Last movie you watched

  • @ezekiel if you're into concert footage, it's my favorite.

  • I went to see Stop Making Sense with my ex in the theatre in 2016 and it was the best date of my life. People underestimate how great concert films can be.

    I watched Rush "All The Worlds A Stage" in memory of Neil Peart last month. RIP

    Also last year I watched The Prodigy "World's On Fire" in memory of Keith Flint in early 2019.

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    @tokyoslim Added to my Amazon list.

    Watched Madonna: Blond Ambition Tour (1990) on DVD, which I think is a bootleg of the laser disc. Paid 30 bucks for this after hearing it's the best Madonna concert film. I've seen three previously and can understand why it's so liked. Best number was probably Vogue.

    Youtube Video

    Or maybe Like a Prayer, can't decide.

  • @dipset said in Last movie you watched:

    I went to see Stop Making Sense with my ex in the theatre in 2016 and it was the best date of my life. People underestimate how great concert films can be.

    I watched Rush "All The Worlds A Stage" in memory of Neil Peart last month. RIP

    Also last year I watched The Prodigy "World's On Fire" in memory of Keith Flint in early 2019.

    Stop Making Sense is one of the all-time greats. Haven't seen The Prodigy one, but I did run into Keith Flint once at the Burbank Airport about 5 or 6 years ago.

  • Stop Making Sense is the best pure concert movie hands down. For a concert movie with interviews mixed in, check out The Last Waltz. Used to be on repeat in my house when I was growing up.

  • I highly recommend that everyone stop what they're doing and watch The Velocipastor on Amazon Prime

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    Added, added. Was thinking about Stop Making Sense anyway, as I like Talking Heads.

    alt text

  • @tokyoslim

    I would be low key scared to meet him haha


    I think what is interesting about Stop Making Sense is that it is a concert film where the intended media is for the concert to be filmed. The staging, costumes, everything was all for the camera and the audience was extra. Whereas most concert films are just live shows that are filmed. This was the other way around and it shows.

  • I'm real bad about getting around to watching movies. Finally got around to watching Joker. Despite being nothing like it, it reminded me of The Wrestler in a way. I guess I just like seeing stories about broken people. I doubt I'd have anything more to say about it that hasn't been said a thousand times in this thread or elsewhere but basically it's really, really good and I recommend checking it out if you haven't.

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    After watching Blond Ambition Tour again just now, I've decided it's my favorite concert film. Such a fun two hours. Really wish Madonna produced remasters of those early concert films. The quality doesn't detract from my enjoyment in a big way, but it's not good.

    Still waiting for my copy of Prince's Sign o' the Times (which is also my favorite Prince album) to ship from the UK. Released last month. Don't know what the freaking holdup is.

  • Shazam
    Pretty dumb but I had few laughs. Honestly been awhile since I enjoyed a DC movie. 7/10

  • Edge of Darkness, with Mel Gibson - detective Tom Craven, a lone wolf with a mysterious past, seeks retribution for the cold-blooded murder of his daughter. I liked it, but I should warn that it's utterly cliché.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    Bad movie 3/10
    The Terminal
    Haven't seen it in a while. Mostly a good feel movie. 6.5/10

  • I watched Terminator: Dark Fade and I found it okay. Since every Terminator movie (except Salvation) is basically just a variation of the same movie, I enjoyed it and …. well nothing much to be angry about. Also Mackenzie Davis has an awesome physique.

  • 21 Bridges, good cop movie, but too straightforward when it could have more drama and mystery. Chadwick Boseman has earned his badge.

    P.S.: In the meantime, I also watched Knives Out, Rian Johnson's first movie about the detective Benoit Blanc. I liked it, interesting way of framing the mystery, even though I guessed some of the ending before the middle (maybe I have read and watched too many detective stories). For a moment I wondered that I'd like a Professor Layton movie with a cast like this.

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    Queen Rock Montreal

    As someone who barely knows Queen at all, I thought this ninety minutes was pretty nice. The band is so well synchronized, it sounds like an album.

    This Blu-ray has some disgusting grain management, though. The grain swarms around the performers, follows them, as they move.

  • @ezekiel Interesting background note for Queen Rock Montreal:

    The final version you saw was basically de-edited (the original footage was cut into a live video in 1981 that the band hated)
    Queen finally bought the rights to the film in 2006, and the original negative had to be scanned and restored so that they could re-cut it into what you saw. They sent it to be scanned and re-assembled back into as much of the original footage as they could, and they used the same NASA algorithm that was used to restore the footage of the Apollo moon landing. (which is why the film grain has that look to it, I'm guessing) Sadly some of the footage was either too far degraded or the footage had been destroyed in the original editing process so the Flash Gordon theme and The Hero which appear on the live CD do not appear on the video.

  • Last weekend I did a Friday-Saturday double header of The Godfather and The Godfather Part II. Back in the late 2000s I purchased the Coppola approved Blu Ray Remaster of these classics. At the time, I thought it looked phenomenal. A lot better than my old DVD version. They did a great job at recreating that crispy golden sheen that the original film had.

    But I'm speaking past tense here... I was not impressed by it in 2020. Some scenes in the original Godfather looked really really noisy to the point where it was distracting. I'm not sure if its the Blu Ray remaster doing this by making it HD or maybe its my new 4K Samsung versus my old TV but it just didn't look as great as I remember it being. I might check the Netflix version just to compare.

    For the most part it looked good and the story is what matters most in these movies, but still. It really wasn't as jaw dropping as I remembered.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    A big complaint I've heard about it is that it has too much going on. It certainly has a lot of different locations and situations, but I never felt overwhelmed. Most of it was quite well explained in simple language, and the action was easy to follow. Most shots only focus on one or two things, and the colour palette makes things easy to identify. Compare it to Revenge of the Sith, which is just swimming in unnecessary detail and movement, and is oversaturated to boot.

    The story doesn't have a lot of heart, and there's a fair amount of flimsy dialogue (especially the emperor's). There's also a few cheap callbacks, but they're not as in-your-face as the ones in The Force Awakens.

    The actors do a reasonable job, though, and the visual design (sets in particular) is stunning. J.J. Abrams is a hollow director, but an eye catching one.

    What I feel anchors it is the soundtrack, and not merely the nostalgia of the classic themes. Every scene is heightened by the music.

    If I had to ask for one improvement, it would be a gripping spaceship battle. I saw ships flying around, but I rarely felt like they were doing anything awesome or important. Rogue One was way better in this department.

    It's between this and The Phantom Menace for most rewatchable non-original trilogy Star Wars film.* RoS is less cringey, but TPM has more memorable content.

    3 1/2 out of 5.

    *I haven't seen Solo, but the trailer footage I've seen didn't fill me with promise.