Last movie you watched

  • I watched Pixars Coco today. During most of the movie I thought to myself that it is really unspectacular and plot was way too predictable but at the end it still got me. Has been since Toy Story 3 that a pixar movie had a somewhat emotional impact on me.

  • Watched Depth Perception last night, which was kind of a Warren Miller-esque snowboarding movie. (RIP)

    Tonight, watching the entire 2017 Academy Award short films program.

  • Decent year for Oscar Shorts.

    Strong live action category. My predictions are:

    What I want to win - The Silent Child. Essentially a really well done PSA about our general failure to meet the needs to deaf children in education.

    Dark Horse: DeKalb Elementary. Nerve wracking real time re-creation of a mentally ill man walking into an elementary school with a rifle and being talked down by the receptionist. I thought it all happened too fast while watching it, but as I came home and looked it up, it's filmed in real time with the actual event, which is scary and kind of amazing. 21 minutes.

    Not Gonna Win But Really Well Done: The Eleven O'Clock
    Kind of predictable, but excellent sketch comedy. Two men in a psychiatrists office, one of them is really a psychiatrist, the other has delusions that he's a psychiatrist. WHICH IS WHICH. Aside from the obvious plotholes in the scenario, Quite funny!

    Watu Wote is an intense recreation of an event that took place in Kenya in 2015 where a group of Muslims on a bus hid a Christian woman travelling with them from an extremist Al-Shabaab terrorist death squad looking to kill Christians. It just didn't do much outside recreate the event. Which seems horrible, and apparently is a pretty frequent occurance on the border between Kenya and Somalia.

    Animated Category felt a little light this year. There's a Kobe Bryant ... well... advertisement for himself I guess? Directed by Disney heavyweight Glenn Keane and scored by John Friggin Williams, but I'm not as in love with Kobe as Kobe apparently is, this is something that didn't hit for me.

    There's an adaptation of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Part One (and I love me some Roald Dahl), but Disney has seemingly already trodden all over Snow White and the huntsman, Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf, and the Three Pigs. It's a cute story, but I didn't feel like the narrative was interesting. Cute but kind of generic animation.

    There's a Pixar short, LOU... because, there's probably always a Pixar short, and it's as polished and heart-string-tuggy as you'd expect from a Pixar movie. This will probably win, but I hope it doesn't.

    Garden Party is probably the best looking and most technically impressive animation, but the ending is a littttle too on the nose and shocking, I think this is my dark horse though.

    Negative Space was a pretty touching and poignant short about a man who as a child bonded with his dad over the proper way to pack luggage. As someone who's pretty intent on maximizing efficiency in packing, and my own preferred method being very similar to how it's described in this short - this was my favorite.

  • Semi Pro, possibly Will Ferrell’s best movie IMO

  • Black Panther was really good. I'd say it's pretty easily among the best of MCU. The key to success with the film? Seriousness. This has got to be the MCU film with the least amount of jokes (along with CA: Winter Soldier), and it was absolutely the right call here. It gave the film this certain, I don't know, honesty. Things felt real and important. The plot was kinda simple, but that, too, only worked in favor of the film. Some echoes of Lion King, even, I felt at times.

    The cast was really good, everyone seemed to take things seriously. Great scenes. Boseman is pretty magical as T'Challa, I like him a lot, and man, Michael B. Jordan delivered as Killmonger. MCU's villains haven't often been the most memorable ones, but this one's one of the better ones. Great passion from both men. The women of the film were also really likable and they felt like "whole" characters. Especially the sister seemed almost like a breakthrough role for the actress, and the scenes between the siblings were really enjoyable.

    If Guardians and the newest Thor haven't really been your cups of tea with their cosmic realms and joke barrages (I myself like these, too), then I'd honestly suggest giving Black Panther a chance. It felt like something new from Marvel again with a good, solid story and some fine characters and performances.

  • Yeah, Black Panther was a good movie. It might not be my favourite, but it's certainly in the top tier of MCU movies. I loved that it had its own identity seperate from the MCU, with a unique world and a great soundtrack. It's the first MCU movie I think I could listen to the score and immediately identify the movie.
    The actors were pretty great, with Danai Gurira stealing the show every time she was on screen. Also super happy that it wasn't crammed full of Infinity War nods.
    Absolutely not one I'll watch over and over again, but certainly one of the best to recommend to people who might not care too much about comic book movies.

  • Just watched Millennium Actress. Absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word. If you haven't seen it yet, please rectify that. Satoshi Kon was a genius, and I wish we could've seen all the other great ideas he had brewing in his head.

  • @naltmank Milennium Actress is one of my favorites of his. Have you seen Tokyo Godfathers?

  • @tokyoslim it's the last one of his I have to see. Sort of scared to watch it in case it doesn't fully live up (I hear it's his most saccharine), but it's definitely on my watchlist. I think my order right now of his works is:

    1. Millennium Actress
    2. Perfect Blue
    3. Paranoia Agent
    4. Paprika
    5. Ohayou

    but they're all so good.

  • @naltmank I mean, I guess it is. It's good though. Don't be scared away.

  • @tokyoslim oh, I'll watch it. Just trying to keep my unreasonable expectations in check.

  • @naltmank Let me know what you think. I recommended it to Ian during the Christmas Movie Reaction Shots month, but I don't think he watched it.

  • I watched Justice League and I didn’t really like it. And that is from someone who actually was quite pleased with man of steel and Batman v Superman. Best part was Batman assembling everyone, well Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Afterwards …

    Spoiler: Didn’t like the opening song and some scenes in it. Pretty sure that is Whedons work. Also since it is quite obvious which scenes with Supes are reshoots. What was even his role in Snyders version of the movie? And only 2 hours? The other movies had a lot more “stuff”, good or bad depending how you see it but this was quite bland. Synders movie might have not been a good one but this was just a (soulless) mess.

  • Saw Black Panther in both 3d and 2d today. 2d preferred.

  • @tokyoslim Since Avatar and perhaps TRON: legacy I haven't enjoyed one single film in 3D. Last one I saw was Star Wars: Force Awakens.. The frozen laser shot in the beginning scene was kind of cool, but then I stopped noticing it. Its almost distracting . Watched only 2D and 70mm releases of blockbusters since then.

  • IN THE FADE (Fatih Akin) - amazing thriller/drama about Neo-Nazi killings with Diane Krueger and OST by Josh Homme (QOTSA).

  • Ocean's Eleven for the billionth time. Probably the best movie of all time to put on as background noise.

  • Saw Black Panther on saturday. Absolutely loved it. Great film. You don't need to watch any other Marvel film to understand this one. It's quite political, but you can thoroughly enjoy it (unless you have some annoying kids talking all the time throughout the film like I did)

  • @wouldyoukindly there's been a few movies that I've seen that I felt like it added some cool depth to the frame that otherwise wasn't there, but by and large, only a handful of films like Gravity, and maybe The Walk.

    I think the biggest downside of 3d in this film in particular (I normally do Real3d) is the loss of luminance and vibrancy in 3d.

  • I just realized that Disney's release schedule for 2018 is insane. Black Panther, A Wrinkle in Time, Solo, Ant Man and Wasp, Avengers Infinity War, Incredibles 2, Mulan, Wreck It Ralph 2, and Mary Poppins.