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  • Greetings Allies! I figured with the month winding down, we can finally have the talk. No, not about what happens when two people love each other very much, the far more engaging and heated discussion of our favorite games of the year. I really enjoyed watching the Allies' deliberations (found here) but my favorite moment actually happened at the end, where most of them listed their top 5 picks, displaying their passion for each one. I feel this format would be the best to imitate here. Remember, we're not choosing the best games, we're choosing our favorite games so there's no way of being wrong. If you want to put the Ni-Oh beta or the Blood and Wine DLC here, go for it. So post those lists and more importantly, explain why!

    5. Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon
    I never thought I'd consider a Pokemon game to be one of my favorites of the year. I loved the franchise quite a bit when I was younger but as time went on and the formula remained stagnant, I started to care less and less. Playing through Pokemon X just felt like work, I had little enjoyment out of it. I hadn't even planned on picking this game up but seeing Brandon and Kyle gear up for their adventure made me decide to take the plunge and I'm thankful I did. Certain aspects of the game that have been there from the very first generation were removed with the player in mind. The entire game just feels absolutely refreshing - aside from the egregious tutorial hell at the very beginning. Even Pokemon I've seen for years now have Alola variants that affect their appearance and type. I'm using a Muk in my party for the first time ever and loving every bit.

    4. Dragon Quest Builders
    Jolly. It's a game I had no interest in until I had watched Ben play through some of it in Japanese. I didn't understand any of the dialogue naturally but I instantly fell in love with the aesthetic here. Crafting and building is relatively easy and does enough different from Minecraft to stand on its own. There's certainly some hindrances (like combat basically being nothing more than tapping the same button) but for a hopefully first entry into the franchise, I couldn't get enough. If you just want to relax and build some stuff for folks, this was the best way to do it this year.

    3. Final Fantasy XV
    IT'S FINALLY OUT! Whether or not it's worth the wait is an entirely different subject but it's a new Final Fantasy that has different ideas and a unique cast fleshing it out. I nearly stopped playing it after my first day with it as I was subjected to crashing, bugs, and the world just felt dead to me. After the world opened up more and I got into a rhythm with quests, it started feeling like I was on a road trip and everything just started clicking. Probably the most flawed game on this list but I'm having a great time with it now.

    2. Let It Die
    That's right, I'm having more fun with a free-to-play game than I am a most other AAA titles. The surprise of this game is probably helping elevate it for me but there's such a solid, strange foundation here that I'm completely enamored. I figured I'd try it out for an hour, discover intrusive microtransactions and bland combat, and quickly drop it. Instead, I'm finding myself playing for long stretches of time and always craving more. It's a game that hits nearly all of my gaming pleasure points and has no right being as well crafted as it is.

    1. Overwatch
    My favorite game of the year is a multi-player shooter. I never thought I'd say that in my entire life, tons of surprises in this year apparently. The praise of Overwatch has been overstated at this point but I've put away close to 120 hours of this one and I don't plan on letting up anytime soon. Each match still feels varied and I'm still having stellar wins and stunning defeats. If I ever get bored with it, I just switch characters and everything feels fresh and exciting again. I've learned to embrace the iris and I'm never turning back.

  • 1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Absolutely loved it I must say, it's an absolute masterpiece, the combat is better and more inventive, the graphics and attention to detail staggering, the story is the best of any Uncharted game and the character development of all of the cast is greater in this one game than U1-3 combined.

    This is the only game in the series that has lived up to the hype, and only one I love.

    2. Dark Souls 3
    The best game in the entire Souls-Borne series for me. I didn't get into the series until Dark Souls 2 (which I loved), Bloodborne surprisingly left me cold though, it just didn't resonate with me like it did others for some reason.

    Dark Souls 3 was a return to form, it had the varied environs from DS2 but coupled with the interconnected level-design of Bloodborne and the original Dark Souls, it can be considered a 'greatest hits' to some, but I think it is the most polished and well-thought out of all the games in the series and truly an incredible game.

