Frame Trap - Official Discussion Thread

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  • @TokyoSlim said in Frame Trap - Official Discussion Thread:

    This episode of FrameTrap brought to you by Tampopo.
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    I love that movie.
    I need to rewatch that now.

  • @roobieroo I know that's a lost bet, but that still hurts to read.

  • That was a pretty amazing episode.

    Also his explanation that NeoTokyo tips was hilarious

  • I wish I could play ZTD early, and I really need to get on Blood and Wine.

  • Does anyone know what "Hottake" means?

  • @DarkenRaul1 It's just the words "hot" and "take" combined to sound Japanese and please Ben's ears. I don't think it actually means anything although that would be an interesting coincidence if it did.

  • Can't find "ほったけ" (hottake) but there is "ホットケーキ" (hot cakes!)

    *grabbed from yelp

  • @SabotageTheTruth, nah I checked the online Japanese to English dictionary ( and hottake is not a real word. I figured that's what it was, but I was just wondering if Ben ever explained it or something like the name Frame Trap in the Youtube comments or in one of the episodes somewhere.... That being said, according to Wikipedia, "A hot take is a journalism term derisively used to describe a 'piece of deliberately provocative commentary that is based almost entirely on shallow moralizing' in response to a news story, "usually written on tight deadlines with little research or reporting, and even less thought,'" which doesn't sound too good in my opinion.....

  • @DarkenRaul1 They do explain it in one of the first episodes (I can't remember which) because Ben starts off by calling it "hot take" and one of the panel members thinks hottake sounds so much better. I'm thinking why he uses the term is because he wants off the cuff remarks not thoughts that people have been deliberating on for days to distinguish itself from the Easy Allies Podcast. So it's more fast and loose, just not Mandatory Update Nights levels of fast and loose.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh okay, that makes sense. Thanks man!

  • Easy Ally

    Kyle Bosman actually came up with Hottake. That clever devil. I just ran with it.

  • I'm the one who wrote in for the second (?) episode saying that my Korean girlfriend who I speak with in Japanese (we live in Tokyo) misheard it as "hotate" (scallop). That's definitely the closest actual Japanese word to it.

  • I want to talk about the Mighty No. 9 bit along with Recore. Mighty No. 9 is such a stinker that it really shows how much of a scumbag Inafune is to make this kickstarter, sell it as a Megaman spiritual successor, and then give no shits about it until it was half baked piece of trash.

    Let's be clear about who's fault it is, Inti Creates have made better looking games than Might No. 9. Currently finishing up Shantae Half Genie Hero with Wayforward, having made a number of better looking Gunvolt games, and currently working on Bloodstained, they know how to produce games. It is up to the Producer to ensure the game is up to theirs and the fans expectations, making sure the quality of the game is as good as it can be. I've even seen concept gameplay from Inti Creates that look way better than the final product. I have no doubt that Inti Creates was given a shit job by a producer who didn't care and they just go whatever they could out the window so they could focus on Shantae and Bloodstained. Inafune just scammed people out of their money so he can have his retirement dream of making animes and movies from a franchise he didn't pay a dime for.

    So how about Recore? I pretty much don't even care about it because of Inafune. I have absolutely no faith or hype for a game that has Inafune as a producer. He doesn't care about his games, so neither will I.

    In the wise words of Kamiya:
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    alt text

  • That's an awfully bitter reaction to the game, but as someone that foolishly helped kickstart it (and thankfully got at least a few dollars back by selling my steam codes to someone else) I can't say I disagree at all with you. Watching everything from the moment the KS ended until the game finally released just killed any confidence I had in the game, the person that acted as a figurehead for it, and even crowdfunding as a concept. The only thing that's dragged me back since was Shenmue and that was such a special circumstance that I can't see anything else doing it again.

  • Hehe I'm actually a little bit surprised by how much Kyle and Ben don't like/care for MN9, I thought they would land somewhere on it's mediocre/it's whatever train.
    Ben's feelings on the game with how every aspect just isn't up to par aligns very much with my own. Even as someone that is just getting into making stuff, there are some things I just can't excuse about the game, things that baffle me in a way where I am wondering "did anyone there even care?" Like what is up with the no facial animations for example. Given the models that is absolutely something that could have been easily fixed...
    MN9 is a game where I don't feel any of the love from the creators coming through.
    So many things where I just think why did nobody fix this?

  • I actually want to add one more thing.

    I really wonder if they're going to try and play Shantae Half Genie Hero, because Shantae is a solid platformer and is pretty charming.
    Maybe Ben could give it a go and just do a sort of comparison.

  • I had to go back and listen to the "Cut/No Cut" rules because when I think "Cut," I don't think "is it keen and honed to a fine edge," I think, "get rid of this poor bastard, cut him out of the line-up."

  • Ben has been coming up with some really interesting games lately. Noodles and Broth, Katana. Should be fun to see what's next!

  • He should turn some of these games into regular segments that are rotated in.

    I feel like Frame Trap needs a bit more organization. Even though it's supposed to be a loose and easy going show, it could still benefit from having some segmenting or labels like the Podcast.