Last movie you watched

  • The last movie I watch its Thor: Ragnarok.

  • Justice League is good, a vast improvement over MOS,BvS, and Jared Leto mugging for the camera.
    The only issue is both JL and WW is the base line standard we should have gotten from the start, and not something that took multiple movies to get right.
    Also please bring Danny Elfman back for more DC movie scores, he's a hell of a better fit then Zimmer.

  • I thought Justice League was absolutely dreadful. The first half has some laughably awful exposition scenes and dramatic scenes. The second half is a coma inducing nightmare. Really awful stuff. I highly recommend watching the first half and then walking out when Superman is revived. That's when the movie goes from laughingly bad to nauseating bad. Superman's CGI not-mustache is very bad. Whedon and Snyder is one of the worst creative combinations I've seen in a while. I'm also continually shocked at the complete misunderstanding of Batman and Superman characters.


  • Picked up Your Name on Blu ray; saw it in theaters earlier this year, but seeing it again has confirmed that its one of the best films this year.(somewhere in the top 5 at least)

  • I watched all of The Punisher this weekend. Probably third favorite of the Marvel seasons so far after DD2 and Jessica Jones.

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    I watched Eddie the Eagle yesterday. I missed it when it was in the cinema and been thinking about watching it. My brother had it on Netflix so we figured we might as well give it a watch. I really really liked it! Quite British with its humor and had a nice 80-s feel to it. I do recommend

  • I watched Sausage Party the other night at the behest of some friends and... bleh. It felt like it was raunchy for the sake of it, while being very heavy handed at poking fun of religion. Couple that in with the fact that a lot of the animation team wasn't compensated properly and I just wasn't having a good time at all, despite liking most of the voice actors.

  • just watched Justice League last weekend

  • Watched Blade of the Immortal last weekend. Why does this movie have to be an abridged version of the first few issues of the manga only to give it a quite shitty and shoehorned ending after 2hours of runtime? I´m okay with having only stuff from the first or second volume or even an original story with these characters. Anyway, main protagonist felt a little too old but the cast overall was spot on. Maybe too few dismemberments and always cutting away when it happened. Soo disappointing…

  • Justice League last night.

  • The Disaster Artist, it was amazing

  • What do you guys think of The Last Jedi spoiler thread? I saw it today already, it opened here (FIN) on Dec. 13th. I honestly thought it would have a worldwide opening night, but in the US it's Friday.

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    @Sentinel-Beach I think this will be needed. It is such a huge film and I havent seen it yet. Feel free to make one :)

  • The Disaster Artist - my favorite film of the year easily goes to mother! but I'd rank this as my second favorite. I've known about The Room for about 6 years now and I've seen several reviews but I didn't see it as a whole until a few weeks ago. I knew I was going to laugh at how bad it was but surprisingly, I found myself having a much better time than I thought I would. Tommy Wiseau may be a... character, but his passion does show which is why The Disaster Artist is such an interesting flick. James Franco and company could have easily just made fun of Tommy Wiseau throughout the entire movie and while he's definently shown to be the weirdo that he is, you also get hints of his vision and dedication to "making it". Tommy Wiseau is the William Hung of the film industry and I love him dearly for it.

  • Haven't posted here in awhile.. here's some movies I saw recently..

    Disaster Artist - I had a lot of fun watching this one.. I'm a 'fan' of the The Room but never really knew much about Wiseau. I'd like to go back and read the book now

    @SabotageTheTruth I get the feeling James Franco actually really admires Wiseau. Like you said, I think the film benefits a lot from that because it never really feels like a caricature

    Three Billboards - I thought this was a really strong film, even if it didn't stick with me the way In Bruges did. I feel like a big part of that is the characters.. Three Billboards had some good ones, but I would love to go sightseeing with Ray and Ken haha. Wonderful performances from Frances Mcdormand Sam Rockwell (who I think is highly underrated).

    The Last Jedi - It has a lot of flaws but I still enjoyed it and left the theater happy. I won't go into too much detail now haha

  • the last jedi was amazing

  • Lets see, to catch up here:

    The Last Jedi
    The Disaster Artist
    Lady Bird
    Good Times
    Ingrid Goes West
    Alien Covenant
    Wonder Woman
    A Ghost Story
    Logan Lucky
    Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

    By the end of the week:
    The Shape of Water
    Call Me By Your Name

  • I saw Thor: Youtuber (?) Bait and it was the absolute embodiment of Marvel fatigue. I mean why was Dr. Strange even in that movie? It's not even a spoiler, he was just there. The movie is so waylaid by references and tangents and bad jokes that the main plot falls flat on its face like certain actors I know. I mean people complain about Star Wars' jokes and tangents, but this was next level.

    Marvel fans mocking DC for being mostly drab and serious and ultimately meaningless really don't have much ground to stand on when their movies are colorful and jokey and ultimately meaningless.

  • The Shape of Water has some weird sex in it.