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    It isn't that complicated of a story line...1 and 3 are pretty straight forward, 2 is nuts, but it made sense after I played it 3 or so times....MGS3 helps explain a lot of 2. 4 was a lot of fan service, a little nuts, but easy enough to follow. V is a prequel to the series and takes place after MGS3 and the story was easy enough to follow, but a little lack luster near the end, fuck you Konami

    Glad to see Ocelot make it on this list! Especially this high up!

  • @Brannox we'll probably see snake just probably not the one you think

  • @Churchy I am still split internally. There are several factors for and against for me picking up the series. From what I've seen, 1 and 3 would be, aesthetically speaking, the most appealing to me, but I'm still not sure I could get into the gameplay. I've stayed away from spoilers (for the most part) just in case I ever DO get into it, but I DO know about playing as Raiden in 2 and the ending of 3 and I gotta say, from someone who has never played a second of the franchise: That's a great ending. And to your point about Kojima, the saga between him and Konami actually was a catalyst to giving MGS serious consideration. And because of E3, the Game Awards, and some research I've done, I'm actually interested in giving Death Stranding a go. I just need more details before committing to playing it.

    @ACardAttack Thanks for the explanation! Between the weird named characters, the global setting, the complex issues Kojima tackles, and the out-of-the-box aspects (Psycho Mantis in 1 and the End fight in 3), it's a complicated beast to tackle, and not one to do so lightly. If I WERE to undertake the series, I would go all out, so I would also tackle PeaceWalker. I know chronologically 3 is first and 4 is last, so where does PW fall? Before 5? After?

    @FF7Cloud I have heard there are multiple Snakes, but never playing the series, that's obviously going to be confusing. So what I meant was Snake as an open abstract thought, not a specific one in mind.

    Thanks again everybody for responding!!

  • @Brannox chronological timeline of Metal Gear is as follows:
    MGS: Portable Ops (Not necessary for playthrough though),
    MGS: PW,
    MGSV: GZ,
    (Survive would be here I guess)
    MG (the MSX game, not NES port, you can find this bundled with the HD remake of MGS3 along with its sequel, both can be skipped for series playthrough, although I recommend reading the mission debriefing that is available in MGS1 at least),
    MG2(again, the MSX game, because the NES games are not canon),
    MGS4 and finally,
    MG Rising: Revengeance (Cool soundtrack, kickass gameplay, though not necessary for MGS story playthrough, but fun game all around)

  • @jipostus Thank you very much! I toyed with the idea of going in chronological order if I were to pick it up, but I think the more prudent thing to do is to experience in terms of the order they released. But just to summarize for the "necessary" run of the series:

    3, PW, GZ, 5, 1, 2, and 4. Sweet! (It's almost as jumbled as the Kingdom Hearts series X-) )

  • @Brannox that's it. Basically, you need ps3 (because mgs1 is pretty much PlayStation exclusive (twin snakes is its remake on gamecube) and 4 is ps3 exclusive. Get legacy collection (or mgs1 and 4 separately and HD collection), GZ and TPP, and you're all set.

    Also, as for other games in franchise, Acid 1 and 2 for PSP, Ghost Babel for Gameboy Color and that often forgotten mobile game are set after MGS1, Metal Gear touch is weird spinoff of 4. And then there are the NES games, which are their own entities, but they're timeline wise between TPP and MGS1, just like MG1 and 2. MG on NES is butchered port of the MSX original, and has it's own issues (not including the titular metal gear for instance) and Snake's revenge is continuation to that, has nothing to do with Kojima, though it's decent game in it's own right.

  • @Brannox Hey that's fair enough, I was in the same boat not too long ago. I had friends who played it throughout the years so I knew general things about some plot points. I must say though that I didn't know the end of number 3. I saw it coming as I was playing it, but it felt like the best thing that could happen narrative wise and it's utterly heartbreaking when you see it.

    As for gameplay I guess it depends on how well you can adjust to some things. Most of the controls I'm fine with in the PS1 original apart from the fighting. If you get 3, I'd recommend getting MGS 3: Subsistence. They updated the controls and it's honestly the best version of that game. I'm not sure if that version is on the HD remasters or not, but best to check!

    As for controls, Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are like silk. They have the best controls of the series. Which is a shame as many things got left out due to the Konami saga! I'd say play them in order of release as that way you get the same recognition from things when the series went back into the past.

  • @Churchy HD version is the Subsistence, they upped the video resolution, and removed the hidden Guy Savage minigame, though that was nothing to cry after.

