Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Persona - Discuss!

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    I already pre-ordered Horizon. Seems like a decent enough action/rpg time waster from what I've seen.

    Might also get Nier for the exact same reason as stated above.

  • Two of these are the follow ups to the two best games of all time in my opinion, so yeah Persona and Nier are a must for me, and remember there'll be a Nier demo next week.

    Ni-oh looks cool but it is not my thing, and I'm extremely skeptical about Horizon so I'll wait to see what the reaction to it is, and even then I'll probably won't get it after a while if at all.

    But if anything I'll say to get at least Persona and whichever other you prefer.

  • So if you are short on money wait for a discount of all of them. With this I would guess the first to get a price drop would maybe be Horizon, Nier, Persona and then Nioh. So from this I would go with NiOh. Also if NiOh is anything like Souls then there is a moment after launch where it is “hot” and everyone is looking for secrets. Playtime could be on the shorter site with Nier and maybe Horizon. So with Persona and NioH you probably get more for your mon.

  • I'm having a similar issue trying to decide between RE7, Ni-Oh, Horizon, and For Honor..

    I'm leaning toward Ni-Oh.. it seems pretty much confirmed to be great and it looks really fun to play. I'm skeptical but hopeful about the rest, though I am very interested in Horizon.

  • Easy, Horizon and Persona 5.

    Nier looks awesome, but could be hit or miss. Nioh looks great, but I'm not sure it's for me.

  • I never played Nier and don't know much about Nier Automata. It does sound like people are jazzed for this game so it would be something I wait for and look into when the price drops and there is more information.

    I have never played a Persona game but I am in this huge JRPG kick right now and aware of the Persona games' reputation. I will probably get this on release.

    Horizon looks really interesting, I got to play it at PSX and enjoyed my little taste of it. I will probably pick this up within two weeks of release to get the Amazon Prime discount assuming it doesn't end up getting universally bad reviews.

    Nioh is a most definite wait for me. I am new to that type of genre because for the longest time they never appealed to me. I recently gave Lords of the Fallen a chance because it was free on PS+ and really enjoyed it. I realize that game is terrible in comparison to the likes of Souls and Bloodborne which makes me excited to get around to them eventually. I bought Bloodborne and it is sitting on my shelf shrink wrapped waiting for its chance to be played. I am so far behind that Nioh probably won't make it to my library for a very long time.

  • I would go with Nier and Nioh. i LOVED the first Nier and cannot wait for this next one. Nioh just looks like my type of game and is something i would love to give a full run through on.

    I'm a little nervous for Nier though. I'm scared it's going to drift from how the original is set up and plays through. the first one wasn't well received by many, and has a great cult feeling to it. I just don't want them to shine this game uo with lame gimmicks and mechanics to try to catch the attentions of people.

  • There they are: The big 4 PS4 titles to get next Winter and May. Well, them and Gravity Rush 2 ;)

    I think Nier: Automota is intensely exciting because it's Clover Studio's first big attempt at creating a world and new story since Okami. The combat is going to be great, and we've even seen some interesting camerawork in some of the different areas and situations.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is smartly still shrouded in mystery, but we know it as a third-person shooter Monster Hunter-like set in some kind of open world. It is lead by a great female voice actor and the theme of primitivism and novel world building is very exciting.

    Persona 5 is a fancier Persona game. I don't think I can sell it any better than Ben did on the latest Frame Trap after playing the PSX show floor demo — if the story actually measures up to his words, it'll be a special game indeed.

    My advice? Well, Persona 5 comes out a month after the other two. I would just buy Horizon because it comes out first at the end of February, and don't buy another game until you finish or complete it. Just play it by ear, don't throw more money around than you can, and you'll be fine. Time is its own balancer.

  • Persona 5 and Horizon. Nier and Nioh are a bit more niche and will likely drop in price faster anyway. You have plenty of time to decide tbh.

  • Not a Souls(-like) fan so Ni-Oh is a nope from start for me.

    Horizon: I still don't know. I dig the settings and the technical points seems solid. Then I want to know how Guerrilla will fill the game.

    Nier: I'll just patiently wait to see reviews since I do not care about the franchise.

    Persona 5: Pre-ordered mainly because I got a good deal on the Premium edition :D Game seems solid according to Japanese release though.

    My most anticipated game of early 2017 is still Gravity Rush 2.

  • Yakuza 0 says hello!

  • I have been consistently impressed with every Persona game since P2, and while I've been on media blackout since the Japanese release I have heard overwhelmingly positive things. Persona games tend to be fairly deep, they have a lot of extra stuff you can do if you so choose, and New Game+ often has more to it than simply "one extra boss and the enemies are harder" so there's strong replay value. I have no doubt that it's going to be worth the money.

    NieR looks phenomenal, end of story. I've never heard of the franchise before but everything I've seen and heard has me very excited for it. Not much more to say than that because of my lack of experience.

    Nioh looks like a good game for the kind of game that it is, but I'm not a fan of that genre personally so I can't really be very helpful here. I love the art style and I've heard great things about the combat from Bloodborne and Dark Souls fans.

    Horizon seems okay. The first E3 trailer we got for it seemed fine, but the story was overwhelmingly delivered through the extended cutscene in the beginning. The gameplay looks a bit like some of the Assassin's Creed games, where the focus is on being hidden while taking out targets (depending on the environment and what enemies are around). I love Ashley Burch and I think she's doing the best she can with the script she's been given, but some of the writing we got in the second E3 trailer seemed a bit awkward. Admittedly, I'm a very story-driven gamer, so if you care primarily about a fun gameplay experience over an engaging story then this looks great. But from my perspective, I'm a little more skeptical.

  • @TokyoSlim man I want to have confidence in Yakuza because the ones I've played have a lot of fun things, but they are so bad in plenty of ways.

    I hope 0 and 6 improve on the problems of 4 and 5 because there's a lot of good in there, but there are more than a few bad spots in them

  • I got the platinum on the first Nier and i think it's very overrated by the community,i even think the metacritic score is a little high and i would rate the game 6/10. There is alot of flaws or unpolished things about that game. As much as i love Platinum Games,they are known for being hit and miss. Out of those 4 games the Nier sequel is the game i would put my money on being the most likely bad.

  • I mean, I think Platinum's stories are hit or miss. Their gameplay is solid unless you count the tie-ins, which Nier is not one of. It's positioned like MGR: Revengance.

  • im thinking nioh and persona horizon and nier will price drop first as their coming from big publishers and will be in print longer

  • I've got all 4 pre-ordered (plus Yakuza 0 & Gravity Rush 2) but if I had to choose I'd say Persona 5 and Horizon.

    I just think they're safest bets out of the 4 to be great games upon release, Nioh I think will be great, but still has some question marks surrounding it, likewise with NieR due to Platinum's inconsistent output as of late.

  • Buy two copies of Persona. Give a friend the greatest gift they will ever receive.

  • Easy for me, Persona 5 and Nier are known quantities, the previous games were excellent and the pedigree behind them are proven.

    Saying that, I'll buy all of them, including others you didn't mention like Gravity Rush 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and say goodbye to life for the first half of 2017 xD

  • @Haru17 That's my possible concern with Nier, the first one's gameplay is kinda bad, and I still think it's one of the best games ever, in great part because of the story, and I could live with it if the gameplay is not great once again, but if the story is not up to snuff with it, then it would be an issue for me.