Dragon Quest XI (PS4/PC)

  • The king of JRPGs is returning soon with a brand new adventure. I personally feel the JRPG genre has moved away from what I've personally found great about it. I love huge open, explorable worlds and great, fully controllable combat.

    Most JRPGs tend to either go extremely closed/ linear and/or have 3/4ths of your party controlled by AI these days.

    Let's hope Dragon Quest XI continues its much needed tradition.

    PS4 trailer
    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • square's back guys

  • @FF7Cloud said in Dragon Quest XI Trailer and gameplay footage:

    square's back guys

    It's wonderful :D

  • Looks so incredible, so hope it gets released in the West or I'm going to have to learn Japanese next year.

  • wheres the nx gameplay

  • I'll care if the game makes it out of Japan.

  • @Stephleref said in Dragon Quest XI Trailer and gameplay footage:

    I'll care if the game makes it out of Japan.

    I mean, Dragon Quest Heroes and Builders made it. Most dragon quest games appear to get localized.

  • @Stephleref the Dragon Quest Builder producer said that Square is committed to releasing more Dragon Quest in the west, so I would be surprised if XI didn't come out here in the next couple of years.


    PS: The open world exploration in the footage they showed looks incredible! Like the true follow-up to DQ8 I always wanted.

  • @FF7Cloud It's the same as the PS4 gameplay, or so I want to believe!

    That game looks incredible. I've never played any Dragon Quest game before, but this appeals to me much more than FF XV at this point. It's gorgeous and full of charm and character.

    I'm flabbergasted by the 3DS version though. It's such an impressive technical achievement to have the 3D and 2D gameplay running at the same time, synchronised. Think of the amount of work it must take, that's pretty much making two games in parallel. Unless they built some crazy tool that automatically generates the 2D version based on the 3D one, but then again, how much work had to go into that??

    So my question is: as awesome as it is, what's the point? It's an incredible investment but is it really going to be a selling point? It's irrational and I love it!

  • Tbh I'm not going to bother with this game till a western release for the PS4 version is confirmed.

  • It seems this thread should be revitalized, as there's less than three weeks left to the game's (western) release. The title could be cut a bit, too.

  • I've seen more gameplay and vids of this game and I'm finding it really hard to find a reason to care for it other than it is just DQ and it is a legendary series. I know the game will likely be solid and enjoyable but I also can't help but think it won't offer anything to me.

  • I've been playing DQ4 as my "study" game, and all the sudden I'm getting hyped for this game. Really wish 3DS were region free so I could import, but oh well.

  • Already beat this in Japanese months ago, prepare for a treat guys, i actually prefer it to VIII.

    My top 5 DQ as of now are these (not played 7 yet):

    1. DQV

  • @bam541
    said so after playing the Japanese version for a few weeks, this is gonna be one to remember

  • Whoa, the things people are saying... going to be a good holiday game.

  • This question has probably been asked a 1,000 times. Can I jump into this game without playing the prior games? I keep seeing gameplay that looks great and the reviews are coming in with higher than average scores.

  • @cptcobblepot Yep, you're good to go even if you have no prior experience with the series.

  • I finished the Switch version just before the new year, and I have very mixed feelings about it.

    My only exposure to Dragon Quest before that was through the manga The Adventure of Dai which I love to death, so learning that a new anime adaptation and a GAME are in development was unbelievable news!

    But back to DQ XI. On one hand, there's so much to love:

    • Gorgeous art style, and a flawless Switch port. Enemy design in particular is a delight, most of which I recognize from the manga, which makes me think every DQ game has the same enemies?
    • Overall an extremely polished game, very clean UI, quality-of-life features.
    • A very generous wealth of content, particularly the Switch version with the 2D mode and extra scenarios.
    • The Fun-Size Forge is the one original feature in the game and it was entertaining from beginning to end.
    • A cool cast, the party members are all useful in their own way, have fun personalities and solid voice acting.

    But, there's also so much that made the experience bland for me:

    • Most generic combat system ever. Nothing fundamentally wrong with it, but I didn't have a single exciting fight in 60 hours. I'm not asking for Xenoblade but at least try to put a twist, any twist, on the formula. Octopath Traveler or Bravely Default are perfect examples of how to take a classic turn-based system and give it a lot more depth with just one or two fresh mechanics.
    • The story is also very generic, and has very few memorable moments. There's no edge, there's no dread, there's no depth. Even when supposedly tragic events happen, you don't feel the gut punch, either because they're invalidated down the line or the characters don't react realistically enough. Again, nothing wrong with a lighthearted story, but there's no way this game leaves me with any everlasting memory.
    • Awkward dialog and cutscene pacing. The delivery of almost every line is so slow, and the subtitles display so much at once, that I always ended up reading the entire thing and then having to wait 5 to 10 seconds for the voiceover to be done. Which means I ended up skipping audio more and more as I progressed through the game.
    • Worse, when characters are interrupted mid-sentence by someone else talking or an event happening, the editing is so clunky that they'll stop talking, have 2-3 seconds of silence, and then be actually interrupted by whatever comes next. It sounds like a minor gripe but it made pretty much every funny or dramatic moment fall flat.

    Overall, it's a charming, perfectly executed game, but also absolutely forgettable. I could only recommend it as either someone's very first JRPG, or a hardcore fan who has to play them all. If I had to rank it in my own pantheon of favorite JRPGs, I doubt it would crack the top 20.