Last movie you watched

  • Just watched The Lighthouse last night

    I don't think it's a bad movie by any means, but I definitely thought I would enjoy it more based on how much I loved The Witch. This felt more like a 2-hour Twilight Zone episode, where it's very sub-textual and less about the overall arc of the characters and more what you can gleam from what they, and everything going on could potentially represent. Id made the movie more of a head-scratcher than an engaging ride. If anything, I have to give props to Pattinson who absolutely kills at his role, and same to Dafoe. If the movie is difficult to follow, their strong performances carry the whole thing tremendously, giving weight the these mysterious and obtuse characters.

    Again, tremendously shot, acted, and mysterious. I think that a little more blunt storytelling would have worked a lot more for me though. It's an awesome movie that just didn't resonate with me the way I'd hoped. I'll give it a 6/10

  • I watched a few flix this week. Also gonna throw in some I watched in Oct.

    Little Shop of Horrors - 10/10

    All time classic. The cast is perfect, the songs are obviously all time greats, and the set design is probably my favourite ever. Skidrow is likely my favourite setting in all of film. I watched this on Halloween and I kinda wanna make it a tradition.

    FYI, watch the Director's Cut if you haven't. It's the ending from the off-broadway musical which is 100000x better. Plus the song is amazing and again, the work they put into the set in that final scene is incredible. Damn shame that never went to theatres.

    Rick Moranis is a gift from God.

    The One I Love - 8.5/10

    I honestly never heard of this movie at the time it released (2014) but I'm surprised it didn't make a bigger splash. Then again, I was neck deep in university which was half school work half partying so maybe I was just out to lunch.

    It's starring Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass who put on a really great show. I'd recommend taking my word for it that this is a really good movie and skipping the trailers because the trailers pitch it as "a romcom with a twist" like it's some whimsical quirky movie when it isn't.

    Setup is suuuuuper standard where a married couple has some he-say-she-say argument in therapy. But then it takes a sharp and fun turn into sci-fi territory. The director does a great job of leading you on that something is different without explicitly saying it. The actors are required to do all the heavy lifting - kinda like 2017's "Mother" and they knock it out of the park.

    I really only have good things to say. I like that there is a sub-text (among many) about filming not needing to over explain things. Definitely some great magical realism here. My only complaint is that in the final 15ish minutes they present some "rules" and that suddenly dictates the outcome of the movie. The ending is fine enough but it's a shame a narrative going in an uncertain direction suddenly becomes very specific.

    Uncle Buck - 7/10

    I've been watching a lot of SCTV lately which led me down a rabbit hole of watching Schitts Creek, and old Canadian comedy. Somehow never seen Uncle Buck so I figured I'd give it a go.

    I like it - the casting is pretty perfect and I miss the wholesome family comedy with real comedians at the helm but Uncle Buck is definitely a bit rough around the edges compared to other Hughes movies. It feels like a proto-Home Alone for sure. Like a testing ground of what works and what doesn't which got perfected later.

    I think the overall premise is fine, but Buck's eldest niece Tia is waaaay to angsty for today's teenage standards. Some editing is a bit rough with gags that should just have been cut (like the clown scene).

    In the end though, John Candy films are like a warm blanket and they just make me feel great watching them.

  • I watched Freaky from the director of both Happy Death Day movies. It was fun like always. Definetely recommend it if you like the director. I know I do now and will follow him in the upcoming years. Also an advice: Don't look anything about the movie and just go blind. I did exactly this and I am happy about it.

  • @dipset said in Last movie you watched:

    The One I Love - 8.5/10

    This is a terrific movie. :)
    And yeah, the less you know about it going in, probably the better.

  • Tenet: 6.5/10

    The most meh of Nolan's career.

  • Pretty solid list for anybody trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I've somehow never seen A Muppets Christmas Carol so I'm downloading that and a few more classics I haven't seen.

    What's the best Christmas movie?
    Youtube Video

  • @dipset Christmas Story is possibly my favorite movie ever!

  • @dipset Mickey's Christmas Carol always gets me in the mood. I'm a big Scrooge McDuck guy. My brothers and I would also always watch Die Hard together but without traveling I'll probably have to watch it by myself, or with my girlfriend if she's up to it.

  • My girlfriend made me watch Thor Ragnarok... Wish I could get those two hours back. Cate Blanchett's acting on this movie is so painfully bad. For a Marvel movie at least feels kinda different, still pretty bad though.

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  • @capnbobamous

    I watched A Christmas Story last night for the first time in forever and it's actually better than I remember it being. Such a good movie for both adults and kids. Also didn't realize that there is a bit of lighthearted satire about commercialism in here. Things I didn't pick up on when I was younger. Also, the "lens Vaseline" / "Christmas-bloom" or whatever the hell you wanna call it, is hilariously aggressive in HD.


    As an alternate Christmas movie, I usually watch Lethal Weapon or Rocky IV. Just something that takes place during Christmas but isn't aggressive with the Christmas themes and music.