Last movie you watched

  • Inspired by Faaip's Last game you finished topic, I was thinking the same can be done with film. So feel free to write your thoughts/review and discuss this fantastic medium. Starting big with some of the best of 2016.

    Train to Busan 9/10 - Live action Korean zombie movie directed by an animation director. Feel like a bunch of the best parts of previous zombie flicks thrown in an expertly paced thriller on a train. Truly one of the greats with it being in my top 5 zombie flicks.

    Pete's Dragon 9/10 - Very timely dragon film with it being set in a small town with a relatively small scope. Best live action dragon film thanks to it's rich emotions and the balls to go all out in the set-pieces.

    Don't Think Twice 9/10 - Perspective film about an improv group. It's funny but i would describe it as bittersweet given it truly shows the highs and lows of struggling comics. Must see if you have a passing interest in comedy as a career.

    Kubo And The Two Strings 10/10 - Simply put this is now stop motion animation's masterpiece. Great fantasy settings filed with unbelievable visuals especially since most of it is all real and there.

    Captain Fantastic 9/10 - First 12 minutes were transcendent for me. Great mirror to our society and the endemic failures of some of our systems. Very rage against the machine type flick even though at it's core it's about a father (Viggo Mortensen) just trying to do best by his kids even if that means living in the woods.

  • I keep my sig updated with whatever I last saw in theaters that's new, but the last film I saw was Straight Outta Compton. It's about a 6/10, better than the average biopic/star story by virtue of it being really well paced. The casting is also pretty impressive in its combination of performance and likeness.

    Despite that, I don't like the script. I think it's pretty cliched, and it's clear which people in the story had a hand in making the film.

  • Rogue One and Magnificent Seven (2016) were the last two movies I watched.

    Kubo is on my list. Laika Studios are amazing.
    Captain Fantastic was good, saw it at the Seattle International Film Festival in May. I believe it won the top prize this year.

    Probably gonna watch Rare Exports this week at some point. It's a Christmastime tradition!
    Youtube Video

  • In terms of old movies, it was either Die Hard (which I had seen before) or Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (which I hadn't). In terms of new movies, I don't see many. Might've been Shaun The Sheep Movie.

    Die Hard was good (of course), Conquest wasn't really (weird ideas, low budget, but solid final act), and Shaun was another fine outing from Aardman. Love 'em. ^_^

  • I've really been falling behind in my movie viewing.. The last thing I saw were Arrival (my thoughts in that thread if anyone cares) and Rogue One.. aside from some Christmas stuff.

    I really liked Rogue One. I think its criticisms are well deserved though as some of the characters aren't as well developed as other SW movies and the pace during the first half isn't consistent (I also have some super nit picky issues) but overall I thought it was a fun and enjoyable movie.

    My streaming list is growing.. I'd also like to see Manchester by the Sea and Silence before the end of the year but we'll see.

  • During the Holidays I want to watch one movie each day. Have a lot piled up on my (…) backlog. So far I watched: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Conjuring 2, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Everest, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The Imitation Game (Keira OD, not really intentional).
    I actually didn`t like Kubo that much and for different reasons. But in short and without spoiling anything I often think that some themes shouldn´t be in a movie aimed for kids and if they are they should be done better and not be overused. But love HtTYD2.
    Not including the Tim Burton one, but the Planet of the Apes Movies are always better than they have any right to be considering the premise.

  • @Ikataishou HtTYD2 might be my favorite animated film of all time. Sucks the third one got push back again but when it does come... How to Train Your Dragon could become the best trilogy of all time if the quality sticks. 1: Boy discovers himself, 2: Boy becomes man and leader, Hopefully 3: Man becomes legend.

    @TokyoSlim Is Magnificent 7 worth a watch? Gonna give Rare Exports a try one of these days.

    Lo and Behold Reveries of The Connected World 7/10 - Good Werner Herzog documentary about the internet. From it's birth to it's future it goes all over the place from cyber bullying to Mars colonization. Thankfully it's removed the fear of the singularity and birth of killer A.I in my lifetime but it's given me the fear of solar flares and how it would put us all back to the dark ages. Tickled 9/10 is still my doc of the year with it's weird and ultimately dark premise.

