Last movie you watched

  • @TokyoSlim Outrageous, I need to get on this committee.

    Also I've very jealous that you're seeing Dunkirk in 70mm. I'm tempted to drive to Dublin for a 70mm screening or maybe even plan a trip to London.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yeah, my local theater has a 70mm festival every year. They just announced the lineup for this year. I might go to one or two things, but it's mostly the same stuff every year.

  • @TokyoSlim Y'know, two years ago, I would have agreed with you because I absolutely loved Scott Pilgrim at that point in my life. After watching it a few more times, it really lost a lot of its punch for me, especially because the romance between Scott and Ramona feels beyond forced. Some amazing editing though.

    Every commission needs a villain and it looks like that's the role I'm going to be playing.

  • Dunkirk.

    It was a superb film. Probably Nolan's best effort yet. Mark Rylance is an absolutely superb actor. The cinematography was awesome, and the score had me feeling terrified throughout the film.

    This is a film that I think you must see at the cinema to get the full experience. Don't wait to see it at home.

  • The Little Hours was great. That ensemble cast had a lot of fun making this movie, you could tell. Plus, I got to see Kate Micucci and Aubrey Plaza kiss. That's it everyone, there is nothing better I will ever experience in my life. I have finally reached nirvana.

  • Dunkirk was well crafted and well acted and beautifully shot. I didn't particularly like the editing though? It's like Nolan only wrote a 90 min movie and then when they were editing, he was like... wait, that's not right. Can we make it longer?

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    I saw Baby Driver with some friends in the weekend (finally after nagging them or ages). I must say it was a GREAT experience, The whole film is edited along to the music which fits so well and it really takes a central role in this action specced heist film. The film got a high pace at first with some of the best car action I have seen in a long time. Edgar Wright has really done it again. A film I will see again and again to enjoy a lot. Worth watching for people that like cars, heists or just want to have a good time!

  • @Lotias I saw Baby Driver too and I enjoyed it. Movies in the style of Edgar Wright's aren't really my thing, with that specific kind of humour, but even for people who don't go for that I think this one is worth watching. It has a good plot, I felt something with the characters, the action is good as well, and the image and sound are both top-notch.

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    @Ironside Yeah I agree! great action and it kept me entertained 100% of the journey, which is unusual for me. That said I am a huge fan of wrights work

  • I went to see my absolute favorite movie in theaters last night, Kiki's Delivery Service, and it was Amazing!

  • Bridge of Spies.

    Absolutely brilliant. Great directing from Spielberg, and great acting by Hanks and Rylance. Rylance's Oscar and Bafta wins for this was richly deserved. Interesting that the Cohen brothers wrote this film but didn't direct it. They're such great writers, I wonder if they were just script doctors or if they were more instrumental than that. This could really have been a boring legal film in the wrong hands, but the Cohens and Spielberg knocked it out of the park.


  • Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol

    After the average M:I 1 and the awful M:I 2, I swore off M:I films around 15 years ago, but heard this is great so gave it a whirl. And it was a great, globe trotting spy mission with lots of style and a great sense of fun. Classic Tom Cruise. Loved it.


  • After somehow getting roped into babysitting my neighbors 2 kids I ended up seeing the emoji movie......there are no currently existing words or numbers to properly express how bad it is.

  • @DMCMaster When it first premiered, it had a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so that's a pretty close description. I saw the first 15 minutes due to having to check the sound - once the line, "Emojis are the most important form of communication ever invented," was spoken, I knew everything was going to be downhill from there.

  • Saw Atomic Blonde this weekend. It's a solid 7/10, clearly it's a very visually interesting movie, the fight scenes are great, and if you like your action with a good dose of blood and viscera you'll be pleased. There is one fight scene in particular that is filmed with almost no cuts, seemed like there were a couple cleverly disguised cuts that were almost solely for the purpose of applying make-up for the beating that was going down, so that was interesting. I do feel like the trailers basically give away all the major beats from the movie though. I found myself continually recalling upcoming details from the trailer which was distracting and meant I generally knew what was going to happen when, which definitely detracted from things.

  • I finally saw Kimi no Na wa, really really liked, it took a pretty different direction from what I expected from the beginning of the movie and what anticipated, really wish I could see it in a theater, I think the visuals were pretty good and would rather see them in a the big screen.

  • I saw Dunkirk yesterday and absolutely adored it. It actually reminded me of Mad Max Fury Road in a way where a big blockbuster just showed "Hey, you can shoot blockbusters differently".

    I find in a lot of big movies that the focus is on this huge scale, this massive event that's happening. Dunkirk is a massive event however all the action feels so personal. Instead of seeing these massive explosions (and you still do, but it's just not the focus), you see the actual chaos it causes, the little moments of trying to survive. It just makes everything feel that more real to me. The soundtrack helped with this too as there is this constant ticking that has you on edge.

    It also made me think of older movies like Jaws and Alien and I think that's why I really liked it. Due to budget etc, those movies made the absolute most out of what they had and the movie benefited for it. Seeing hints of the monster here and there, slowly being revealed. It would make the audience's imagination go wild and I feel the same with Dunkirk and I really think that helps. Again I go back to my initial comment, where most movies go for this huge spectacle which can look amazing but sometimes it's just the idea of the event that can make a scene.

    And man, it was one bittersweet movie. Moments of sadness and joy. So ya... I loved it and highly recommend you see it in a cinema, the biggest one you can find.

    Oh and one more thing.. Tom Hardy guys, I have to admit I'm a huge fan of his so maybe I'm biased but considering what he had to work with, he did an amazing job. I thought Mark Rylance was incredible too. Just a movie with a lot of strong performances.

  • @tokeeffe9 I gotta say I had no idea Tom Hardy was even in this. Did I just miss him in the trailers?

    Gotta see this one though, just not sure I'll be able to in the theaters.

  • @Inustar he's a pilot and his face is covered by a flight mask pretty much the whole movie.

  • Sing Street.
    Was great.