Hello, I'm attending school for video game development, and I need your help!

  • @Nillend thanks for feedback! The popping sound that happens when the trolls die is an unfortunate glitch caused during sometime between building the game from unity, and uploading it to a browser based site :/. It pops ONCE and sounds perfect in unity, but destroys eardrums online for some unknown reason. I am looking into though! I'll definitely post when i update it

  • @Sinjin You live in this frozen wasteland too!? I started doing Game Design at NAIT but now doing other things. How is your school?

    Warning: I am not a fan of 2d side scrollers, so i can only say so much. However, based on what you have, the music seemed fine, the sfx for moving the rock and killing the AI is horrible. I found it really easy to kill the AI as well. The rope falling when you try to climb leaving you to go the other way was good. Movement might need to be smoothed out a bit.

  • @Sinjin said in Hello, I'm attending school for video game development, and I need your help!:

    how I respond to criticisms and feedback goes towards my professionalism grade.

    I guess David Jaffe got an F for that!

    I can't play the game right now but I'll give it a shot!

  • @CGamor7 I'm at Edmonton Digital Arts college and I love it. how long ago did you got o NAIT and what are you doing now?

  • @Sinjin Im still at NAIT finishing up Business Analysis in the Digital Media & IT program. I started in Game Design and learned the fundamentals and then transferred into another stream within the same program. In my opinion ( and many others i go to school with) , NAIT really needs to invest more in it if they actually want it to be a good and viable program. I continue to learn a lot on my own and work with other people. I really enjoy designing things, I wanted to check out the game jam you guys had at your school a few weeks ago, but i didn't end up having the time to go.

  • @CGamor7 you should have! My team won that :D!

  • I'm also on my game design class right now and If I could leverage a few things from what ive played up to the second map, I think it's the controls, I think you're better off giving him a slow start then a running animation after a few seconds due to how frustrating it was on the first level to stop exactly at the rope. since I just kept falling down at that point, you could also probably work on how he stops since he doesn't exactly stop where I need him to.

    About the gameplay itself, you might want to add a jump attack, and refine how he stops and attacks to make it seamless. it's really just the movement that's a major sticking point for me.

  • Here are my thoughts.

    • Bow & arrow, some physics applied, bounces of ceiling?
    • Shooting down bridge feels kind of cool


    • climbing up rope sometimes doesn’t trigger, since W and S isn’t used for anything, when you have e.g. W pressed, climbing should trigger while nearing rope
    • Attack while jumping makes you stop mid-air for a short time
    • Not sure if I saw it right but Map transition, to area with chest seems to stutter when entering for the first time. I know transition is instant but kind of had the impression.


    • palpably one of the favourite words of M.P. Huber: “Copy-Right-Infringement”, Means dragon head at the start look a little too much like Shenlong.

    Things I like to see:

    • Some enemies should follow you when you are near them.
    • More Bow action, maybe aiming the bow?
    • More lore, and context. (make it as stupid as possible? ^^)
    • Fast mode, PC moves a little slow. I want action!

    But for a first demo not bad.

  • @Axel thanks i appreciate it

  • @DreyG0 thanks for the feedback. i'll write all these down

  • @Ikataishou ok awesome. thanks for your input!

  • @Ikataishou @Sinjin I really don't think this is a case of “Copy-Right-Infringement”. I don't think myths are copyrighted and even the one from Dragon ball has been inspired from it. And there are enough differences between them anyway, imo.

  • A great demo. I look forward to watching this grow.

  • @suplextrain said in Hello, I'm attending school for video game development, and I need your help!:

    @Sinjin said in Hello, I'm attending school for video game development, and I need your help!:

    my mark is based off of how many views and plays my game gets.

    No offense but that's honestly pretty dumb. You should talk to your school about this so that they might re-evaluate this method for future classes.

    I knew what the class was going for with the marketing stuff. Feedback is part of the whole process. Good luck to the OP on this project!

  • I've played it and thought it was ok.

    • shooting with the bow feels good
    • really don't like the death sound of enemies