The K-Pop Thread

  • @Mechanoid Oh man, that was beautiful! Please keep posting KoMS videos, such a nice listen while I scan through the forum :D

    Update in the K-Pop world! One of my favourite groups, Beast, is making a comeback on July 4, 2016, with a preview song dropping this weekend as a teaser :D Beast recently lost a member, so this is a make or break for them!

    So far these are the teasers:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    My ultimate bias (read: favourite artist in K-Pop overall) is continuing to take an active part in the production of the group's tracks, and is even getting a solo song in this album. My hype is almost tangible at this point :P

  • This is the thread I've been waiting for. I've got a real problem with stanning too many groups but my top 3 are Wonder Girls, Ladies Code, and AfterSchool. AS being my ultimate bias. I'm a Pledis Stan, so I love Seventeen, Nu'Est, and Pledis Girlz (so excited for their concert on vlive this Saturday) as well. I absolutely cannot wait for WG comeback in July.

  • @michemagius yay another full-fledged K-Pop fan! I love all the groups you mentioned :D

    My top four (which is referenced in my sig) are SHINee, BIGBANG, BTS, and Beast, in that order. I definitely prefer guy groups over girl groups overall, but I love girl groups as well. My ultimate bias is Yong Junhyung of Beast.

    Have you been to any K-Pop concerts before? Also, what originally got you into K-Pop?

  • I'm not as deep into it as a lot of the people on this thread, for me it's mostly just another genre of music. My high school was in a majority Korean neighborhood, and instead of school bells we had music that would play during passing period. Sometimes that music would be K-Pop, and a lot of the local restaurants and cafes where we would hang out after school would also play K-Pop. It was pretty much all around me, so I started listening to it and was pleasantly surprised. I tend to like 2NE1, BIGBANG, SHINee, Mamamoo, Jay Park, Beenzino, BoA, and various solo work from those artists. A lot of it is hit-or-miss, and I'm often not really comfortable with the way that some artists use particular American subcultures out of context as a visual aesthetic, but I can enjoy those artists more often than not, and sometimes I'll even pick up bits and pieces of choreo or lyrics.

  • @alexwhiteplays I agree with your taking issue of how some artists often appropriate other cultures. I like that the issue is being brought up more recently, I hate that it's still a thing. Also, I adore Mamamoo, they're definitely my favourite up-and-coming female group

  • @Yeoubie I haven't gone to any concerts yet, but I really want to! It's kind of a long story how I got into kpop, but the short version is that I saw Exo at Disneyland once. My friend who is an Exo-L flipped out and wanted to follow them around, so I had to drag her away. After that I looked into Kpop, discovered Orange Caramel, then AfterSchool and the rest is history.

  • @michemagius Wah! That's so cool you saw them. I remember seeing videos of EXO-L's seeing them walking around Disney Land, I'm envious :P

  • @Yeoubie Haha yeah. I wish I could have been into Kpop at the time so that I would have known how cool it was, I thought they were just a bunch of tourists at first.

  • Here's the latest episode of KMS. You can actually watch several of the latest episodes for free. Lots of shows and pretty reliable as a source. If anyone else has a go to place to watch Korean stuff, let us know!

    And now for a little pick me up:

    Say what you want about PSY, the man can put on a show.

  • Not much to say, just wanted to share this amazing woman sing... (jump in at about 0:15)

    Ladies Code

  • I was more of a Jpop fan, but I was pretty fond of Rain and BoA since they were pretty big in Japan for awhile. I also watched a few Korean dramas, including Full House.

    I might need to spend a few hours on Youtube now.

  • Anyone else here totally in love with Sistar's comeback?

  • @michemagius As a Hyolyn fan I approve :heart:


    Got into K-pop about 4 years ago but I've clung onto Big Bang hard. I do listen to others but no other group has been able to steal my attention as much as my main boys have.

    I moved to Japan last August and so far have been to two Big Bang concerts and will be attending a third in July. I was also able to travel to Korea for the first time in May and oh man...such a great trip. I was able to visit Seungri's cafe and found a small YG merchandise spot where I spent soooooo much money ugh.

    Gonna miss them so much when they have to break for the military :crying_cat_face:

  • @butterxcup As an Infinity Challenge fan I love it when G-Dragon makes an appearance. Get to see a different side of him. Just grabbed this clip (reaction at the end is hilarious) but I think this episode is my favorite.

    Infinite Challenge

    Edit: Removed embed

  • I miss being in the K-pop world T_T. I used to be so into it along with watching a ton of the Korean game shows that pop stars would frequent.

    Bring back X-Men :cry: :cry:

  • @Hesperus Never too late to come back :wink: I used to be super into it too, now I'm a little more casual. May I suggest Running Man?

  • @Mechanoid it rings a bell but I'll look for it on youtube! I miss their crazy antics and genuine personalities on these game shows!

  • To any Beast fans out there,, I just watched this and laughed for almost an hour straight. Great guys!

    Weekly Idol

    PS: Hani :two_hearts:

  • This thread reminded me of DBSK T_T
    Granted I was more of a fan of their Japanese songs, but they were the best when they were all 5 of them together.