    3. Overwatch
    Incredible characters you actually care about and are a ton of fun to play, all unique in their own ways and so damn fun. It's just so deep, so well balanced, so fun to play and Blizzard keep adding more and more content and speaking more with the community to make it better, truly one of the best multiplayer shooters of all time.

    4. Titanfall 2
    It's an absolutely phenomenal, flawless campaign and one of the very best I've ever played, it's honestly flawlessly executed.

    Each level brings something genuinely new and different to the table, it never rests on its laurels and apes games like Half-Life 2 and Portal at the beginning and then the bombast and sheer spectacle of Call of Duty at the end.

    It looks absolutely phenomenal and runs like a dream as well, sumptuously exotic environs in every level, futuristic factory's that somehow manage to remain interesting and inviting where so many similar locales in other games end up dull. It's truly amazing how grounded Respawn have made it feel as well, the gunplay is absolutely sublime and up there with Destiny for sheer satisfaction when killing enemies, I also liked that it was so easy to headshot them, they weren't bullet sponges and were all the better for it, the AI wasn't incredible on the Regular difficulty but then it never needed to be.

    The biggest triumph though is that for such a Sci-Fi world the writers managed to think of a story that is incredible personable and low-key. At the start you're essentially a guy stuck on a hostile planet with 1 companion to keep him motivated to keep on moving through an alien world, with the aim to signal to the other Militia members that you're there and transmit them key information. It takes some real balls to keep the story that human, and reel-in the more futuristic sci-fi elements for something that still feels real and present. It's almost the exact opposite of CoD:IW's campaign, with it constantly reminding you how futuristic and Sci-Fi it can be, Respawn showed real restraint not going down that route and telling the story of one guy and his robot.

    The story isn't perfect though with Jack Cooper being possibly the most generic character ever, but he's a Blank slate, never really gets in the way, and let's BT take centre stage as the real star, adding some much needed personality to the proceedings.

    Some will bemoan the short length of it, but it's a perfect length for me and never outstays its welcome, always feels fresh and you're always on the move, no time to ponder and always puts you at the centre of the action. I really would rate it up there with Half-Life 2 and Portal, it's a truly remarkable Campaign that'll hopefully be remembered as a Classic for years to come.

    Cannot recommend it enough.

    5. Forza Horizon 3
    The range of environs have definitely improved, you're right, so varied now, wine regions, sand dunes, cityscapes, rainforests, it's all there! They've cherry picked the best Oz has to offer and chucked it in the game.

    I think its the best racing game since DiRT 3, it's probably better than that, one of the best racing games of all time for sure.

  • @DisturbedSwan I really need to pick up Titanfall already, I've heard way too many good things about it.

  • 1.Dark Souls 3: While not as good as the first game or bloodborne this is a quality way to end the series the gameplay is as good as its ever been. i sepnt abut 100 hours with this game and even grinded out the covenant items to get the platinum.

    2.Uncharted 4 a Thief's End: a beauty of a game with a wonderful cast of characters a good send off from naughty dog (notice a pattern?) the set pieces the action the story this game has it all and then some. i didnt spend much time with the multiplayer and may return to it when i have nothing else to play.

    1. Digimon Story:Cyber Sleuth: i bought this game on a whim of nostalgia while the pokemon games where always better then the digimon games the show was another story seasons 1 and 3 being my favorite. i played this game and loved its quirky over the top characters and world with its deep systems and the fact that every digimon is represented. a blast from my past that i enjoyed from beginning to end.

    2. I am Setsuna: a game i was following quite closely before it came out i heard it was a call back to jrpgs of the 90s and everyone knows i love those. while the story teased on going places it didnt quite get there and was pretty much a demake of final fantasy 10 theme and story wise. but that beautiful music and the setting was great was a great 25 hours

    5.Final Fantasy 15 : This game was pretty much what i expected it to be a good not great game to reinvigorate me in the series. i figured it would take game mechanics made popular in the witcher 3 and it did and much like Setsuna its story promised to go places it didnt and characters i wanted to learn more about (Ravus) didnt get the explanation or the Closure i wanted this game would have benefited from another 3-6 months of development but the end product was memorable enough to make the wait worth it (i was just 13 years old when i watched that first trailer of noct walking down the steps of insomnia the first time)

