Frame Trap - Official Discussion Thread

  • Just a small update from Ben on the next Frame Trap

    Basically it's going to be recorded a bit later and expect it on Tuesday evening instead.

    With everything that's out today, it could be the longest Frame Trap yet :P

  • Ben sold me on xenoblade chronicles 2 when he talked about the blades and unsold me on it 5 minutes later when he was talking about how complicated the combat is, butThe main reason i probably will never play xenoblade chronicles 2 is because i hate the character design.

  • @A7X458 I think the character design or art style is a lot better than the last two entries if a little inconsistent, but the main protagonist – that’s outright disgusting. Not only does he look bland but also his clothes look terrible. (He ruined Zelda BotW! ^^) Would have preferred at least a bit customization on that part.

  • This is pure gold. Thank you, person behind this!

  • @Sentinel-Beach Haha that's awesome!

  • Not sure if people have already seen it all, but the most recent frame trap has a really great opening; Kyle talking about the interaction between mental health, agency, and creativity was really inspiring. Link below is time-stamped to open with it, but of course the whole episode is worth a listen!
    Youtube Video – [05:13..]

  • "I hate babies so much." - Kyle Bosman, 2018.

  • Episode :52, i didn't know Huber throw ben, Ian and Brandon under the bus like that, it was funny watching the huber hype video.

  • @a7x458 Curious to see how many people went and watched that video immediately after.
    It is really fun.

    I want to play Ni no Kuni II even though I know I won't finish it. Also it being easy might be a plus for me, since it's likely I will get further.

  • #56. The new lights are amazing! I love the sudden BLUE in the background. And the guys themselves look really good, colours are alive.

  • E3 episode was great. I just love that Total War moment, I listened to it a good number of times. Kyle couldn't handle Jones' introduction leading into THAT. :D

    And of course the ending with Ben is a Moment.

    Youtube Video

  • Recent E3's are already infinitely better than ever for me ever since i found the allies, and this whole crazy master chef thingy Ben implemented is a big reason for that. Top tier segment.

  • That audio cue every time Ben mentioned a Devil Trigger, immediately followed by non-stop laughs from Kyle might be one of my favorite moments of this year.

  • The last Frame Trap sealed the debate finally - Sonic Adventure does NOT hold up. I've been saying that on these forums for awhile now, with people attempting to defend it, but now it's official.

  • @sabotagethetruth It's a charming game, and i still love it but time has not been kind to that game.

  • All I'm gonna say is that it's a horribly, horribly flawed game but I still love it in spite of that, unlike say Sonic 06 which I love because of its flaws.

  • Banned

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  • #74 - Brad stealing Ben's Hottake thunder ranks up their as one of my favorite moments, along with the ridiculous E3 Devil Trigger shenanigans.

  • I really think Frame Trap needs to evolve & freshen up a little. It used to be one over my favorite Allies shows but it's started to get verystale. I very rarely get through an Episode nowadays. Seems like the viewership has dropped of drastically. It used to do 40k views now it just gets over 10k. There seems to be now a lot more simular shows with better production values & better structure. Gameplay needs to be shown when they're talking about games especially when it's indie title no one has heard of.

  • @paulmci27 That's unfortunate about the views, I hadn't even noticed that aspect; I'm right there with you though, I used to really enjoy listening to every game they talked about on each episode but now I only check the timestamps to see if there's something of interest.

    Hard to say why this has happened, I don't know if I just started getting bored of the games they were bringing to discuss, or the format or what. The pandemic may be partly responsible too, though I'm watching more things on YouTube than I ever have before while I work from home so its certainly not the sole cause. It also lines up with Bosman leaving, but he wasn't always on Frame Trap, and his absence is clearly felt on the EZA Podcast. I'm wondering if they should just abandon the dual podcasts and combine the two.

    Its tough as I've supported since the beginning but I've really been pretty checked out of a lot of stuff they've done of late - which again is crazy because I have so much time to watch. Maybe we're all just being worn down, IDK, but I hope it bounces back.