Last movie you watched

  • @Mango I've been wanting to watch this for awhile because I saw the mini series (or was it a tv movie .. I can't remember).. But definitely want to give this a shot!

  • @tokeeffe9 I loved this movie. It didn't really care too much to explain itself and just told its story.

  • I recently watched Sing Street as it is currently on Netflix. It is a heart warming coming of age story with some great original music as well as nods to 80's classics. I found myself rooting for the characters from beggning to end. Highly recommended if you are a fan of music particularly from that era.

  • Rogue One! Went with my sister to see it in the cinema, and had great fun ^^ I am really delighted with the amount of good Star Wars we're getting lately, and hopefully more to come.

  • @Hesperus I would highly recommend it and if you find it hard to watch at first I would encourage you to stick with it because I found the payout to be worthwhile in the end.

    by the time it was done I needed a 2nd season asap

  • Dr. Strange - I went and saw this because Marvel and heard great things about it but I did not like it at all. It's just a personal thing though, I enjoy the superhero movies that are more grounded and based in reality. It visually looked cool and their were fun scenes and funny parts but collectively its not my cup of tea.
    Spectre - It was alright. I definitely liked it better than Quantum of Solace but not as much as Casino Royal.
    Ratchet & Clank - Not a great movie but its one of my favorite game IPs so I wanted to see it. It was decently fun to see all of the throwbacks and jokes from the original 4 games.

  • Saw La La Land in theaters a week ago and absolutely loved it. In a year where Civil War, Doctor Strange, the Little Prince, Rogue One, and more came out, I think this one was my favorite of 2016. The music's been stuck in my head indefinitely, and I have a feeling I'm gonna be a Damien Chazelle fan for the foreseeable future.

    I've also just started the Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass, which has been very interesting, but it had me watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the first time. As someone who's never identified as a "western" fan, I actually really enjoyed it, and it's made me more interesting in checking out others in the genre.

  • I just watched Les Misérables. Dear Lord, this was a magnificent movie! I would have never guessed that I'd enjoy a musical this much, but this grapped me from you-know-where right from the start and didn't let go until 2,5 hours later. So many great performances, so many beautiful and impressing songs. Just wow. And I loved the way they kept coming back time after time, like the very first song, that might have been my favourite. "Look down! Look down! You're standing in your grave." What an awesome piece of cinema, this one.

  • I watched a documentary called Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films. For anyone unaware, Cannon Films was a production company known for their rushed, low-budget, low-quality movies, many with a "funny bad" reputation. Notable titles include American Ninja, Superman IV: Quest for Peace, Delta Force, Captain America: The First Avenger, the Death Wish series (aside from the first one), and, of course, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. I watched it mainly for the laughs, but it was also very interesting. It features interviews from actors, directors, writers, editors, producers, etc, all of whom have crazy stories of working there. I highly recommend it, it's a very entertaining look at the kings of schlock.

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    I saw Jason Bourne finally. I really love the other films and were hopeful for this one. However it felt a little.. thin. Sure were some nice action and "typical" bourne makes weapons out of pens and chair legs, but I had hoped for more. It was like the bad person weren't bad, but then were bad anyway? It had some nice camera work though and one or two intense moments, but the rest were a little too bland. They said "we really wanted to make a good story" but in the end I can't shake the bad after flavour of money grabbing.

  • I saw Swiss Army Man last night. Looking back at 2016, I remember seeing the trailer for this and thinking, "This is going to be my favorite movie of the year." The first hour was absolutely fantastic. It was strange, awkward, funny at bits, it felt like it had something to say but that last half hour? Almost unwatchable in its execution. I know it's more about the journey than the destination but one-third of the entire movie made me roll my eyes multiple times. It seems like all the themes and possibilities got abandoned in lieu of making a joke. Maybe there's some meta-narrative I didn't catch on to where sometimes things don't work out or life is confusing, but that ending left me feeling hollow. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe did an excellent job with their acting though, that part can't be taken away.

  • I watched Sully the other night. It wasn't super memorable but I still thought it was a really good biopic with good performances all around.

