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  • @TokyoSlim Yeah, I was super interested in it because of the cast and director, but that trailer killed it for me. I need to find a picture of Val Kilmer in this though.
    I hope to hear more information about what went wrong, since I always find this stuff fascinating. Hollywood could bear to be more open about stuff, even though I doubt it will happen.

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    Finally got around to seeing Blade Runner 2049 last night. I avoid trailers like the plague these days, so the only details I knew going in was that Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling were in it. I had pretty high expectations given this is Villeneuve, but some major concerns as well because it didn't seem like a film that needed a follow-up.

    I was completely blown away. This is easily one of the best sequels ever made. It adds so much to the original. I always like to re-watch movies before giving them a 10...but I'm pretty fucking sure this is a 10/10 for me. I need to see it again before it leaves the cinema.

    Same here, it really lived up to the hype I had going in when I finally got to see it last week and it impressed the hell out of me.

    Also, it's really worth seeing on the big screen to take it all in and really get immersed in the atmosphere.

  • I just watched 1922 on Netflix. I didn't know anything about it going into it other than my girlfriend said it was based on something by Stephen King. I thought it was really good but the first 25 minutes seriously drag on forever. I get that they want to set up that the main character lives a slow-paced life on a farm but they could've done so much more with it to make it feel snappier.

    Once things start happening though, it gets pretty good and feels fairly consistent until the end. There were some parts that were genuinely creepy but not in a typical horror movie type of creepy. It was an enjoyable watch, especially for the festive Halloween season.

  • Cube.

    So good.

    And ironic, considering me.

  • I got round to watching Logan on the weekend. With most super-hero movies they tend to kind of wash over me and don't leave much of an impression, but the world weary beaten down Logan stayed with me.

    Great performances by all the cast and the relationship between Charles and Logan especially resonated, as I've been careing for my elderly father fulltime for a few years now.

    Grown-up movie for grown-ups.

  • I think the last movie I watched was Imperium. Kind of a bog-standard undercover crime thriller in many ways, but Daniel Radcliffe's performance is actually very good. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to see what he's like in a non-Potter role.

  • I rewatched Audition, as I hadn't seen it in a number of years. This time I was especially taken by the first half of the film, the human comedy-drama that slowly becomes more uncanny as it moves along. It's really excellent filmmaking; just the audition setpiece alone is exuberant, magnetic viewing. Enough has been said about where it ends up or what it's attitude might be on male/female relations; this is just great craft from Miike.

  • @Ringedwithtile I think it may have been my first Miike.

  • @TokyoSlim Mine too. Either that or the first Dead or Alive. I think Miike's reputation as a provocateur or a "whoa this sure is craaazy" filmmaker does him a disservice. The guy is extremely versatile and talented. Audition is a really elegant film in a lot of ways.

  • Just got done watching Casino for the first time. Only real complaint I have for the movie is that there is way too much narration. Movie is nearly three hours long and it felt like there was a narration happening every five minutes. Other than that, I would say overall the movie is pretty decent. Since I've seen every Scorsese/DeNiro collab movie, Casino for now would be somewhere in the bottom 3 with Mean Streets and New York, New York.

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    Just saw The Square. I feel like the movie perfectly autosynopsises itself in the first few minutes when one character asks what a descriptive passage on the museum website about 'presentation and unpresentation' means.
    The reply is something like "if I took your purse and put it over there (points to an empty spot on the floor of the art museum) would it be art?" I feel like this film is that purse.
    There's obviously several schools of thought on this, and some people automatically say "yes, if presented as art, the purse is art."
    Some would say "No, that's a purse sitting on the floor."
    To me, the purse could be art given the proper context. But the context is important. The actual purse itself isn't the art, the context is, and the purse is part of the medium in which it's expressed.
    Metaphorical purses alone don't elicit any response or make feel anything. If it's surrounded by other objects, or if it's laying on top of a photo, or if there's something to elevate the purse beyond its mundanity... I believe it needs to be more than being just a purse, sitting on the floor of an art museum, but made into a mechanism of emotional or intellectual change of some sort. That to me is what art is supposed to be. It's something this movie keeps returning to, visually over and over. Piles of gravel that don't connect with anyone. An art installation of a man who's facial expressions and behavior are like that of a gorilla, which nobody wants to see and the museum staff warn people away from...
    I just don't think that there was enough context given in The Square to make me feel like it was more than a purse on the ground. But opinions vary, and the person I saw it with apparently really enjoyed it and seemed pretty upset with me for some reason when I wanted to discuss my feelings on it. So maybe this art requires you to bring your own context, and I just never had it. My interaction with my frustrated co-watcher was to me, more valuable as art than the movie. The confusion I have over what she saw or liked in it, and our inability to articulate to each other properly our responses to the film is more interesting than the actual movie.
    It's shot well, acted well, and there's some interesting scenes, so maybe you'll like it. I don't know if it's good, but maybe you should go see it. Maybe go see it with someone who feels strongly about art in a way you don't?
    I dunno. I'm gonna score it Purple scented lotion out of 10 stars.

  • @TokyoSlim The Square? A prequel to Cube?

    ...I'll see myself out

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    ...I'll see myself out

    It's a prequel to GET OUT.
    alt text

  • What is that from? That's amazing.

  • @TokyoSlim I have no idea hahaha but I love it

  • Every Halloween the BF and I do horror movie marathons. This year we have 3 day weekends, so we started tonight.

    Split - The best Shyamalan movie since Unbreakable, though I am aware that isn't saying much. We really enjoyed it, mostly due to James McAvoy

    Hey this might be weird but in the end I liked the Beast far more than that Uncle. I have almost never wanted to see a character die so much, until the next movie I watched.

    Train to Busan - Korean zombie movie. The BF adores zombie movies, so this has been on the back burner waiting until Halloween. It was good, and surprisingly emotional. Some of the effects weren't the best, but it was certainly the best zombie movie I have seen in ages.

    My one complaint is that I wanted that one old guy to die a terrible, painful death and I didn't get that satisfaction. I haven't hated anyone in a horror movie this much since the religious lady in The Mist.

    Little Evil - after Train to Busan leaving us kinda wrecked, we needed humour but still with a Halloween feel. So we checked out this Netflix movie starring Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly about a guy suspecting his step son is the anti christ. It's not amazing, but it was fun and that's what we wanted.

    I did appreciate that this was a not so subtle movie about fathers and sons, and that in the end the antichrist just needed a better father figure. I also liked random Sally Field and less random Clancy Brown and background Ray Wise.

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    Little Evil

    Directed by Eli Craig. Who also directed Tucker and Dale vs Evil and is the son of Sally Field!


  • @TokyoSlim Well, I am now less surprised for random Sally Field.

  • All of Stranger Things. Good 2nd season.