The EZA community Top 50 Videogame Characters!

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The EZA Top 50 Videogame Characters ever! (Countdown):

    @Sentinel-Beach You too can see the light of endearing characters mixed with snappy battles and a catchy OST.

    Didn't know we were talking about Tekken 3!

  • @Sentinel-Beach Sincerely hoping some Tekken characters make this list.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I put two in from T3.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Awwwwww. It's so sweet for you to recognize I'm beyond saving. But nay, I'm not POOP as you claim, but rather a proud Believer (in) Incredible Things Called Honesty.

    For you see my fine baby-killing friend, I'm not opposed to Persona, just not for it.

    And in living up to my true title: Persona....IT is the problem.

    The problem? Well, I do believe your Simpsons gif says more about the brainwashed than I ever could X-D

    But seriously though, its ok. Just not for me.

    ALTHOUGH, I could be truly EVIL and make a certain thread... Involving nothing but Persona characters... and watch with such vile and cruel intentions.

  • @Brannox You need to make that thread on Valentine's Day.

  • @Brannox You know, I would be interested to see which Persona character rises to the top.

    Knowing our KYB lists though, it'll be a minor character most haven't heard of.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I did my small part, and put one character on my list.

    Pretty sure no one else did, so it probably was all for naught.

  • @Brannox Out of curiosity, how much time have you put into the franchise and what entries?

    I ask because I firmly believe community (at times) can potentially ruin a series for newcomers. The best example I can think of recently is Undertale. It's honestly one of the most refreshing RPGs to come out in a long time and it has some truly heartwarming/heartbreaking moments in it but I've met several people unwilling to try it because of the online stigma around it. Any look at a YouTube comment section (which is usually a bad time anyway) for a Let's Play of the game will have tons of comments telling the YouTuber how to play, what they did wrong, what items they need to use, why they need to restart, how they need to dub the characters, etc. I've watched playthroughs from both Continue? and Game Grumps and eventually towards the end, they were just beaten down by the comments and didn't want to continue. A toxic fanbase has essentially made such a beautiful game unplayable for a few and it's a damn shame.

    I also ask though because I know you love a good RPG and as a Final Fantasy fan, Persona is such a great complement to the series, albeit darker in tone and more crammed with philosophy.

    EDIT: Also, I refuse to use your acronym. You will forever be POOP to me. L&R

  • @Inustar Maiko and Ai would rise as true best girls

  • good couple characters here they didnt make my list but still quality junpei was close to making my list if i remember correctly theres only one persona character on my list and he's from p4.

    jensen was lower for me because hes so customization-able personality wise he just becomes me. and who would want to be me im boring

  • @Brannox ALSO. I propose a deal.

    When Persona 5 comes out, you will purchase it day one (as long as doing so doesn't affect your budget too much, I know times are tough) and play at least 10 hours into it. On my end, you can choose any new release and make me also devote at least 10 hours into it. Yes, that means you could make me play 10 hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda (please don't though). After the 10 hours, you can do whatever you like with the game. Trade it, sell it, stick it in a stew... I'm confident though that this Atlus juggernaut will show you the true path to enlightenment. So what say you, good sir?

  • 50.Vincent Valentine
    I was always surprised he got his own game since he is an optional character in VII you can miss out on.

    Annoying punk.

    My male Shepperd's waifu an constant squad member.

    43.Sarah Kerrigan

    42.Adam Jensen
    I never asked for this.

    41.Junpei Iori
    He is my favorite P3 character.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'll try to answer as I read along:


    The series isn't ruined for me perse. It just... doesn't appeal. All I can go off of it its art design, some combat sequences I've seen, and (PLEASE CORRECT me if I'm wrong) the concept of having a finite time (albeit a fair amount) to accomplish the endgoal. Don't get me wrong: In NO way do I think or say it's a bad series, it's a little TOO JRPG-y for me. And that's telling, personally, because I'm such a big FF and KH fan (As you know), but I'm averse to games such as Dragon's Quest, Ni No Kuni, Star Ocean, etc.

    Much like Persona, can't speak to Undertale. Though, I personally haven't heard stigma. All I've heard is positivity, so you saying there is one is news to me.

