Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Persona - Discuss!

  • Not a Souls(-like) fan so Ni-Oh is a nope from start for me.

    Horizon: I still don't know. I dig the settings and the technical points seems solid. Then I want to know how Guerrilla will fill the game.

    Nier: I'll just patiently wait to see reviews since I do not care about the franchise.

    Persona 5: Pre-ordered mainly because I got a good deal on the Premium edition :D Game seems solid according to Japanese release though.

    My most anticipated game of early 2017 is still Gravity Rush 2.

  • Yakuza 0 says hello!

  • I have been consistently impressed with every Persona game since P2, and while I've been on media blackout since the Japanese release I have heard overwhelmingly positive things. Persona games tend to be fairly deep, they have a lot of extra stuff you can do if you so choose, and New Game+ often has more to it than simply "one extra boss and the enemies are harder" so there's strong replay value. I have no doubt that it's going to be worth the money.

    NieR looks phenomenal, end of story. I've never heard of the franchise before but everything I've seen and heard has me very excited for it. Not much more to say than that because of my lack of experience.

    Nioh looks like a good game for the kind of game that it is, but I'm not a fan of that genre personally so I can't really be very helpful here. I love the art style and I've heard great things about the combat from Bloodborne and Dark Souls fans.

    Horizon seems okay. The first E3 trailer we got for it seemed fine, but the story was overwhelmingly delivered through the extended cutscene in the beginning. The gameplay looks a bit like some of the Assassin's Creed games, where the focus is on being hidden while taking out targets (depending on the environment and what enemies are around). I love Ashley Burch and I think she's doing the best she can with the script she's been given, but some of the writing we got in the second E3 trailer seemed a bit awkward. Admittedly, I'm a very story-driven gamer, so if you care primarily about a fun gameplay experience over an engaging story then this looks great. But from my perspective, I'm a little more skeptical.

  • @TokyoSlim man I want to have confidence in Yakuza because the ones I've played have a lot of fun things, but they are so bad in plenty of ways.

    I hope 0 and 6 improve on the problems of 4 and 5 because there's a lot of good in there, but there are more than a few bad spots in them

  • I got the platinum on the first Nier and i think it's very overrated by the community,i even think the metacritic score is a little high and i would rate the game 6/10. There is alot of flaws or unpolished things about that game. As much as i love Platinum Games,they are known for being hit and miss. Out of those 4 games the Nier sequel is the game i would put my money on being the most likely bad.

  • I mean, I think Platinum's stories are hit or miss. Their gameplay is solid unless you count the tie-ins, which Nier is not one of. It's positioned like MGR: Revengance.

  • im thinking nioh and persona horizon and nier will price drop first as their coming from big publishers and will be in print longer

  • I've got all 4 pre-ordered (plus Yakuza 0 & Gravity Rush 2) but if I had to choose I'd say Persona 5 and Horizon.

    I just think they're safest bets out of the 4 to be great games upon release, Nioh I think will be great, but still has some question marks surrounding it, likewise with NieR due to Platinum's inconsistent output as of late.

  • Buy two copies of Persona. Give a friend the greatest gift they will ever receive.

  • Easy for me, Persona 5 and Nier are known quantities, the previous games were excellent and the pedigree behind them are proven.

    Saying that, I'll buy all of them, including others you didn't mention like Gravity Rush 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and say goodbye to life for the first half of 2017 xD

  • @Haru17 That's my possible concern with Nier, the first one's gameplay is kinda bad, and I still think it's one of the best games ever, in great part because of the story, and I could live with it if the gameplay is not great once again, but if the story is not up to snuff with it, then it would be an issue for me.

  • Go for the sure shot, Persona 5! No matter what this game is gonna be stellar!

  • Is Persona 5 a game that you could jump into without having played the previous titles?

    I'm not really a jrpg fan, but I'm intrigued by what I've heard so far and am thinking about giving it a shot when the price drops.

  • @Faaip Yes, no need to know anything about the previous games, they usually have some cameos from the other games, but that's it.

  • @Faaip All of the Persona games (with the exception of the 2 duology) stand on their own. You can definitely jump in to Persona 5 without playing anything else in the series. And from what I've seen of the Japanese version (which is a lot, probably more than I should have allowed myself to see) this game is gonna be absolutely spectacular.

  • Thanks guys! I'll definitely be keeping it on my radar

  • Yeah , reading through here I'd say the consensus is on P5, which I completely agree with! (Not to mention since its in april it gives you a good month to play the other game you get)

    As for the second game, well if you honestly like the idea of each then you gotta go with another reason being either length or price. My gut feeling is that Horizon will go on sale quicker, so that might be one to wait on, and it's more of an unknown quantity,
    So out of Nier and Nioh maybe choose whichever will give you more bang for your buck. If Nioh is like a Souls game then that would likely be longer.

    For me the only certain is P5, though the rest certainly do look fun...

  • @bard91 It's Platinum, the gameplay will be at least "good" and assuredly complex. Besides, have you even seen Nier: Automata? It's cray!

  • @Haru17 But is it cray cray? Like chilly coco crawfish cray? (Sorry, it's a saying in my family, I couldn't resist.)

  • ...What is your family doe?