    1. Overwatch This is my number one game because as well as it being a fun, polished game, it hits the top spot because I never play MP games. EVER. But for some reason this one took, and I still play it multiple times a week. I love the characters and I love the gameplay. I wish it had a story mode, sure, but it's still great.
    2. Uncharted 4 I've played all the games in the series, and finished them all except for three. This was a fitting end to the story of Drake and it looked amazing. The ending was a wee bit meh, but spending more time with Elena and Nathan made up for it. Not to mention the Normal Life chapter was top notch.
    3. Final Fantasy XV It came out! Okay so I wasn't waiting for ten years like some, but I was still keeping an eye out for this since I do love JRPGS and needed something to tide me over until P5. And this game was good. It of course has flaws, but they don't take away from the fun I'm having with this. Also looks great and sounds great (minus that terrible Dino dub voice)
    4. Overcooked As someone who likes to play video games with her boyfriend, I am a suckered for good coop games. This one is amazing, and we have so much fun with it. It's just too much fun to leave off a list, and even though I didn't play too many games this year, it would still be here.
    5. Stardew Valley I don't like playing on the computer. This is due mostly to not having a good computer, just a laptop, and preferring the couch/controller set up. So I give props to the only game that got me to play for dozens of hours on my laptop. It's a simple game, but really amazingly done.

    HONORABLE MENTION - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE A fun game, and the only other game I played for any length of time this year.

    This was a year of few games for me. I still need to pickup Last Guardian and Dragon Quest Builders, and I need to play the Trails of Cold Steel games, though only the second released this year. Otherwise I appreciate games like Dark Souls 3, Inside, The Witness and Hitman but they aren't really for me.

  • @Inustar Getting the play of the game while murdering you in Overwatch by complete chance has also elevated the game for me! :D

    Edit: Also, Stardew Valley is on PS4 finally. I plan on picking it up once this crazy holiday season is over.

  • Ah there's still too many big games I haven't played yet. I'll have to give my list in January.. if people are still discussing it that is

  • First: @SabotageTheTruth Thanks for taking the initiative to put this together

    Second: Alas, I haven't played five 2016 releases, only four (In chronological order: Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, DOOM, Inside).

    Third: My next immediate projects are games that were not even released (initially) this year: Wolfenstein: The New Order & Old Blood (Hope to have this done by Christmas. Starting tomorrow), and Rise of the Tomb Raider (Hope to complete by the New Year).

    Fourth: I DO however have three 2016 games on the docket that I hope to complete and will play them in the following order from least hyped to most: Titanfall 2 (Hope to complete by mid January), Dishonored 2 (Hope to complete by mid February), Final Fantasy XV (Hope to complete by the end of April).

    So yeah, I might not post my top five games before this thread falls by the wayside. Oh well.

    With all of that being said I'll touch on, in only brief detail, what I've played.

    Uncharted takes my top spot, and I really doubt the three above could dethrone it. I'm not going to go too in-depth, so I'll say Chapter 4 and every Elena conversation: Just the best.

    DOOM was freaking AWESOME. While multiplayer was bleh, the campaign is so, so, so, so, SOOOOO good. And I'm still on high from the Mick Gordon performance at the Game Awards and the NoClip DOOM docs from Danny O'Dwyer. All of that was too great.

    Ratchet & Clank is 2nd only to Uncharted in terms of look (DOOM is 3rd), and it was such a blast from the past (in so many ways). While it had only a couple of issues, it felt so good to go through and relieve the game like a childhood memory. 4 stars ;-)

    Inside. It was fine. Until the change. When that happened, it pretty much retroactively made the entire previous experience sour. Oh, and secret ending is the better of the two.

    I'm predicting FF XV would place in my top five as would Dishonored 2, thus bumping Inside, but who knows: I've got a lot of gaming ahead of me.

    Finally: I've really enjoyed reading everyone's picks! This is fun!

    Love & Respect

  • @SabotageTheTruth Evil. Truly evil.

