The K-Pop Thread

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    This site was in dire need of K-Pop! :P

    What is K-Pop? K-Pop is Korean Pop music. Still don't know what it is? Remember four years ago when Gangnam Style was a thing. Yeah, that's K-Pop. That song, a long with a few others before and after is what really brought K-Pop into mainstream accessibility.

    Do you like K-Pop? If so, who's your favourite group and why? How'd you get into K-Pop?

    Do you have a K-Pop song, news story, or gif to share, share it here :D Let's be friends~

  • I don't really listen to K-pop ever, but I do enjoy the dancing
    Youtube Video

    Can we still be friends?

  • Holy shit, blast from the past :P It's like we know each other :P

  • I can say I enjoy K-Pop, but what I can't stop watching is King of Mask Singer!

    This one was pretty memorable

    King of Mask Singer: Tears

    Also Hidden Singer (amateur singers that REALLY sound like the star; these genre of shows have been pretty popular for the last few years)


    Hidden Singer

    Edit: Wrong KoMS video. Changed it to Tears.

    Edit 2: Removed embeds

  • King of the Masked Singer is fantastic! I go through binges every now and then of episodes. I love the concept of it, I should probably watch it more regularly. Haven't heard of the lattershow though, I'll check that one out ^_^

  • @Yeoubie Yeah, whenever the mood strikes me I'll go on a binge of King of Mask Singer every now and then too. Plus there's something more passionate and genuine when its live and when their faces are covered (no judging by appearance :sweat_smile: )

  • I'm still relatively new to K-Pop but as of right now I'm a big fan of F(x). Really love their style and from what I listened to in K-Pop their sound is quite unique.

    link text

    My favorite song from them.

  • All this k-pop talk is making me itchy. Time to scratch it with some old school...

    Immortal Songs: g.o.d

    Edit: Removed embed

  • @MoonScentedHunter I also adore f(x)! My current favourite of their's is also on that same album, Traveler. If you're ever looking for new stuff, hit me up and I'll find you more stuff ^_^

    @Mechanoid Immortal Song is so good! Old school is also always welcomed :D

  • Also to contribute to discussion. I really love the choreography to this song. Not only is it stunning in the front view, but it's memorizing from above

  • Let's sit back, grab a cup of Jones, and enjoy...

    King Of Mask Singer

    Edit: Removed embed

  • @Mechanoid Oh man, that was beautiful! Please keep posting KoMS videos, such a nice listen while I scan through the forum :D

    Update in the K-Pop world! One of my favourite groups, Beast, is making a comeback on July 4, 2016, with a preview song dropping this weekend as a teaser :D Beast recently lost a member, so this is a make or break for them!

    So far these are the teasers:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    My ultimate bias (read: favourite artist in K-Pop overall) is continuing to take an active part in the production of the group's tracks, and is even getting a solo song in this album. My hype is almost tangible at this point :P

  • This is the thread I've been waiting for. I've got a real problem with stanning too many groups but my top 3 are Wonder Girls, Ladies Code, and AfterSchool. AS being my ultimate bias. I'm a Pledis Stan, so I love Seventeen, Nu'Est, and Pledis Girlz (so excited for their concert on vlive this Saturday) as well. I absolutely cannot wait for WG comeback in July.

  • @michemagius yay another full-fledged K-Pop fan! I love all the groups you mentioned :D

    My top four (which is referenced in my sig) are SHINee, BIGBANG, BTS, and Beast, in that order. I definitely prefer guy groups over girl groups overall, but I love girl groups as well. My ultimate bias is Yong Junhyung of Beast.

    Have you been to any K-Pop concerts before? Also, what originally got you into K-Pop?

  • I'm not as deep into it as a lot of the people on this thread, for me it's mostly just another genre of music. My high school was in a majority Korean neighborhood, and instead of school bells we had music that would play during passing period. Sometimes that music would be K-Pop, and a lot of the local restaurants and cafes where we would hang out after school would also play K-Pop. It was pretty much all around me, so I started listening to it and was pleasantly surprised. I tend to like 2NE1, BIGBANG, SHINee, Mamamoo, Jay Park, Beenzino, BoA, and various solo work from those artists. A lot of it is hit-or-miss, and I'm often not really comfortable with the way that some artists use particular American subcultures out of context as a visual aesthetic, but I can enjoy those artists more often than not, and sometimes I'll even pick up bits and pieces of choreo or lyrics.

  • @alexwhiteplays I agree with your taking issue of how some artists often appropriate other cultures. I like that the issue is being brought up more recently, I hate that it's still a thing. Also, I adore Mamamoo, they're definitely my favourite up-and-coming female group

  • @Yeoubie I haven't gone to any concerts yet, but I really want to! It's kind of a long story how I got into kpop, but the short version is that I saw Exo at Disneyland once. My friend who is an Exo-L flipped out and wanted to follow them around, so I had to drag her away. After that I looked into Kpop, discovered Orange Caramel, then AfterSchool and the rest is history.

  • @michemagius Wah! That's so cool you saw them. I remember seeing videos of EXO-L's seeing them walking around Disney Land, I'm envious :P

  • @Yeoubie Haha yeah. I wish I could have been into Kpop at the time so that I would have known how cool it was, I thought they were just a bunch of tourists at first.

  • Here's the latest episode of KMS. You can actually watch several of the latest episodes for free. Lots of shows and pretty reliable as a source. If anyone else has a go to place to watch Korean stuff, let us know!

    And now for a little pick me up:

    Say what you want about PSY, the man can put on a show.