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    As much as I agree, this is a case of tackling the fish hook rather than the fisherman.

    Talk to someone face to face and have someone try that. How do they look? Abrasive, aggressive, unreasonable etc. Unless they're surrounded by cronies it's hard (thankfully) to shout someone down without looking like an arsehole.

    In comparison it's easy on the internet. Especially on social media. You control who you reply to. Don't like an opinion? Block. Want to fuck with someone? Retweet and set the dogs on 'em. Internet interaction does not resemble anything that has come before it. I hate this idea of "the internet shut me down". For all the faults, anonymous, wild west internet had a higher chance of filtering decent content. Social media is a blight, anyone trying to mine real actual opinion or truth from it is a fool.

    There is no everyone on the internet, but in terms of processing it, everything becomes monolithic. This forum hosts a wealth of differing opinion, nevertheless it would be facile to pick a few quotes and paint any give topic in a certain colour.

    tl;dr everyone should read Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle.

  • I kinda really wanted a group hug with Ian at one point in that hottake.

    I love these sorts of deep conversations, and it is the main reason I love EZA and this forum, everyone is pretty accepting and polite.

    The topic of how you respond to businesses and celebrities' personal beliefs is so complex and situational. If a developer has a different political belief then mine, it likely will not impact my decision to buy their game. If I find out they hit women? Or are racist? Yeah that's more likely to impact me. So yeah, I gotta agree with Ian on that. Different beliefs are fine, but pushing hate is not.
    Of course there's also a lot to be said of the idea that a game is made by lots of people, and do you punish all of them because of what one person said or did? It's really difficult.
    In the end though you gotta go with what you feel the most comfortable with.

    Also, not surprising, but damn Sophie is just so adorable! Market some plush of her!

  • @Inustar said in Frame Trap - Official Discussion Thread:

    If a developer has a different political belief then mine, it likely will not impact my decision to buy their game. If I find out they hit women? Or are racist? Yeah that's more likely to impact me.

    Some people believe in hitting women...

  • @Inustar said in Frame Trap - Official Discussion Thread:

    If I find out they hit women?

    What about if they hit men :P

  • ...rly with the emote tho?

  • @Inustar You're bringing the fact which made me stick to EZA crew: The clever/honest discussions (after watching a FrameTrap episode, I always think about what has been said and that's a genuine mark of quality) and the lovely cast.
    I would definitely buy a Sophie's plush tough :D

  • @Nillend how about I just say anyone who hits anyone in a non sport situation?

  • @Inustar Sorry, I couldn't resist. You're alright.

  • Great episode - was very happy to see Ben optimisitic about Gears. Intrigued to see what the rest of the Allies think about it, and what Jones scores it. Ben and whoever you mentioned asking about Horde, need to make that happen.

  • Probably been asked but I can't seem to find the answer: do you need to be a certain Patreon tier to submit questions to Frame Trap? I had one that I wanted to shoot their way.

  • @tokeeffe9 Rad, thanks bud!

  • @tokeeffe9 Where do I e-mail my question for Frame Trap? I have a professionally related question that I wish to submit but I doubt it will be answered on Love & Respect as per the nature of that podcast being rather different than Frame Trap. Thank-you!

  • @GoTaco Fairly certain the email is Just make sure to tag it as a Frame Trap question naturally.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Thank-you. I didn't see it in the video description and I only noticed after you answered that its posted on the first episode of the podcast.

  • Not gonna lie: Was shocked my question got taken. Super thrilled it did. (#17)

  • @Brannox Same for mine! I started giggling real hard because I was so happy. Plus they had awesome answers, too. I had totally forgotten about Nausicaa until Blood brought it up, which is weird because that used to be my favorite movie!

  • @naltmank For me, it was a jolt of disbelief and I had to relisten because the first time they answered, I was in shock and I didn't remember what they said the first time.

  • Three and a half hour Frame Trap. I'm gonna pitch in and get Ben a bigger card so he can hit 5 hours. I need 5 hours.

  • I feel like they should just get panel together, hit record, have camera record straight to a external HDD or something like that, and keep going until they're tired or have other stuff to do.