I'm ashamed I didn't play it sooner