Holiday "Competition" for giving away a bunch of games, steam/origin

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    Hey Allies!

    As we are getting closer to the holidays, I realised that I have a bunch of codes for games via Humble Bundle that I never really attend to play. So I figured I wanted to give something back to this wonderful community that have given me so much joy over the past months!

    First I was thinking of just listing them in the general give away thread, but since its a larger amount and want to spread some L&R, I wanted to let some lucky people get a some random ones of them.

    So What do I want you to do?
    Simple! Post a poem, song, picture or short story with EZA and christmas theme in this thread before 20th of December. You can present it in a what way you find most comfortable, if its text, video or picture. I will then decide which 3-6 people (depening on how many people are willing to take part) to win some of these codes!

    Also specify if you would prefer steam, origin or both if you are the winner! and Yes you can leave more than 1 post :)

    These games are from a range of quality and ages, so you might get something really cool or just something okey haha.

    I hope this doesnt break any rules of the forum!

    Love & Respect