2016 Best Video Game Surprises

  • Sup Allies,

    We got some great threads already discussing the year in gaming that was 2016. However I wanted to maybe focus on the games that we didn't really know about that we ended up loving. My first game is...

    I really appreciate the Indie/Digital scene of video games at this time because so many of them focus on aspects of gaming that the big devs have kinda left behind and in this case I'm talking about Local Co-Op. Playing Over Cooked with three other people is insanely fun, often it really feels like working in a kitchen where everyone is assigned certain jobs (or at least that's how me and my friends ended up playing it). When stuff gets crazy and everyone is yelling at each its really just a good time.

    So what games surprised you this year, either games that exceeded your expectations or even games you didn't know existed earlier and now are maybe some of your highlights of 2016.

    Thanks for sharing

  • digimon story cyber sleuth i bought it for memories just thought id play it long enough to see agumon and gabumon but i spent 50 hours into it and beat it

  • I may be talking about this game everywhere but no one is going to stop me!


    Why is this game good?! It has no right to be. It should be like all the other free-to-play games on Playstation - trash. Well besides Warframe, that one is alright. It's weird, it's dark, it's brutal, and it's just damn addicting without really forcing you to put money into it, although I have and will continue to. I'm generally not a fan of the Dark Souls formula and this game gets compared to it often (with good reason) but here... it just works better for me. Once you start going up to further floors, you get enough mechanics unlocked that keep things fresh. Tired of climbing floors? Send some fighters out on expeditions and become overjoyed when they kill other players. Build up your defenses. Raid other bases. It's such an odd hodgepodge of ideas from other games, all stitched together in the warmest blanket ever - it just might have a little blood on it.

  • Valley.
    A game from Blue isle studios that came from absolutely nowhere and basically became my
    runner-up for GOTY. I don't know how it went uner everyone's radar, that game is amazing. It has amazing graphics and soundtrack, great story, and platforming is just sooooo fun. I emplore people here to try it out. It's just so magical.


  • Final Fantasy XV and the Last Guardian came out.