    Agreed, I NEVER and go to YouTube comments, however, I understand the general sentiment behind such comments. I'll give you an example. Waaaaayyyy back near the outset of Easy Allies one of the first group streams (as we know it) was Ratchet & Clank. Normally, I watch all of those VOD, at the very least, because it has everyone and of course, presents from the awesome community. Well, I only went 45 minutes of the 2-ish hours because it became a little bothersome because I could tell it was a casual run-through: Not every secret, sloppy combat, etc. I understand every person plays different in different circumstances, and I REFUSE to tell others how to play. All I'm saying is, when it came to a game I'm REALLY passionate about, it was difficult to watch and NOT think, "You can do better, " "Dodge!" "No, go THAT way." I understand it's not a healthy way of thinking, so I'm a little wary of watching streams of games I really love, but as far as the group streams go, I only haven't watched 2 or 3 because the game they would be playing was terrible. So I skip to presents =-)

    Totally fine. I understand it may not be for some, and I also get how first impressions are upon people, but honestly I'm incredibly more my acronym than yours. It's ok though; I never seek to change one's mind once it's made up, only attempt to understand it.

    Love & Respect <3

    Oh, trust me: I HAVE no budget, not for being a moneybags, but living on the brink of squalor. But really though, I very little wiggle room with game purchases and I've got three coming in as many months I probably won't get until months after (a certain compilation in Jan., the next big thing from Sony in Feb, and the frontrunner to your "deal" in March).

    10 hours? Heh, heh, heh. I'm lucky to carve time to start the backlog I just made for myself and I'm on a break!

    Enlightenment. Nice X-D

    While I find your deal intriguing, because of reasons listed above and a couple of others, I must respectfully decline.

  • @Brannox There are only a certain number of days to accomplish what needs to be done, this is true, but it's paced very well. Usually, you'll need to clear a dungeon/section by the end of the month so that in itself becomes fun. "Okay, so I'll go battle on Saturday, rest up on Sunday, study for exams on Monday, and take Yukiko out on a hot date on Tuesday." I've never once come even relatively close to getting a game over due to a time limit, you'd have to actively be working against the game to get one.

    I see you are a coward. Must be nice to pass judgement on things you haven't experienced, sitting atop your ivory throne created from the tears of Persona fans.. that somehow turn to ivory... for reasons...

    Joking of course, it's totally reasonable to not take the deal. It's a large time/money investment and a big ask. However, if you ever get the opportunity, pick up Persona 5 because (hyperbole incoming) it's going to become one of the best RPGs of all time. I was already pumped for the game, but hearing both Ben and Brad share that sentiment... we're in for something truly special.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Don't know if it's how you intended, but reading your first paragraph; instant thought of: Oh, it's the Sims, but better ;-D

    Alas, to reference my statement from earlier, I cannot change one's mind once it has been decided. Shame it's wrong. X-)

    I seek not a throne of ivory but a sheltered corner, away from the world. Persona fans' tears are of no interest to me. And agreed... reasons...

    You claim hyperbole, but I've yet to see evidence to contradict you. Nay, I would argue that from the ever present positive reception for its impending success, you have only solid ground to stand on.

    And stupid obvious comment: Persona 5 is going to DESTROY Final Fantasy XV: Critical reception, Sales, etc.

  • @Brannox Persona 5 will absolutely crush it in critical reception (already has in Japan), not in sales though. Square-Enix has massive publishing muscles and much more money to throw at Final Fantasy. In a perfect world, Persona would sell more but we don't live in a perfect world. Just look at our new president... /topicalbitingpoliticalcommentary

    Did you just compare Persona to... The Sims?

    alt text

  • @SabotageTheTruth Fair point about marketing. But I caution not to underestimate grass roots and the foundation already put into place by 4.

    Yeahhhh. Not a, uh, fan. To say the least.

    Yup. Yes I did. Because, while being cursory, it came across as living a normal life. So I'll say it again: Sims. But better. =-J

  • I never really cared for Stupei (yes that's what they use as an insult for Junpei in P3).

  • "Stupei Iori Ace Defective" is on a t-shirt I own and it's great (like Junpei).

  • WOO. I wonder if I can make it to 40 without seeing one of my characters! >D