The EZA community Top 50 Videogame Characters!

  • Mitsuru Kirijo - Like I said earlier, never played Persona; can't speak about her.

    Daxter - While I've never played the Jak & Daxter games, I have seen some dialouge from Daxter and with his own spinoff game, I can understand why he's on the list.

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    44. Tali'Zorah nar Rayya - 61 Points - 3 Votes - Highest Vote: #5 Brandon_Reister

    Aliases: Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
    First appearance: Mass Effect (2007)
    Other appearances: Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3
    Developer: BioWare

    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (often simply referred to as Tali) is a female Quarian from the video game franchise Mass Effect. Tali is an extremely skilled engineer. Her mother was killed five years before Mass Effect takes place from an airborne virus, while her father is a very high ranking official in Quarian politics and is head of the Admiralty Board. Tali's voice was provided by Liz Sroka.

    Other Votes: Brannox (18.), Musou Tensei (9.)

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    43. Sarah Kerrigan - 62 Points - 4 Votes - Highest Vote: #4 Lotias

    Aliases: Queen of Blades
    First appearance: StarCraft (1998)
    Other appearances: StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, Heroes of the Storm
    Developer: Blizzard

    Sarah Louise Kerrigan was a powerful psychic Terran female who was conscripted into the highly secretive and morally questionable Confederate Ghost program and later joined the rebel group named the Sons of Korhal. She was an unnaturally powerful psychic so much so that her abilities warranted a readjustment of the PI scale that was used to measure psychic potential. After joining the Sons of Korhal she served as second-in-command until Arcturus Mengsk allowed her to be captured and infested by the Zerg Swarm. After she was infested by the Zerg, she would become the self styled "Queen of Blades". She serves as a playable character in the original Starcraft and as the Chief antagonist in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Sarah was 26 years old during the events of StarCraft and 27 during the events of the Brood War. She was voiced by Glynnis Talken-Campbell in StarCraft and Brood War, and is voiced by Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica) in StarCraft II.

    Other Votes: Exist 2 Inspire (20.), Tokyo Slim (17.), Brandon_Reister (21.)

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  • Prediction: This list will be dominated with Persona and Final Fantasy characters.

    So on the long journey to work today, I was thinking about what makes a character well... good, memorable, something we would gladly say is our favorite. I think there's a distinction between a great character and a great icon. If Link or Mario or Sonic or any of the typical "mascots" make this list, I'm really curious to see the justifications for them. I certainly see them being icons, something people around the world can associate with that particular brand and how most of them are instantly recognizable - even by those who wouldn't classify themselves as gamers. But as characters? That I don't feel so confident getting behind. Personally, I find a good character to be multi-dimensional, to have an arc, to experience some sort of change throughout their journey. Mario jumps around shouting, "Yahoooo!", Link is mostly silent, and Sonic really, really loves chili dogs.

    Edit: Also, Kerrigan is great and this is the first mark of shame for me.

  • Question. It says Mitsuru Kirijo got 59 points. but the two votes she got only add up to 49?

  • @Oscillator Oh dang you are totally right! So Mitsuru unfortunately falls out of the Top 50 and we get a new #50. Working on it now!

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    1. Tali'Zorah nar Rayya - Another awesome character from the ME universe! However I feel like she didnt fully bloom until the last part in the series.

    2. Sarah Kerrigan What can I say? such a tragic fate. Betrayed and seperated from her love. Its something beautiful and sad over the story and even though she turns evil you can sense that deep down there are still a lot of good in here. She feel like a deeper person than just "lolz kill things".

  • 50 - Vincent is great! Let me let me upgrade ya!
    45 - Love me some Daxter. I already commented on him. Glad he made it on the list.
    44 - I guess Mass Effect just didn't leave a huge impact on me. Similar to Wrex she was cool but I don't remember anything about her. I guess Mass Effect for me was a fun enough game but I just didn't get into the story of the side characters much.
    43 - I have only ever played a couple matches of the original StarCraft so I didn't know who she was until I started playing Heroes of the Storm. Due to that I can't say much about her but her backstory sounds pretty cool and I like her model/moves in HotS.

