Halo 5: Forge (PC) Custom Games

  • Extending an invitation to everyone that's interested in playing Custom Games on Halo 5: Forge every Friday/Saturday evening (PST timezone). Everyone in the lobby is in a Discord with me, so there's much more interaction. My routine is to alternate standard modes and minigames (to prevent burnout).

    An example rotation would be something like Team Slayer, Garbage Chute, CTF, Jenga, Oddball, Infection, Assault, Duckhunt, and so on. I take requests, so there's always something new to try. I'm usually open for anything, and everyone seems to have a good time haha

    Join the Steam Group to get notified for the next session:

    I've got a bit of footage from several sessions over the last two months. They're a good representation of how these sessions go. Feel free to invite anyone you want to bring along!