  • Got pretty lengthy about my personal pick on a blog here http://forums.easyallies.com/topic/2032/year-in-review-personal-picks-2016, but in short:

    5: No man's sky: "...Gathering resources, upgrading ship and equipment, visiting numerous amazing star systems and travelling toward the center of the universe were very pleasing, but that can only last for so long."

    4: Valley: "...instead of the usual "jack of all trades, master of none" style that usually ends up only in an average game, this one balances out all its features to a degree like no other. ...In the end, the gameplay and story are the ultimate tag-team..."

    3: Battlefield 1: "Battlefield 1 has little to no errors, excelling in almost every area you can judge such a game by."

    2: Oxenfree: "Oxenfree is a game where you have the ability to not only observe, but to shape the story... in more ways than one. Therefore making every moment hanging out with the characters a very enjoyable experience."

    1: Dark souls 3: "...every new piece of area you discover, every little crumb of the story you unveil and a new enemy you slay feel so, so rewarding... if you don't give up, Dark souls 3 will give you one of the best gaming experiences ever.

    Honorable mention: Final fantasy XV

  • 1. Nights of Azure A very classic JRPG love story with a main character I absolutely loved and an AMAZING soundtrack

    2. Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers Another solid entry in the OG series of Super Robot Wars with some fantastic new mechs and characters and a really REALLY detestably evil villain, one of the most hateable I've seen since Shining Force 3

    3. Yakuza 5 Yeah this was december 2015 but that was too late for most of last years GOTY discussions and it's a real shame because it was fantastic, it was a complete joy to explore so many japanese cities and I spent hours just looking around soaking in the atmosphere and about 150 overall to get 100 percent completion. Had a great sense of fun and that old SEGA spirit that's so lacking in games these days

    4. Final Fantasy XV An odd game, it delievered so little of what I hoped for but I still kinda like what we got? The friendship between the 4 main guys is fantastic and a few of the supporting cast are excellent as well. Some of the major plot points fall flat, but they're made up for by tiny touches.

    5. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth I've always loved the idea of stories about how the digital world could effect the real world, I waited decades for .hack to do that but it never went that far with it sadly

    Honorable Mentions: Gravity Rush Remastered and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, not putting them in my top 5 because they're remasters but boy are they fantastic games

  • Still too early for me as there are still 2 weeks left, I think I will beat FFXV in the next 2-3 days and then finally get into Trails of Cold Steel 2, the time till 2017 should be enough to determine if it becomes my GotY or not as I will have a free week between christmas and new year, which I will spent mostly on that.

  • @Nillend I've been craving Oxenfree for awhile, thanks for the reminder!

  • Global Moderator

    I havent really played much of this years game yet.

    But I can say is:

    1. Titanfall 2 - I have played about 3 days of MP games with my friends and is the first fps game im actually getting decent at! it feels well balanced, fun maps and a lot of different game modes which really kept me hooked! Also the campaign were really solid! Well paced and a lot of fresh level design and fun elements, even though the main char are prolly the most generic "hero" in the galaxy.

    2. Final Fantasy XV - I was worried but also hyped going into this! I feel like SquareEnix really has redeemed themselfs in my eyes in many ways with this game. I love the characters and even though the world are kinda empty and I still dont like the night mechanic I feel mysekf drawn to it and have spent hours just exploring and seeing whats around the corner.

    3. The Division - I know what you are thinking! "Over hyoed game which got scaled down and ruined by hackers!". I disagree. I got this on release day and played it with my friends for a few months! we got max level, geared out and had a total blast in the dark zone. This game also had SO much atmosphere. The heavy blizzards when walking on the street with my 3 friends really got me into the moments. Not seeing far, having the character pull the shoulders up and you can feel yourself how darn cold it was. The story were a little bland, but it kinda had to be in bits as it was none linear. I still enjoyed it and seeing the HQ developing and improving really gave me satisfaction on many levels. Also really good weapon system and solid cover based shooting once you get into it. I might even go back and buy the DLCs

  • I missed out/ skipped most of the big releases this year, but here's what I have:

    5. Overwatch - As someone who loved and played so much Team Fortress 2 back in the day, Overwatch was supposed to be the new TF2 for me. The game's fun, I like the characters (Tracer and Pharah were love at first sight for me, Junkrat is basically Demoman my fave class ), and I love the art-style. I told myself I would play until I had all the skins I wanted, but I played for only 2 weeks or so and fell off. It's definitely the highest quality game I've played this year but that doesn't make it my favorite.

