Frame Trap - Official Discussion Thread

  • Great episode - was very happy to see Ben optimisitic about Gears. Intrigued to see what the rest of the Allies think about it, and what Jones scores it. Ben and whoever you mentioned asking about Horde, need to make that happen.

  • Probably been asked but I can't seem to find the answer: do you need to be a certain Patreon tier to submit questions to Frame Trap? I had one that I wanted to shoot their way.

  • @tokeeffe9 Rad, thanks bud!

  • @tokeeffe9 Where do I e-mail my question for Frame Trap? I have a professionally related question that I wish to submit but I doubt it will be answered on Love & Respect as per the nature of that podcast being rather different than Frame Trap. Thank-you!

  • @GoTaco Fairly certain the email is Just make sure to tag it as a Frame Trap question naturally.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Thank-you. I didn't see it in the video description and I only noticed after you answered that its posted on the first episode of the podcast.

  • Not gonna lie: Was shocked my question got taken. Super thrilled it did. (#17)

  • @Brannox Same for mine! I started giggling real hard because I was so happy. Plus they had awesome answers, too. I had totally forgotten about Nausicaa until Blood brought it up, which is weird because that used to be my favorite movie!

  • @naltmank For me, it was a jolt of disbelief and I had to relisten because the first time they answered, I was in shock and I didn't remember what they said the first time.

  • Three and a half hour Frame Trap. I'm gonna pitch in and get Ben a bigger card so he can hit 5 hours. I need 5 hours.

  • I feel like they should just get panel together, hit record, have camera record straight to a external HDD or something like that, and keep going until they're tired or have other stuff to do.

  • They should start that 5 h episode (which will happen at this rate) at like 11 PM so that their stories would get REALLY interesting in the final hours. :)

  • Youtube Video

    Back when I started watching GT (long before the days of most of the EZA crew popping up), Ryan Stevens was the man who kept me coming back each week. I haven't seen this episode yet but seeing him as a guest has me jacked!

  • I liked the Hottake from this episode. It brought a couple things to my attention that I didn't even think about.
    For example, there eventually being a unified Nintendo where all of the developers are making games for a single system. I'm not huge into handhelds (I'm never really out needing to play and if I'm home I would rather be playing on my TV lounging than playing on this tiny screen with my hands all cramped) so there are a ton of games that I have not played, and a bunch that seem like something I would really enjoy. I would love to play the Bravely Defaults, Fire Emblems, Zeldas, and Dream Drop Distance (luckily I get to play that today without a 3DS) but not enough to outweigh my thoughts on handhelds. The idea of all of those developers now developing games for the Switch, something I could play on my TV, excites me. Not to mention the advancements they could make with the hardware and not being restricted to a shortage of buttons or joysticks. I'm not planning on picking up a Switch anytime soon but the idea that these games could be coming to it in the future and the hope that brings might speed up the process of me caving in.

    Also my pie in the sky dream for the Switch is an expansion of Kyle's: I want a full 3D, beautiful graphics, right analog stick camera controls, explorations Pokemon game with a completely revamped battle system. Thinking about the joy that was playing through original Red back in the day brings a smile to my face. Finding those Pokemon, dissecting the battle system, building the perfect team, and going on an adventure was fantastic. I want to run through an open world and see wild Pokemon wandering around, other trainers milling about and battling. I want a brand new sense of exploration in a Pokemon world again. Pokemon has evolved over the years but the feeling I get (of just hearing about them and never playing them) is they are always playing it safe, that this is a how a Pokemon game has to be formatted and going outside of that is not allowed. I want a brand new battle system. That could be a Final Fantasy X type battle system where you send x of your Pokemon out in battle and can see the turn order against another group of x Pokemon. It could be something similar but with a more Final Fantasy VII battle system, or it could be a action battle system akin to a Smash battle or Pokepark. I just want something new, a risk, something that couldn't be accomplished on the 3DS or any old mere handheld.

  • Absolutely painful listening to this newest episode (RE7) and knowing I don't have ANY time to play it let alone go through the series for the first time. I CANNOT wait to graduate.

  • The newest Hottake was really good, I think. It was nice to think ahead of the year and the gems we'll get, and the guys had interesting thoughts about many of them. And I especially liked that Kyle brought up a new Assassin's Creed outside Ben's list, but what I liked even more was his face and reaction when Brandon said "I don't need to go to Egypt.". Priceless! :D

    Also, RIP Kyle's cell phone.

  • When Damiani said bloodborne was calling him i imagined the scene from Jumanji when the kid at the house and he hears drums coming from the attic.

  • I actually meant to bump this topic the other day.

    I really enjoyed that Hottake. I think Damiani might have leaned a little too heavily on the casual poster view at times (I agreed with his points, just thought it wasn't as well articulated) and overall everyone had something interesting to say about the current state of Microsoft.

    It's something that I always think about. We keep seeing these reports that some want MS to get rid of Xbox and that it's not profitable so I'm extremely interested to see how the Xbox X will do in terms of expectations.

    To me, it does seem like they're to move more towards the digital/PC space now with all of their content being on both PC and Xbox. It seems like they're hopeful the casual market will go to Xbox (even though I wouldn't call the X a casual product) and that the hardcore will be happy to play on PC.

    Overall it is a very pro consumer approach but at a detriment to the actual console itself.

  • @tokeeffe9 I think the selling point of Xbox nowadays is that it's like Gaming PC, but it's more streamlined and easy to use compared to PC. So while some people say why make Xbox consoles when you're releasing all games on PC, it only makes sense to keep making them, as for some people, they don't want to go through the hassle with setting up PC, because Xbox is easier to use. So releasing varied Xbox consoles for different budgets is sensible in that sense.