Last movie you watched

  • Watched Colossal last night. My date wanted to discuss the psychological profile of abusive relationships afterwards. Jason Sudekis is surprisingly (to me) pretty good against type. Liked it.

  • Damn apparently The Circle sucks.. I was looking forward to it

  • @Faaip Also disappointed, I thought it had an interesting premise and a good cast. I'll still probably check it out, just not in theaters.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah I'm still interested in seeing it later on. I don't go to theaters terribly often anyways, only for the big movies.. though that was one I was interested in going for

  • Finally caught Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name. The hype is real. A+

  • @TokyoSlim
    Ended up seeing that 3 times, hell I'd probably catch every screening I could if it weren't for the fact that as of the last theatre near me still playing it is like 45 minutes away (if traffic isn't bad), also doesn't help that it was a shitty theatre (whole place smelled like something died)

  • @DMCMaster Yeah, I'm lucky enough to live in a place where it's had a nearly monthlong run at the theater within walking distance of my house, and now that's over - it's playing at the arthouse theater about 2 miles away and then at another modern multiplex near my dad's house that's about 20 min away.

    Also, I may or may not have been in possession of a DVD screener for 6 months that I never actually got around to watching. :o

  • Watched GOTG2 this morning. Literal laughter, literal tears. Recommended, not perfect, but very fun and surprisingly emotional!

    Then came home and watched Mad Max Fury Road with the Ian and Huber commentary track.

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    watch GOTG2 yesterday. I really liked it! That credits opening scene did beat Deadpool which I loved a lot, Also it made me laugh and cry, so worth a watch!

  • I saw GOTG2 on Friday... something about it just did not resonate with me the way the first one did. Everything was there, they grabbed all the little pieces people loved about the first movie, but for some reason it never clicked into place for me. The climax was stretched out for too long. I knew what the resolution would be an hour into the movie and I found myself wishing they would just get there already. The first movie was pretty transparent and unsurprising with how things would go, but I think it got there a lot faster, or maybe it didn't and that is why 2 made me impatient. Maybe it's because the first movie had the element of surprise, Marvel movies hadn't been quite so silly yet and they weren't giving us a lot of morally grey characters, so the first movie was a fun change of pace.

    Overall it was fine but I didn't feel like 2 really elevated itself past the original. It's still fun, irreverent, and full of zippy one liners but something about it just slightly missed the mark for me personally but I imagine most people will love it and that's fine.

  • I read something last night that made a good point about GOTG2. It elevated the entire Marvel game from here on out.

    Do not read spoiler until after you've seen the movie.

    By killing Yondu, whom Peter has literally spent the last 2 movies leaning on and who had a really beefy redemption arc in GOTG2 - they killed off their first significant non-throw away Marvel character. Loki didn't really die in Thor. Selvig too should probably be dead many times over. Jane Foster has just been written out of existence because Natalie Portman is never coming back. Bucky ain't dead, obviously, Nick Fury aint dead, Coulson aint dead. etc. Quicksilver had no impact, we never had more than like 10 min of screentime before he bit it. Marvel doesn't kill important people, and when they do, they bring them right back. Yondu died right in front of us, then he was cremated right in front of us. He's as perma-dead as I think you can get. This affects all the rest of Marvel's films forever. Now in Infinity Guantlet, you know that it's entirely possible that Thanos is gon kill some people you're familiar with and it's possible they aren't going to come back.HIGH STAKES!

  • Do we have a trailer thread here somewhere? I would have just said that Jared Leto kinda reminds me of Ian in that new Blade Runner trailer.

  • Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 with a friend last night. I enjoyed it, but liked the second half much more than the first.

  • I re-watched Clue for the first time in years (over a decade probably) and it holds up great!

  • Clue is a classic. I went to see it in the theaters and didn't rewatch it until home video was way more common. I didn't know for like 8 years that there were alternate endings! They only showed one ending per theater theatrically, there were like A/B/C endings and the one I saw was the one in which Miss Scarlett was the killer. So for years, I just thought that's how it ended!

    Obviously this is all pre- internet when information like this wasn't readily available to kids.

  • @TokyoSlim Wow that's cool! I can't Imagine a movie being able to pull something like that off anymore, the secret would be blown before the movie was even out.

  • @Gheremie_Johnson yeah it's much harder to pull off surprises like that now. Not even sure it was a secret though! They may have even advertised the fact that they were doing that at the time to get you to re-watch it, but I was a kid and such a thing never got filtered down to my level.

  • @TokyoSlim Good point about GOTG2! I really hope it does actually signify a change for the Marvel Universe.

    Rumors about them killing off Chris Evans Cap have been circulating a while, could see this as testing the waters and setting us up for a bigger death. If they really want to have Thanos feel as powerful as they should, they HAVE to kill off at least one major character in the universe during Infinity War.

  • @logic__error at least one. I'm morbidly betting on 3.

  • @TokyoSlim

    I would bet everyone with a contract expiring. At this point Marvel doesn't need to rely upon their big names, and actually would benefit from almost starting from scratch again. Once you get to 15+ movies it's gonna get hard for people to keep up. Thanos absolutely needs to kill a bunch of people. But you're riht, Yondu dying does up the ante.