    4. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Man, oh man does it feel good when anime games have MONEY. These games have always been visual spectacle. Ninja Storm 2 was the first time I ever experience this series of game and I was super impressed by how perfectly the characters and art-style translate to 3D. I didn't even mention the character animations and how amazing the jutsus look. I was disappointed with Storm 4 at first, because aside from the prologue, the first like half of Story Mode is a slide show featuring stills from the anime. But as you go through the story, you can clearly see where the money went. The quick time events look stellar and I like how the button prompts make sense gameplay wise. I'm not even a Naruto fan, but these games have done a great job of making me care. By the end of Storm 4, I got a little emotional; I felt as if I had been along for this ride all these years. Looking forward to Road To Boruto in February.

    3. Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR - A fighting game better than SFV comes out, but no one cares (and I like SFV ). I played the first Xrd to death and was greatly anticipating the next installment. I wish fighting games were more popular, because people are neglecting a legitimately good game. The fights are fast and flashy, the characters are unique and varied in playstyle and personality, the character models look fantastic and are another example of 3D anime done right. The game is bright and colorful and has a rockin' soundtrack. CONS THO: Story Mode has no gameplay and Baiken isn't a playable character. The game also doesn't have an English dub this time. I'm fine with that, but it could potentially turn some people away. Please support Arc System Works I want Persona 5 Arena.

    2. LET IT DIE - The biggest and bestest surprise of the year for me. When I first saw footage of this game, I was not feeling it at all. It was dark and gross looking; it didn't have that visual flare of something like Killer Is Dead. I downloaded it thinking it wasn't gonna be much and that one session was all I was gonna play. NOPE. The game has its hooks deep in me. I think I have about 20 hours or so invested and I'm only on floor 9. There's so much depth to this game and I really enjoy the little things. I've come to really like the characters. Naomi is such a stereotypical teenaged girl, but that's why I like her. Meijin looks like a jackass, but he gives me sick pro-tips, so I appreciate him. Uncle Death is mah dude and I want a t-shirt of him. I like the in-game- IN-GAME characters, too. Even the shopkeeper; I quote his lines. The combat turned me off at first, but I'm into it now and I love the Goretastic kills. THE SOUNDTRACK THO. I haven't even heard all the songs yet, but it's already greeeeeaaaat. I have a few favorites. Let It Die is already one of my favorite PS4 games. Please give it chance.

    1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Strange #1 pick, I know, but who cares? Of this list, XV2 is the only game I actually paid full price for, because I really wanted it. I actually was not paying attention to this game prior to September of this year. I bought Xenoverse 1 in 2015 for $30. I played up to the Cell Saga and soon dropped it. I picked it up again in August 2016 ( this year ), started a new character, and really got into it. When I finished it, I was hungry for more. I contemplated getting all the DLC, but I figured the DLC characters would be in Xenoverse 2, and they are. I don't play DBZ games for the story, I know the story and I know that Xenoverse puts a soft spin on the story, but that's not what I'm here for. I play for the fighting. I play Xenoverse 2 because I want to create my own character, wear the clothes I want, and use the moves I want. I'm very happy I get to see my Saiyan girl using my favorite Dragon Ball moves. Big Bang Attack, Galick Gun, Bomber DX, Burning Attack, Spirit Sword, Tri-Beam, Final Explosion, and Big Bang Kamehameha; it's all there and it looks great. The game also has nice little hidden features such as: Super Saiyans who are charging their super attacks to full power get to warp behind targeted enemies just before firing. The game never tells you that. I could go on, but I've ranted long enough.

  • @Faaip Same here, I'll wait til January for that, I'm not up to date.