    I also watched They Live on HBO tonight. God what a fantastic film

  • Watched The Revenant last night very breathtaking, seeing the struggles of the journey of surviving with the motivation of revengeance.

  • Going to go see La La Land in about an hour.

    Also I bought tickets for later on this month when the new 4k restoration of Tampopo comes to town. One of my favorite movies of all time!
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    The ultimate Noodles and Broth film.

  • Saw La La Land, which I have mixed feelings about.

    Its sense of whimsy, its naivety, is so overbearing I don't know precisely how sincere it is. It also borrows a lot from Jacques Demy's musicals, which are some of the best to use the pleasures of a genre in a critical or ironic way, so I don't know exactly if this film is trying to do the same.

    Its characters are so vapid and short-sighted, and that's all the movie ever gives us. They don't have friends, or families, or collaborators (which is especially worrying given they work in collaborative art forms). They just have dreams, but with what seems like no passion to meaningfully improve their craft.

    But even if this is me giving it too much credit, meaning that if it is meant to be taken earnestly I'd say it doesn't work at all, it doesn't pull this Brechtian dialogue as well as other, more deeply ironic American films of late or other post-musicals have.

  • @Ringedwithtile I just thought it was interesting that for a so-called "love letter to LA" it ended up being a critique on the ultimate hollowness of chasing your dreams and succeeding.

    That being said, the art direction was great. They see a set being built on the studio lot at the beginning of their relationship, and they dance through it at the end, and you realize that the set is a microcosm of the actual film you just watched from the freeway in the opening, to Griffith Observatory. There's some visual layers of inception in this film that may bear some repeat viewing.

  • "Warriors" been on an MMA kick lately (no pun intended) and someone suggested it. Actually pretty cool story to go along with it.

    Looking forward to watching Assassins Creed despite the reviews I've heard so far.

  • Back from hiatus and lots of films so rapid-fire.
    Honorable mentions:
    Nocturnal animals 7/10. Feels like a double feature making one highly more entertaining than the other. Writers will love it.
    Blair Witch 7/10. Pseudo remake-sequel that was a fun ride. Nothing more.
    Sing and Moana 8/10. Solid animated flicks but nothing exceptional.
    Doctor Strange 8/10. Visually sets the bar for special effects heavy films. Tippiest sequence in years.
    Manchester by the Sea 8/10. Heavy drama, People were holding in fluids in the theater.
    Moonlight 8/10. Important film, go in as blind as possible.

    Arrival 9/10. Best alien flick in years. Very realistic and optimistic. Every scene with the extraterrestrials moved me beyond words.
    Why Him? 9/10. Favorite comedy of year with return to form from James Franco. Cranston brings the gravitas and they go all out on the generational humor.
    And my movie of the years is... Lion 10/10. Go in as blind as possible but all i will say is India has 1.2 billion people on an earth of 7 billion and this movie makes you FEEL it. Filled with culture and emotion but also some dark and important secrets that come to light. Check it out people i promise you won't be disappointed.

  • @pinecone man I haven't even heard of a lot of these. Will definitely have to scope a few out!

  • In preparation for a podcast I'll be guest starring in regarding movie villains, I watched Deadpool for the first time. Like most Marvel movies, the villain wasn't too great in this one and I'm certainly feeling Marvel fatigue but it was still different enough to be entertaining. My knowledge on Mr. Wade is pretty minimal so I couldn't tell you whether it follows the source material well but it had a decent amount of violence and jokes to set it apart from the standard family friendly Marvel movies. Since I hear rumors of a sequel, hopefully they'll push the boundaries even farther, especially now that they don't have to tell an origin story.

    In Huber's realm, my theater starts showing this tonight:

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    I'm interested slightly because I'm getting some definite cannibalism vibes (which also makes me curious about Raw) but some of the descriptions I've read liken this close to torture porn which.... is off-putting in several ways. Taking a gander at the tags used on imdb to describe the movie (here) has made me even more skeptical but if time permits, I'll still check it out sometime this week.