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    4. Garrus Vakarian - 225 Points - 10 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 ACardAttack, Brandon_Reister

    Aliases: Archangel
    First appearance: Mass Effect (2007)
    Other appearances: Mass Effect series
    Developer: BioWare

    Garrus Vakarian is a Turian Agent and member of C-Sec. He is a possible squad member in all three Mass Effect games. Garrus, voiced by Brandon Keener, is a male Turian who becomes a member of Shepard's party in the sci-fi RPG Mass Effect. Garrus was running the investigation into the motives of the Council Spectre named Saren, Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina accused Saren of masterminding the attack on Eden Prime. Garrus agrees to join Shepard as a way to continue his investigation after C-Sec shuts it down due to the allotted time given for investigation expiring and lack of conclusive evidence. Prior to joining Commander Shepard's crew, Garrus worked for the Citadel Security Force, commonly abreviated as "C-Sec". His father, who was also a C-Sec agent, was his primary influence in joining though it is possible Garrus has some degree of weapons and military training prior to his career at C-Sec, due to Turian traditions of National Service.

    Other Votes: Exist 2 Inspire (4.), NCartwright15 (5.), Brannox (3.), Musou Tensei (21.), tokeeffe9 (26.), Tokyo Slim (4.), Lotias (3.), Fridge-man (17.)

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  • I was getting so nervous that he wasn't gonna make it on the list that I had to distract myself by doing calibrations.

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    4. Garrus Vakarian - Garrus are by far my favourite ME character. Meeting him in the first game he becomes one of the core members. Whilst playing I always had him in my party - he is an awesome sniper as well. I'm glad to see him this high up on the list. Garrus can take a little step further to reach the goals, which are needed in the universe to get what is needed, at the same time he cares for the crew and have a can do attitude. I love him!

    Thanks to @ACardAttack @Brandon_Reister @Exist-2-Inspire @NCartwright15 @Brannox @Musou-Tensei @tokeeffe9 @TokyoSlim and @Fridge-man for also putting him on their list!

  • Once again @Lotias you beat me too it! X-) I echo your sentiment of thanks to all of those you listed. I would like to say the reason Garrus is so high on my list is the relationship that's built over the course of three games, and a couple of particular moments that stand out are when you are shooting bottles on the Citadel and trying to get him a date in the Citadel DLC. He is the embodiment of having as close to a brother in arms as you can get, with loyalty that will carry through to the end. An absolutely awesome character, and if there is one negative about the upcoming Andromeda, it's that you won't have him again as a party member.

    @Brandon_Reister I really can't express enough how much I love that joke.

  • @Lotias
    Yeah he is awesome, I like how honest game trailers described him as best space dude since Chewbacca

    And if course in ME2 when

    You run into him as Archangel, such an awesome revel

  • Garrus is bro.

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    @ACardAttack said in The EZA Top 50 Videogame Characters ever! (Countdown):

    I like how honest game trailers described him as best space dude since Chewbacca
    And if course in ME2 when

    YES! He really are the ultimate space companion (if there are such a thing).


    we found out that he was Archangel I squeeled with joy

    @Brannox YES! I was thinking of those moments when I wrote my post before! especially the shooting bottles warmed my heart and I decided to miss the last bottle - it just felt right. Such an awesome character all way through

  • Ok, so Garrus wasn't on my list, but that's purely because I was limiting myself otherwise my entire list would be ME and Persona characters.

    But, I love him. He's my space best friend. I even have a shirt of him doing calibrations.

  • My only ME character was legion but I don't think he made this list.

  • Gotta love me some Garrus. Still waiting for Vaas.

  • Is the list once a week now?

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    3. Big Boss - 225 Points - 9 Votes - Highest Vote: #1 Churchy

    Aliases: Naked Snake, One Eyed Man, Saladin, Ishmael
    First appearance: Metal Gear (1987)
    Other appearances: Metal Gear series
    Developer: Konami

    Dubbed "The Greatest Warrior of The Twentieth Century", Big Boss was a soldier who achieved legendary status during the Cold War and later went on to establish the elite U.S. black ops unit FOXHOUND and the military states of Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land. He was the first main antagonist of the Metal Gear series, and appears as the main protagonist in the prequels. Big Boss is an influential character from the Metal Gear franchise. He is viewed as a legend by all those who came after him. Before he earned the title of Big Boss however, he was known as Naked Snake. He is the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 3, Portable Ops, Peace Walker, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. He has been voiced by both David Hayter and Richard Doyle. He is voiced and motion capped by Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid V.

    Other Votes: NCartwright15 (11.), Killstriker (5.), tokeffee9 (5.), FF7Cloud (4.), Ringedwithtile (9.), jipostus (4.), MCRMJ (2.), Brandon_Reister (13.)

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