  • seen rogue one really enjoyed it the last 5 mins of that movie are worth admission themself

  • Like many people I saw Rogue One which I thought was great. It was just a fun movie. I don't have much else to comment past what everyone else has already said.
    Before that I saw Arrival which I thoroughly enjoyed. There's a whole thread on that elsewhere so I won't get into it.

  • Last one I saw a few months ago was Bladerunner on Bluray, was alright, I guess, kinda weird, I understand its significance at its time but I don't think I will ever want to watch it ever again.

    If we are talking about the most recently released movie I've seen, it was Jurassic World on Bluray, it was pretty good I enjoyed most of it, hope they don't fuck up the sequel, as I know how Hoellydud loves to fuck up sequels.

  • The movie that I most recently watched for the first time was Videodrome, the 1983 David Cronenberg classic. Some of the effects show their age, but most of it holds up well. I love Cronenberg because he has elements of the horror genre, but instead of letting the narrative become a means of guiding from one jumpscare to the next or showing off effects, the narrative takes the central focus and the effects just help tell the story. And even when I don't always agree with his thesis, the way he examines the relationship between violence and sexuality is interesting. Videodrome is a movie that seems to hate the people who would want to watch it based on the original advertising content (lots of sex and violence, as opposed to its contemporary cult classic status as a highly critical movie). If you like Black Mirror, I would strongly recommend this one. 4/5.

  • Just watched Ex Machina. Brilliant movie, would recommend! Interesting and I'd go so far as say somewhat thought provoking.

  • Bridget Jones's Diary

    I'm not really sure why I saw this. Maybe it was seeing that the latest entry in the series hit home video not long ago, maybe it was that I saw it on They Shoot Pictures very strange and impressive list of the best films of the 21st century. I can't be entirely sure, but my reaction to it is almost exactly what I was expecting.

    It ain't so good. The cast actually isn't too bad, but the characters and script they're given to work with are all really questionable. It's tough to tell a story about someone's self-esteem/self-improvement, and then let those things hinge on factors outside of the 'self' in question without commenting on how unhealthy it is. It tries very hard to seem pleasant and celebratory when the character work runs contrary; it's a self-pitying woman and two pretty rude guys---something that might be better presented as a cruel drama.

    I feel this way about a lot of romantic comedies, but many romantic comedies are able to get away with character flaws by better selling the frothier, lighter moments---by making the magic look like something that overwhelms the dysfunction, which is something Bridget Jones's Diary never accomplishes.

    4/10 or so.

  • Rouge One - 3.5/5 (would be a 3/5, but star wars helps it), lot of potential, script needed some tightening up

    Been watching the show Catastrophe on Amazon, very funny, about an American guy who hooks up with a girl in England and accidentally gets her pregnant, he decides to stay and try and raise the babe.

  • @Fridge-man That's been on my Amazon Watchlist for a while now because its on Prime but I haven't got around to it yet for whatever reason. It's nice to hear a good review for it so I'll definitely have to make some time this weekend.

  • I watched Two O'Clock Courage, a pretty brief film noir from genre legend Anthony Mann. This surprised me, because I thought it would suck just from the setup: dude with amnesia tries to clear his name/solve a murder he's involved in with the help of a female taxi driver.

    While it isn't as beautifully shot or as rigorous as some of Mann's later noir efforts, it has a real leanness and a surprisingly humorous tone. It's pretty well aware of how silly it all is, and the enthusiasm with which the two leads uncover the case is pretty infectious.

    Not a great film, but a pretty enjoyable one.

  • Watched Kubo and the Two Strings last night. Was good.

  • @pinecone The old Magnificent 7 is the better of the two Seven Samurai remakes, but the new one isn't bad.

  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Easily one of my favourite movies of this year. I've mostly watched intense horror type movies but this is just a pure jolly fair and it's so good. Absolutely worth a watch.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yep, another movie I saw during the festival circuit this year. Was quite jolly.