Last movie you watched

  • @naltmank Let me know what you think. I recommended it to Ian during the Christmas Movie Reaction Shots month, but I don't think he watched it.

  • I watched Justice League and I didn’t really like it. And that is from someone who actually was quite pleased with man of steel and Batman v Superman. Best part was Batman assembling everyone, well Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Afterwards …

    Spoiler: Didn’t like the opening song and some scenes in it. Pretty sure that is Whedons work. Also since it is quite obvious which scenes with Supes are reshoots. What was even his role in Snyders version of the movie? And only 2 hours? The other movies had a lot more “stuff”, good or bad depending how you see it but this was quite bland. Synders movie might have not been a good one but this was just a (soulless) mess.

  • Saw Black Panther in both 3d and 2d today. 2d preferred.

  • @tokyoslim Since Avatar and perhaps TRON: legacy I haven't enjoyed one single film in 3D. Last one I saw was Star Wars: Force Awakens.. The frozen laser shot in the beginning scene was kind of cool, but then I stopped noticing it. Its almost distracting . Watched only 2D and 70mm releases of blockbusters since then.

  • IN THE FADE (Fatih Akin) - amazing thriller/drama about Neo-Nazi killings with Diane Krueger and OST by Josh Homme (QOTSA).

  • Ocean's Eleven for the billionth time. Probably the best movie of all time to put on as background noise.

  • Saw Black Panther on saturday. Absolutely loved it. Great film. You don't need to watch any other Marvel film to understand this one. It's quite political, but you can thoroughly enjoy it (unless you have some annoying kids talking all the time throughout the film like I did)

  • @wouldyoukindly there's been a few movies that I've seen that I felt like it added some cool depth to the frame that otherwise wasn't there, but by and large, only a handful of films like Gravity, and maybe The Walk.

    I think the biggest downside of 3d in this film in particular (I normally do Real3d) is the loss of luminance and vibrancy in 3d.

  • I just realized that Disney's release schedule for 2018 is insane. Black Panther, A Wrinkle in Time, Solo, Ant Man and Wasp, Avengers Infinity War, Incredibles 2, Mulan, Wreck It Ralph 2, and Mary Poppins.

  • Saw Black Panther last night, enjoyed it, despite the projector making everything blurry and washed out

  • I ran the BANFF Film and Book Festival here at work yesterday, which mostly caters to a lot of appreciating the outdoors and things of that nature. That was one extremely short film (about 5 minutes in length) that I absolutely fell in love with so I figured I'd share. It's so fun, well shot and edited, and it has a backing track from The Avalanches.

    Youtube Video

  • Saw Mute. Thought it was... just ok.

  • Going to the science fiction and fantasy short film festival today. 5ish hours of selected shorts. Will report back with any standouts.

  • @tokyoslim Well Mulan was pushed back to 2019, but you missed Christopher Robin. It should be an amazing year for them, even if Solo ends up disappointing.

  • @tokyoslim I actually showed up a month early. It is not until 3/24. Lol whoops. Looks like I'm gonna see something else!

  • A Clockwork Orange yesterday. Weird film...

  • Saw Annihilation, and I'm starting to think Alex Garland doesn't really like people. lol 3.5 stars. Round up to 4 if you prefer whole stars.

  • @tokyoslim are the people smarter than in Ex Machina? Those guys were sooo stupid; it really took me out of that one.

  • @ringedwithtile I'm not here to administer IQ tests to fictional characters. lol

    (i learned that from Ex-Machina)

  • I just watched the short film of Papers Please which apparently came out yesterday.

    Youtube Video

    I think it is pretty ok especially considering its length, but it has nowhere near the impact the game has which I honestly think is one of the best games ever made.