Anime Ending Songs!

  • We've got a thread for anime openings but not for endings, and we need to fix that.

    Here's some of my favorites:

  • I really dig these two personally, even though one is basically just a static image.

    I also think all of Polar Bear Cafe and Osomatsu-san's EDs are excellent but videos for them get taken down insanely fast. If you've seen them you know what I mean when I say they have amazing visuals and if you haven't I'd suggest looking a lot harder than I did since I can't find any on youtube.

  • You can say about DBGT what you want but I will always love Blue Velvet

  • The song playing over the actual ending of Cowboy Bebop (episode 26, Real Folk Blues Pt.2) is flawless in context.

  • The soundtrack to the final race of Initial D:

    Eurobeat Forever!

  • Hmm, there are a lot. Spontaneously I can think of these five.

  • @michemagius Good to see some other SZS love. Wish I could find a version with the lyrics on Youtube, but this is the one that really resonates with me.

    @DeweyDTruman Glad you deep cut pulled Danashi Koukousei no Nichijou. It's a really unique ending that works perfectly for the kind of show it is.

    Okay, so first pick is really weird out of context, so let me try to explain. There's this show called Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan about a bunch of princesses from different worlds living in the human world in a big treehouse. It's got a very intense opening that makes it seem like this action drama, but it's really just a dumb comedy show about them trying to find boyfriends. If you're aware who Liru is, this is the anime she's from. Since they're all from different worlds they're all unique such an alchemist, a werewolf, a robot, and a vampire. Every ending song is essentially the same song with different lyrics tailored to each girl's personality. You can even line all the endings up on top of each other and they play at the same speed and such. That's already weird, but it gets weirder. If you're attentive, you'll realize there's a secret fifth girl in this show who's in just about every scene with them together. What makes her unique is she's invisible, and at the very end they even gave her an ending of her own poking fun at the concept of doing something like this.

    I'm pretty sure the entire premise of this ending is somebody realized a bowling alley would make a cool anime ending location. At least they were right.

    At this point, I might as well just make this post about weird anime endings, so I guess I'll show off this classic Excel Saga one where Menchi the dog sings about the perils of his life, which is then translated from dog to Japanese so the audience can understand.

    Struggling to introduce this next one. It's from a show about the life of a hikikomori (basically a shut in) as it spirals out of control that I highly recommend checking out. The ending features weird monkey-like things and appliances with faces from the main character's hallucinations in the show due to his lack of social interaction and growing paranoia. The show itself isn't as weird as this ending, so I guess the ending qualifies for this post in being sort of an oddity. Enjoy.

    The aesthetic of this next one already makes it quite interesting, but what really makes it deserving of an entry is that the song used for it is a remixed version of an old beloved Japanese song from Yellow Magic Orchestra from the early 80s.

    Never actually seen this next show, no seriously, just this ending became popular for awhile for very obvious reasons.

    This post is already very long, but I want to end it with a very silly, jolly ending for a very silly, jolly show. Maybe I'll post some more conventional endings sometime. Maybe I'll forget. There's still many more worth talking about.

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah I'm not even a big fan of anime but hearing Blue for the first time had me just sitting in pure awe. The lyrics in context of some of the dialogue of Cowboy Bebop is almost unbearably emotional. How can something sound so uplifting yet be so depressing? It's perfect for me since my favorite tunes are those that I describe as bitter-sweet.

    Even though I outgrew it, I still love me some Escaflowne music, including the ending.

  • Bebop definitely is a bittersweet ending. Still a punch to the emotional gut whenever I revisit the series, Even though I know it's coming.

  • hmm I ussually don't pay a lot of attention to the endings, but one that I did like a lot recently was Hunter x Hunter third ending.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Slam Dunk 2nd Ending - Sekai ga owaru made wa.

    Going a bit old school here. There's not a young person in Japan who doesn't know this song.

  • Never forget!

    Also while thinking about good anime songs I membered the Lucky Star Karaoke endings, which are technical anime openings or insert songs... but good stuff and some classics

  • I generally prefer (and remember) endings that evoke feelings in me, that give off certain vibes. A good song isn't enough for me.

    Kaiji - Ending
    Probably one of my top 5 anime endings. Love everything about it. The visuals and style is great while the song not only perfectly fits in with the ending, but the series itself. It not only gives us a glimpse of Kaiji's life, but gives both Kaiji and the viewers a message.

    Outlaw Star - Ending 1
    The ending to one of my favorite anime. I like this one for pretty much the opposite reason of the one in Kaiji. The visuals and music don't really have anything to do with the series, but instead it gives me a sense of the beauty that lies in the discovery of the mystical while on an adventure.

    City Hunter - Ending 1
    Kickass. Stylish visuals accompanied by a song that sets the tone perfectly.

    Hajime no Ippo - Ending 1
    You know that feeling when you just got off work or school, you've worked hard, maybe the sun is setting and you just feel good at day's end? That's what I got from this ending.

    Hajime no ippo rising - ending 1 (can't find a clean version)
    Whenever I saw this I just felt like putting on my running shoes and hitting the road with this song playing. Gives off a sense of joy, friendship and how good you feel for putting in some hard work.

    Monster - Ending
    Pretty sure the vocal version was cut for the western release, which is a shame. This ending is simple, but fits perfectly in with the show.

    Get Backers - Ending 1
    Very nostalgic for me. Can't really describe it but it makes me happy and gives me a sense of longing.

    Hikaru no Go - Ending 1
    When the start of the ending starts to play during the end of an episode it always hit me with a "fuck yeah" feeling.

    Ushio to Tora Ending 1
    Can't only have a bunch of older stuff on here, can I? This is another one of those "fuck yeah" endings.

  • Wanted to wrap the year up by sharing one of my favorite ending songs of all time, one with a great message I think just about anyone can adopt into their lives. It's from an anime adapted from one of Kōji Kumeta's works. You might know this person as the guy who wrote Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei. Enjoy, and I hope everyone brings in the new year safe and happily.

  • One of my favourite endings is The End ofthe World from Uchuu no stellvia. Apparently it does not exist on youtube, except as covers.

    Otherwise all my faves have already been mentioned here like Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne.

    I do have a fondness for Sailor Moon though.

  • I'm choosing this as my favorite anime ending, due to the fact that is is the only one I can remember. Endings can be fantastic, they just don't stick with me. BUT THIS ONE. For some reason just is so charming and wonderful. It matches the show SO WELL. The show being Arakawa Under the Bridge. Cute and funny show~

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