Last movie you watched

  • While not a movie at all, I did have the pleasure of meeting Crispin Glover today. We're screening two of his films today and tomorrow here at my theater and while I didn't have a chance to have a lengthy discussion with him, he seemed like a nice enough fella.

  • I just got back from Wonder Woman. It was alright. Definitely better than Suicide Squad (hard to be worse). I'd put it somewhere near Man of Steel but well below Batman V Superman Ultimate cut in terms of the DCEU.

  • @SabotageTheTruth That is cool. I always appreciate a little Crispin Glover in my movies.

  • Just watched Berserk: The Egg of the King on Netflix. I think this was objectively a really bad movie. The animation was so bad it was jarring, the story oddly pieced together, and the action was overcut to high hell - one of my cardinal sins of animation. All of which is to say that I can't wait to watch part 2 later in the week when I have more time!

  • Your Name (Kimi no na wa)

    This is the first anime film I've watched in full since Akira 15+ years ago. It was confusing at points, but it was a great film, beautifully animated with 2 main characters that I really cared about, and it built to a really fantastic and beautiful ending.


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    I didn't know much about this film going in, rather than it being about some aliens and it being different from other films i.e Independence Day. I felt kinda confused until we got closer to the end where things gets explained more. I really liked the idea and how it presented the theme of the film, but my company said it was a little "meh".

  • I have an east coast friend and we simultaneously watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes together while chatting on messenger. James Franco is 95% responsible for ending humanity.

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    A really cool Spidey movie! Refreshing in a way. It had its own feeling, and I appreaciate that the stakes remained at the ground level. Or at least more so when compared to many other MCU films. It's supposed to be this way with Spidey, so thank you!

    Peter is good, I like him both on and off suit. His best friend Ned was really a blast, what a fun dude. :) Keaton was good as Toomes, and I especially liked him in that Vulture suit. Such a cool-looking thing that was. There was this immediate sense of danger whenever those huge mechanical wings appeared. I thought that (fight) scenes between him and Spider-Man worked really well, a good pairing.

    And what a Spidey movie needs is him rescuing people, and I got that. That's the core of the character, putting his own life at risk to save innocent bystanders and fellow people. A few really big scenes around those themes which I really liked and appreciated.

    The connections to the MCU were there, but they where handled in a neat way. This was clearly Spider-Man's own thing and worked really well in that regard, because the ties to the larger universe were picked from the outskirts of that world, so to speak. Nothing too important concerning the big picture, but still neatly chosen to have an impact from the previous happenings we've seen through the years. And a few cool short easter egg-y peeks into the future as well. :)

    So a good movie, then. It was refreshing to see everyone at Peter's schoold world so young and often different from the classic interpretation we've come to know through the years. And this is not an origin story! We managed to avoid having watch it the third time in a row! Of course that was already pretty clear after Civil War etc., but it's just great that Peter's already in action in this one when it starts. This is a fine place to be now, a good thing to continue with. MCU <3

  • Binged Twin Peaks seasons 1 and 2 last week.

    Just watched the movie : Fire walk with me

    “I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

  • I happened to catch the 4k restoration of Mulholland Drive last night and I was honestly surprised by how little I truly remembered about the film but considering the way it was made, I almost feel like that is the intention. A lot of people have suggested not to over-analyze the film and just let it wash over you, like some kind of supernatural wave filled with dread and tension. There's a lot I love about the movie but it's more based on feel rather than enjoying a particular plot point as is the case with a lot of cinema. I'd still say Eraserhead is my favorite Lynch outing but if there's a local theater playing that 4k restoration, check it out!

  • Finally got around to watching Don't Think Twice. Mike Birbiglia has been my favorite comedian for years now (I got to see him demo some material for Sleepwalk with Me back when he was still only "opener" level at Summerstage), so I went in with pretty high expectations. He still managed to completely blow them out of the water. Just an incredibly honest, sincere, and melancholy tribute to the hardships of being a comedian. Absolutely worth the watch, even if you're not at all interested in comedy or improv. Also, The Commune is pretty clearly a tribute to UCB, which I believe Kyle Bosman is still a member of.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming!