  • Alright sorry for my mistake, here is your new #50 and the correct order. I also aligned all the other ranks, sorry if that screws up the conversation in the thread so far! :(

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    50. Vincent Valentine - 55 Points - 2 Votes - Highest Vote: #2 Brannox

    Aliases: -
    First appearance: Final Fantasy VII (1997)
    Other appearances: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring
    Developer: Squaresoft

    Vincent was once a member of the Turks, then known as the Shinra Manufacturing Department of "Administrative Research" having relatively shorter hair than his current appearance and wearing a black suit. Vincent has a dark past, one that he carries with him every single day of his life. As a turk he underwent and took care of a lot of business, maybe even more than he wanted to see in his lifetime. One of his last missions was to supervise the Jenova Project in Nibelheim. It was here where he met a scientist who would then complicate his life, Lucrecia Crescent the only woman he ever loved. It was here where they decided to share a future together, but as a scientist her work came first. She decided to be injected with Jenova cells as an experiment and carry this child.

    Other Votes: SabotageTheTruth (5.)

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    Top 50:

    50. Vincent Valentine
    49. Shinjiro Aragaki
    48. Master Chief
    47. Phoenix Wright
    46. Urdnot Wrex
    45. Daxter
    44. Tali'Zorah
    43. Sarah Kerrigan

  • Mitsuru is replaced by Vincent?


  • Proofreading! Vincent got 2 votes worth 55 points, but it says he got 3 votes! :P

  • @Exist-2-Inspire This is what happens when you cook the books to make Chie number one.

  • so, this list is not even worthy of Empress Mitsuru then, I expected better

  • Not getting into the individual stories of the side characters is objectively the worst way to play ME.

  • Sorry to be so nitpicky, but the first sentence in the Vincent post ends in a quotation mark instead of a period...

    (Ah, there we go!)

  • @TokyoSlim If you're referring to me I definitely did them, just didn't get into them. Don't know why.

  • Oh, such drama already on the thread! Glad it's cleared now, hopefully rest of the list was proofread as well. ;)

  • Good lord, leave for a couple of hours and come back to find chaos...

    Vincent Valentine - AWESOME!!!!! It's endlessly funny that he was just on the cusp of the list because of error. THANK YOU to whomever made the catch! As evidenced by me placing him second overall, I really find Vincent fascinating. I won't drone on and on about why I love him so, but the bio given is a nice summation of his chronology in Final Fantasy VII. He's super cool. @SabotageTheTruth The highest of fives.

    Tali'Zorah - Much like Wrex, Tali was such a highlight of Mass Effect, but not just 1, but over the entire trilogy. I loved how she transitioned from a Quarian on her pilgrimage to being probably one the, if not most important, of her species. Being able to romance her in ME 2 was something that was well receieved by me, because of the three female squadmates in the first game, I enjoyed her more, so having that evolve into 2 was worth it. Also, if you Renegade the hell out of 3, the end of her story arc is utterly heartbreaking. Tali was the most... for lack of a proper term... innocent of all the squad. My thanks to @Brandon_Reister and @Musou-Tensei for liking her enough to make your lists.

    Sarah Kerrigan - Never played StarCraft, but I've had a little of her backstory explained to me and if I A.) Played on PC and B.) Played strategy games in general, I would probably pick up StarCraft to really experience how she came to be. She seems to be a fascinating case study of how affecting a bad decision can be.

    Also, @Exist-2-Inspire , don't sweat it. You're doing a great job!

  • Someone who gets two top 5 votes certainly deserves a spot. :)

  • @Oscillator said in The EZA Top 50 Videogame Characters ever! (Countdown):

    Proofreading! Vincent got 2 votes worth 55 points, but it says he got 3 votes! :P

    It still says this in the edited 6th post.

    I promise, I won't get on your case again, unless there's some serious gremlins in the vote tabulator. ^_^