Last movie you watched

  • Lets see, to catch up here:

    The Last Jedi
    The Disaster Artist
    Lady Bird
    Good Times
    Ingrid Goes West
    Alien Covenant
    Wonder Woman
    A Ghost Story
    Logan Lucky
    Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

    By the end of the week:
    The Shape of Water
    Call Me By Your Name

  • I saw Thor: Youtuber (?) Bait and it was the absolute embodiment of Marvel fatigue. I mean why was Dr. Strange even in that movie? It's not even a spoiler, he was just there. The movie is so waylaid by references and tangents and bad jokes that the main plot falls flat on its face like certain actors I know. I mean people complain about Star Wars' jokes and tangents, but this was next level.

    Marvel fans mocking DC for being mostly drab and serious and ultimately meaningless really don't have much ground to stand on when their movies are colorful and jokey and ultimately meaningless.

  • The Shape of Water has some weird sex in it.

  • Call Me By Your Name. My top ten list hasn't changed.

  • Blade Runner 2049

  • just seen the newest pirates movie while not as good as it once was it was a great send off to a character ive been following since i was 8

  • @FF7Cloud I could have done without the post credits scene, otherwise I didn't like the movie much but it was nice to see an end for these characters.

  • My mom and sister wanted to go see Wonder for the third time so I tagged along. It was good I guess? I feel bad for not super enjoying the movie. I guess I’m just too used to watching anime and dramatic media because there were like seven times I was absolutely positive the movie was going to show me a death or suicide and it just turned out to be a red herring, which really threw me for a loop. The message also came across as a bit heavy handed, which I think undermines what is actually important. Anyway I overall had a good time. I sympathized more with the older sister, she had it pretty rough. The glee-esque bullying also confused me. Because it was so weirdly timeless and unrealistic that I couldn’t tell if it was based off of bullying in the 80’s or today. I wasn’t a middle schooler back then and I’m an adult now so I have no clue what today’s bullies look like. So it left me not fully understanding how to feel. Like the shit they pull in this movie is so weird and insane that I feel like the movie is trying to make me feel a certain way. But like, am I supposed to believe this kid has received a new threatening note every day for the entire school year and no one noticed? No teacher saw anyone posting things in his locker? And his incredibly invested and concerned parents didn’t report a bunch of random kids assaulting him and his friends in the woods just because he got away? It just doesn’t seem realistic to me. But idk. I think I’m over analyzing what is meant to be a pretty simple movie.

  • All the Money in the World, not a bad movie. I’d give it a B-

    Looking forward to I, Tonya next week. Having MoviePass is great!

  • Hmm it's been a while since i watched a movie.

    The most recent film is Rudy Habibie. It's a 2016 Indonesian film about the Indonesia's 3rd President's story during his studies in Germany. Pretty good acting overall, with the main actor taking center stage successfully in most of the scenes he is in. A big flaw of the film is that there's a story arc that's very underdeveloped. 7/10

    As for an international movie, the last one I've seen in theaters is Tomorrowland. It's back in 2015, so i don't remember much. I remember enjoying it though. It's a fun movie, and nothing more.

    Just rented Dunkirk, excited to watch it soon!

  • Started the year with the original Ghost Busters closely followed by Jingle All the Way (I am not puttin the cookie down) and then Conan the Barbarian, yes I did need some Arnold Schwarzenegger in my life.

  • Watched National Treasure on Nc Cage's birthday.

    Edit: Because Nic Cage is a National Treasure

  • Mayhem. A hilarious 90 minute, lets go crazy, splatter film. Not bad for direct to DVD. Then again, most direct to DVD movies have been doing better the standard overbudget Hollywood blockbusters.

  • The Phantom Thread. Went in expecting not to like it, came out of it liking it. So there's that!

  • @TokyoSlim Never doubt the PTA.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Honestly, I only like about half his movies.

  • The Last Jedi. It's the most split bad split good movie in the series. Highly entertaining and provocative as a fan, but also too incoherent and repetitive of the formulae to be a success. The last 30 minutes made me very eager to leave the theater because the structure of the movie is bonkers and it felt overstimulating from that lack of elegance. I also think the movie tries too hard to be subversive and then kinda lands flat on its face when all the angsty "Luke is grumpy" plot ties itself up in a circular fashion while the other parts of the movie continue to dabble in the past while simultaneously spouting lines such as "We must let go of the past!" in the entire third act.

    I hear JJ Abrams is coming back to direct the next one. Good luck buddy, and I'm just enjoying the show here because it looks like Rian just fucked over everything you established and left the plotline right next to a bottomless pit and now JJ has to unfuck that mess, and mark my words Episode IX is going to be have a record number of asspulls in the entire series, just to re-establish a workable premise.

  • People are expecting JJ Abrams to come in and "save" or "fix" the plot? The guy who writes mystery boxes? His track record of solving them is, in my opinion... not great.

    Don't get me wrong, he's really good at setting up a storyline and generating interest in a continuing storyline. I'm just not really sold on his "wrapping up a storyline" skills.

  • I watched Hacksaw Ridge last night and it was phenomenal.