    Overall I really liked it, probably my favourite of the web crawlers adventures, but not sure if it's a better than Spider-Man 2, but Tom Holland is definitely the best Spider-Man and Peter Parker.
    It had a great soundtrack, and the cast was pretty great. Michael Keaton is certainly the second best villain in the MCU, right behind Loki. It's amazing what happens when you spend some time showing the reasons for the villain's behaviour.

    My biggest gripe though...

    I think it went too far with the desire to not show an origin story. There is not a single mention of Uncle Ben and instead the focus for Peter wanting to do better seems to be Tony Stark instead. It makes one epic, comic inspired moment a little worse. There are also some fights that are impossible to follow.

  • I watched Spiderman:Homecoming today and my immediate thought coming out of the film was "Damn that Michael Keaton is a great actor". IMO he's an American treasure and I'm glad he's back acting again after his extensive hiatus.

    Also watched The Beguiling today, and about halfway through, I wanted the movie to turn into the Nicolas Cage Wicker Man - but it never did. 6/10 beguilement.

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    I watched Hidden Figures Saturday night.

    I thought it was really good! Dealing with the divide of black and white people in US and the NASA space program. It was humorous and touching without having to go too dark or "feel sad". It is over all a light film easy to watch, which I enjoyed and shines some light on this "based on a true story" perspective that we dont get to hear too much about - because they were black.. and women.

  • I rewatched Baby Driver today and I'm now positive Edgar Wright is a wizard because of how good it is. The opening action scene and then the opening credits is one of the best intros to a film I think I've ever seen. I caught so many things the second viewing I didn't catch the first time.

    Also, if anyone has a Letterboxd (movie review site), here's mine I'd love to follow some more people over there and who better than some fellow Allies!

  • Just watched Spider-Man: Homecoming as well and I gotta say... it's a perfect Spider-Man movie. They nailed the vibe and essence of him, somehow made The Vulture interesting, and finally strayed away from the origin story that has been done to death. I liked the Raimi films quite a bit as they showed another side of Spidey, but this is probably my favorite.

    Better superhero movie than Logan. Come at me.

  • @SabotageTheTruth while I have my grievances with Homecoming (see my above comment) I will certainly not disagree with you saying it's a better superhero movie than Logan, which I hardly think of as a superhero movie.

    And yes @TokyoSlim , Michael Keaton is a treasure tokand between him and Tom Holland probably the best parts of the movie.

  • Just finished season 1 of Castlevania i really enjoyed it and i want more too bad ill have to wait until next year. It should have just been a pilot

  • I saw Spiderman: Homecoming last night and again, I've come away, from a movie related to marvel, pretty positively.

    I'd no idea Peter was so young before going in and I really like that this was very small scale stuff basically. The montage early on, just helping people basically set the tone.

    it's funny that a villain that has no name is pretty much better than every other marvel villain to date. Keaton nailed it and the movie has some nice plot moments that I thought were really cool.

    My biggest issue with the movie was the standard third act which wasn't necessarily the usual CGI mess it normally is but the editing and filming is so chaotic that I was straining my eyes so much, it was actually difficult to just watch it. Greengrass would be proud.

    Overall though, enjoyable summer movie!

    Going to see Baby Driver tonight :)

  • As mentioned in the previous post, I went to see Baby Driver, last night. What an absolute blast it is too.

    Edgar Wright is easily up there as one of my favourite directors. You can really tell that he puts so much care into every scene. Baby driver is full of wonderful directing, synced with a cracking soundtrack that does a fantastic job of syncing up with the movie, whether it is a car chase, or just walking down the street.

    Unlike Spiderman, this is a movie that knows how to show off the set piece. Honestly I loved every minute of the movie and highly recommend seeing it in the cinema.

    Spoiler: It even has a Vita cameo! What a time to be alive.