  • 5. Gravity Rush Remastered

    Honestly the main reason this is so low is just because it's only a remaster of a game I already played four years ago and I feel like including it at all is cheating. That said, even with its faults (the repetitive combat, the almost literally half-finished story) I still adore it because of the fun characters and world they inhabit. That, and the only thing i love in games more than sailing is going through the skies. If there's one thing this game gets right it's falling with style.

    4. Furi

    The frantic fights are always a blast and the story was pretty interesting. I just wish the pacing wasn't so bad since frankly it made the game a bit of a chore by having to spend eons listening to the story get told to me while I waited to get to the next fight and the game was in auto-walk mode. If those walking segments weren't so long this would most likely be higher.

    3. Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

    This one took a bit of soul searching. I knew I liked the game, but when I bought it, when I played it, when I think back on it, I figured it was just a silly little pile of weeb trash I enjoyed. And I guess that's true, but I enjoyed it far more than I ever expected to. It's not a deep or amazing musou game but it's a very enjoyable one with a lot of diverse characters to choose from. I'm also a bit of a fan of messing with character customization and this game has a lot of options so it definitely scratched an itch there too. Sometimes games surprise you, and even though I don't think it'd ever show up on anyone else's list it has a place on mine.

    2. Overwatch

    I really loved Team Fortress 2 back when I played between 2009-2011 (kept playing until 2013 but by then my love was gone and it was just a zombie-like rut.) Initially I had no interest in OW, but I decided to give the open beta a shot and it won me over instantly. I wouldn't say it's the old TF2 I know and love or anything, but it definitely has that same spark of jollyness and good times that keeps me playing. That and Lucio is straight outta Jet Set Radio and that aesthetic is my jam.

    1. VA-11 HALL-A

    This game has one hell of a soundtrack, a lot of interesting characters, more customization (though this time its your apartment), a cool shmup minigame that I'm absolutely terrible at, and some gorgeous sprite work, but that's not the main reason I love it. This game appeals to me because it feels real, and not in that "gritty, dull reality" way. You have regular patrons that become your friends, you browse message boards and blogs discussing recent events, you have co-workers that you go on smoke breaks with, you throw a small party for the holidays with anybody that'll show up. Even though the world around them isn't pretty, everyone in VA-11 HALL-A keeps living their lives and tries to get by. In most games you're the hero of a story, whether that means saving the world or just rescuing your daughter. In VA-11 HALL-A you live in a shitty town in a cyberpunk world where there's an uprising against the corrupt system going on, and you're just a bartender trying to pay rent and maybe mend some old relationships. In any other story, you'd just be the bartender the hero gets some information out of and then never sees again. In VA-11 HALL-A, you aren't just a random bartender; you live, and you keep on living.

    1. Dragon Quest VII: A huge sprawling game with lots of attention put into every corner of it. I keep finding myself talking to every NPC and reading every bookshelf just because the writing is as enjoyable as it is dense. They fixed a lot of problems with the original, but some pacing issues still linger (it took 30 hours before I unlocked the game's job system). But it's hard to deny the game's charm and character.

    2. Dark Souls III: There's not much I can say beyond this being Dark Souls refined. Overall it's the most solid in the series, but it's starting to feel a bit well worn. I'm excited to see where From goes in a post-Souls world.

    3. I Am Setsuna: A fun cast of characters with great combat and a beautiful soundtrack. I Am Setsuna bodes well for what Tokyo RPG Factory could produce with a bigger budget. If you appreciate oldschool RPGs, especially Chrono Trigger, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a shot.

    4. Pokemon Sun/Moon: While the core is still intact, Sun and Moon refines Pokemon in a way that has been sorely needed for a long time. Small quality of life updates, doing away with the terrible HM system and a more cinematic approach to story telling makes it feel fresh.

    5. Zero Time Dilemma: Capping off the excellent Zero Escape series, ZTD is another fantastic entry, albeit with some shortcomings. It's hard to ignore some abandoned plot threads, but the twisting story is captivating from start to finish.

    Honourable Mentions: While it was a December 2015 game, few games grabbed me this year like Xenoblade Chronicles X. The story and characters can't compare with the first game, but it's huge, sprawling world begs to be explored.

