Last movie you watched

  • @mango It's nuts because it's showing on 2/3 of the screens at my local arthouse cinema. I dont remember when the last time something showed on 2 screens there was...

  • @mango Releases worldwide on April 13th, thankfully. We've been getting pummeled with questions as to why we're not showing it here and people seem to refuse to believe we weren't one of the select theaters to release it a bit early. Looks jolly, although Fantastic Mr. Fox ranks pretty low on my scale of Wes Anderson films, so I'm curious to see how much I'll enjoy this one.

  • We have to wait until May for Isle of Dogs here unless w happen to get a prescreening but I'm pretty pumped to see it, even though I've seen many comments just like yours that the movie is not all that, it still looks really appealing to me.

  • It's not that it's bad. It's a perfectly fine film. It might even be in my top 3 or 4 Wes Anderson films. But I'm not really Wes Anderson fan, so I can only judge it from that perspective. It's very well done.

  • Ready Player One. Honestly, could have used some more world building in the beginning. Movie has a good to great middle section, and then the ending seems rushed. Instantaneous romace. Lots of pop culture stuff that actually kind of distracted me in some instances. I was like "ohhh... look - Mortal Kombat! ... wait what just happened?" The licensing on this movie has GOT to be an incredible story. I want to see a documentary on that. I was worried that all of the Japanese stuff from the book was going to get replaced by western stuff, but they actually got quite a bit of it in there and it made me happy.
    I feel like the book did a much better job of setting up the last act. They took a bunch of stuff out, swapped a few characters around, and it just doesn't hit the same note to me. Unfortunately because it's my favorite part of the book.

    Cast did a good job with what they were given. But in some cases their characters were pretty one note. It's a good, but flawed YA adventure story. Kind of like The Goonies + Charlie and the Chocolate Factory + The Matrix + pretty much the entire 1980s and 90's as set dressing. It's a good Spielberg movie, but it's not anything that's going to impact his legacy one way or another. C+

  • Ready Player One

    This is, imo, a perfect popcorn blockbuster.
    It's not great in terms of characters and story, but it was just so much fun to see these action scenes and set pieces, not to mention the fun of seeing things you love all over the place.
    It can be super heavy handed with references, but some of my faves are the ones that aren't focused on.
    Also liked the soundtrack a lot, there were some great classic soundtrack music used.
    So it's probably a C grade movie, but for fun value it was a solid A.
    I will be interested to see how that changes over other viewings. Can not wait til the Blu Ray comes out and I can see everything.

  • I'm watching Rizzoli & Isles, but the last film I watched was Taken 3 on TV. Watchable, but not great.

  • Seeing Ramen Heads tonight.

    Youtube Video

  • Ramen Heads was cool. Basically a look inside the kitchens of some of the top Ramen "masters" in Tokyo. The main guy basically shows you the whole thing. I could try to recreate it and it would turn out disgusting! The whole deal is timing and flavor profiling and concentrating flavors... it's pretty cool.

    That being said, the flow of the doc is broken up pretty hard by what, in my opinion SHOULD be the opening intro - animated history lesson of Ramen in Japan. I have no idea why it's plopped down in the middle of the doc like it is. Quickly goes over a few of the more popular varieties of soup stock. (shio/shoyu/miso/tonkatsu/etc.)

    I have a few new places to try next time I'm in Tokyo. If you like ramen, this will make you hungry.

    Happy National Ramen Day, by the way.

  • A quiet place is about the jump-scariest thing I've seen in a while, but super good. Tension ratchets up nearly unbearably. It earns the jumps, but if you're real sensitive to that, there's like 8 of them.

    Audio cues and scoring is top notch
    Monsters are cool.

  • Saw it too over the weekend, one of the best horror movies I've seen in a long while, very original and cool premise and perfect execution.

  • Rampage. It, along with SFII: The Animated Movie and Mortal Kombat, is the best movie based off a game. I had a wonderful time.

  • Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

    Far better than I expected it to be, and I much preferred it to the original which only had Robin Williams going for it.
    In terms of video game movies, this one continues the trend of movies inspired by video games being far superior to movies based on them.
    I also appreciated that the ending didn't go completely in the direction I expected. Also surprised that I didn't hate Kevin Hart, but Jack Black really did steal the show.


  • Was gonna go out and watch another movie last night after dinner, but took a nap and then watched Queen of the Damned on Netflix. RIP Aaliyah

  • Finders Keepers.

    Probably the most cliche horror film I've watched in 5 years. It did nothing good, and what it copied, it didn't do well. You'd have to be a complete newcomer to enjoy this one

  • @tokyoslim I used to listen to that soundtrack on repeat...

  • @inustar I had forgotten that Jonathan Davis (of Korn) wrote a lot of the songs on the soundtrack, but couldn't perform them due to contract stipulations.

  • @tokyoslim Yeah, he did it in the movie but wasn't allowed to for the soundtrack release. It's great trivia to have... I don't get to use it much since no one likes that movie.
    I do really like the use of different singers on the album.

  • He also cameos in the film as a scalper trying to sell tickets to the Lestat concert for $200

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    The film premiered at least in Finland today. This was very good. The Russo brothers (again) know what they're doing. Thanos is essantially the star of the movie. His presence is truly captivating, I really liked him and how much he was on the center of everything. The threat level couldn't be any more red with him, but he still manages to be presented as a whole character.

    I won't say much otherwise. There are a few really neat and/or shocking surprises which I did not see coming. And please, stay after the credits, you know this already. This might have been my favourite post-credits scene so far during the whole MCU. Sorry for the hype. :)