Last movie you watched

  • I just finished watching The Defenders Fist and Friends and while overall, I liked it ok... Danny Rand is a dumbass.

  • Finished the Defenders.
    Pretty good, fun to see everyone interact with each other.
    Danny Rand is still the weakest link... he still can NOT fight well. Luckily that's not important for the Immortal Iron Fist, the world's greatest weapon.

    Mostly this just made me want more Jessica Jones.

    Also this is a Marvel series, so watch after the credits of the last episode.

  • I watched 1994 Costner, Eastwood and Dern movie A Perfect World.

    There is a scene where young boy - about eight years old, if I recall correctly - shows his penis to his kidnapper who tells him it's good size for a boy his age. I don't think that scene gets filmed today.

  • @Ivanhoe Probably not. lol Good movie tho.

  • Saw Wonder Woman

  • I saw Detroit last week and it's great. Absolutely brutal and intense movie. It takes a little while to actually get into the main story it wants to tell but even before that, it's very interesting.

    My only concern was it had a lot of shakey cam going on, greengrass would be proud, but it was actually used to good effect so I thought it was fine.

  • Narcos, Season 3. My favourite season yet. I really liked the first two as well, but this one took things to a new level. If you enjoy The Wire, there's more shades like that now in the show while still remaining gloriously unique. The freaking intensity in this show! Ten episodes full of excellent drama and just pure thriller moments. The build-ups, oh man. Narcos sure knows how to do them. The cast is top-notch through the whole line, directing works super well, the camera work is beeeeautiful to watch and the script just does excellent job with the reality and adding just the right stuff to it for TV's sake. This is seriously maybe even the best show Netflix has to offer. I have to say that after this third season. It's just. So. Good. Make sure to watch it, people.

  • Watched Ip Man 3 last night, kind of a bummer ending after the first two films but I guess you cant hollywood ending a real life story

  • Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding with my family the other night. It's a good movie to return to every now and again. Not all of the jokes hit for me, but it's fun.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    Check me out on Letterboxd, though. Same name.

  • I'm two episodes into the new season of Bojack Horseman and already, wow. I've always loved the series for blending smart wordplay, absurdist situations, and some absolutely heartbreaking character realizations, and this is no different. The second episode having two different timelines in the same scene was nothing short of brilliant.

  • Started watching Final Fantasy XIV: Dad Of Light on Netflix, which is a Japanese drama about a son trying to reconnect with his dad through a plot to secretly befriend him and take down a raid boss in the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

    Might be worth checking out.

    Youtube Video

  • Saw IT. Much better than I was expecting. Stranger Things influence really apparent.

    Edit: I mean in the filming, editing, 1980s setting, and chemistry between kids. Obviously Stranger Things is an homage in part of IT.

  • Finally got around to seeing the first Guardians of the Galaxy and I really enjoyed it. Not normally a marvel movie guy, but this was enjoyable and I liked the cast

  • Watched The Bad Batch on netflix, probably one of the worst flms I've ever seen

  • Saw Patti Cake$. Recommended.

    Saw Mother! I'm not a big Aronofsky fan. All the acting is good, cinematography and etc are great... it was just not satisfying to me in any way.

    Saw Hidden Figures. Was good.

    I agree The Bad Batch sucks. I saw it at a private screening early this year and left like 10 min before the ending so that I could get to work on time. Didn't care.

  • If I had to list off my favorite directors, Darren Aronofsky quickly comes to mind on that list. I've watched a bunch of David Lynch films this year and that feels like the perfect preparation for mother!, which I'd currently say is my favorite movie of the year. It is a little heavy-handed at times with the allegory it's telling but the last 45 minutes are such a deep dive into insanity and just humanity in general that it has manifested its way into my mind fairly significantly. So many great shots, a lot of paranoia and claustrophobia revealing itself thanks to the stellar camera work (reminded me of a less frantic Pi), some excellent acting, and vivid imagery that is burned into my retinas. I walked out of that theater feeling I had just witnessed something important - which almost feels true, considering how ridiculously polarizing reviews are at the moment.

    If you're fairly sensitive about your religion though, I would say probably best to avoid this one. It may not be Aronofsky's best, but it is certainly his most intense.

  • This Tuesday I went to see Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro for the first time in theaters. I bought the DVD before I went to see it because I could already tell that I was going to love it. It's not as dark as Part 4 or The Woman called to Fujiko Mine series, but most of the other Lupin series and movies are lighter than them as well. I'd say Castle of Cagliostro is the lightest fare that Lupin has to offer, no doubt because of Miyazaki's direction, and because of that I'd say it's not a bad start for anyone new to the series and who might find Lupin's usual personality jarring. The heist sections also aren't as complicated as in the TV series so that also might be easier to follow for people who are new to the series.

    Now to what I loved about the movie. Jigen, remains as always, my favorite character. His personality, generally shines through, with the exception of his usual disdain for women, which I understand the removal of. Goemon, despite having very little little screen time, was great. Fujiko was badass in this movie, even if I don't really understand the blond hair. I guess just because she was under cover. The Count is an excellent villain, and his defeat is surprisingly brutal.

  • Seeing that I'll be visiting Ghibli Museum I've been catching up with the movies I haven't seen so this week I saw From Up on Poppy Hill which I found it to be pure Ghibli bliss, and today I saw The Wind Rises which I thought it was fine, but I think it has been the Ghibli film I've been less "endearing", not saying it found it bad, it just didn't give me the same feel I usually get from their movies.

  • @bard91 If you can, make sure you get a ticket to see the short film at the Ghibli Museum! They rotate out on a monthly/seasonal basis (can't remember which) and are utterly delightful. Also the theater is adorable, to say the least.