    If I wasn't limited to games that came out in calendar year 2016, SMT4 would have been my #1 pick. For whatever reason, I wasn't digging it when I played it in 2014, but it totally absorbed me this year. Enough that I got 3 or its 4 endings. An outstanding game, I can't wait to play is follow-up once I set aside the time.

  • I'll start off by saying that I only played 5 real 2016 games this year, 6 if you include my #5. I played a bunch of great games that were released in 2015 or even earlier while working through my backlog.

    5: Pokemon Go - I normally don't play mobile games and definitely wouldn't ordinarily include one in my GOTY picks for the year but this game was something special to me. This game has its flaws and I hard stopped playing it before the end of the third week but oh boy did I love that game for those first two. The idea of going out into the real world and catching these little monsters that I can remember catching for the first time in original Red as a child was like no other. Countless times I would open up the game to find a new Pokemon was nearby and would immediately leave my house in the heat of summer to find and catch it. Numerous times a group of friends, ranging from a couple to a dozen of us, would go out to a park together and just play Pokemon Go. I will always remember how crazy the local small downtown area was that one night, bar goers vastly outnumbered by people catching Pokemon. I hard stopped and never desire to go back but those couple weeks were magical, warranting a mention in my top 5.

    4: Battlefield 1 - I love this game. Definitely my favorite shooter in the past couple years. I played a lot of COD back in the Modern Warfare / Black Ops eras but got burnt out of the gameplay of it all. Battlefield 1 is so different from COD with multiple ways to play, huge maps, and crazy encounters. I even thoroughly enjoyed the war stories. They didn't overstay their welcome and I really enjoyed the emotion in it. Battlefield 1 may not be the best multiplayer shooter out in the market but its the freshest shooter for me and I love it.

    3: Final Fantasy XV - This game would probably make it higher on my list, most likely #1, but I am not done yet so I decided to keep it lower. I am loving this game. I love the combat, story, characters, pace, and the world. Right now I personally have no real complaints because I can be pretty forgiving, but I can definitely see where the criticism is coming from. I think it also helps that I did not wait 10 years for this game, I only waited 2 or 3.

    2: I Am Setsuna - This was a great little JRPG for me. I really enjoyed the art style, atmosphere, and music. Oh that music! I still listen to the soundtrack when working or doing stuff around the house when I'm trying to chill out, so beautiful. It was nice going back and playing an old school JRPG similar to what I would play back in the day (I'm really excited to try out Trails in the Sky whenever I can make time). The game wasn't perfect but I enjoyed where it was coming from and really hope Tokyo RPG Factory makes something else.

    1: Ratchet & Clank - Ratchet & Clank was one of my favorite franchises growing up. I love all of the original 4 on the PS2 and replay them every couple of years. I never had a PS3 and played any of in the Future series so this was my first new game in a while. It felt great! Going back to a lot of those worlds and reliving those missions brought a smile to my face. It was great playing an interpretation of the original game but in an updated engine with less jank. This was also one of the only games in the past couple years I actually replayed several times before putting it on the shelf. Just a jolly game all around and I am really excited to see what is next!

    Honorable Mention: Overwatch - I was so excited for this game. I played it for about a month a ton, and actually bought it twice so I could play with PC friends and PS4 friends. It is one of the most uniquely fun multiplayer games I've played with so many different characters with varying playstyles. My friends eventually stopped playing so I fell off as well since I have no desire to play solo. It also gets a bit repetitive for me. With that said I still eat up all lore and follow the game heavily.

  • I keep a list of games I beat by year, and looking at that list, the only 2016 releases I've gotten through are the RE7 Demo and the Nioh Alpha Demo...

    For those curious, this is my list of completed games for 2016: Xenoblade Chronicles X, Yakuza 5, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Super Mario World, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Nioh Alpha Demo, The Evil Within, Shenmue 2, Ni no Kuni, RE7 Beginning Hour, Journey, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

    I'm playing Cold Steel 2 right now, but doubt I'll finish it before 2017 rolls around.