Last movie you watched

  • Infinity War was good. See it in a theater full of enthusiastic people.

  • Finally got around to seeing Isle of Dogs and man did I love that movie. It was witty and emotional and just so darn artistic. If you have a pet dog I can't see how you wouldn't get a kick out of this movie

  • @tokyoslim I liked it. As with most monster films the more you see of the thing the less scary it becomes. However one of the better horror films ive seen for a while. Not to many good ones around this time. Especially with a fresh idea

  • I watched 2 movies this weekend - which is a major departure for me.

    The first was The Hateful Eight. I am still trying to decide how much I liked this one. The first two hours were incredible and, while my reasoning for this is quite broad, I still don't want to say because it could be a spoiler. The last hour, I felt, did not live up to the standard built by the first two. It was not bad but it was just not at the level of the rest of the film.

    The second was Smokin Aces and I have absolutely decided that I do not like this movie. It felt like the director equivalent to Rebecca Black tried to recreate Snatch but ended up with an even worse version of Rat Race. The acting was ok but that made it even worse because that meant it wasnt' even funny-bad.

  • Saw Starwars episode 8 recently, since i missed it playing in my local cinema.
    Can't really say that i liked it, so much felt forced and/or missplaced.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I personally loooooove Smokin' Aces, but I would not argue it's a good movie at all. It's just the right amount of bad that I enjoyed it. I've heard the sequel is somehow worse though, if that's possible.

  • @sabotagethetruth Ha, fair enough! I think I just should have known what to expect after nobody I knew was too thrilled by it. And we all have guilty pleasures - I recall being super into sky captain and the world of tomorrow when I saw it.

    Also, there is a grocery store right by my office that makes incredible cookies that I most certainly eat every day.

  • I watched Batman Ninja – It`s bad. Story: Gorilla Grodd uses a device that send the Bat family and rogue gallery into “Anime” Japan during the Sengoku period. Getting over the top really fast and reaches some Tengen Toppa scale in ridiculousness but only in checking every anime cliché or something what westerns would think of despite having a (mostly) Japanese staff. Character design is nice and art style is solid despite being 3D animation. But animation feel and probably is at around 10fps which looks terrible. Also getting some characters wrong, especially Damian Robin behaves like a young Dick Grayson.

  • The new Spoiler Mode of Infinity War on Patreon was really, really good. Almost two hours and no filler talk. A solid, passionate conversation from all four around the table. Loved to see and hear their takes and interpretations. Ideas for future and all. Damiani is clearly heavily invested in MCU, which I love as a kindred spirit. And the others, too. Ian's often a cynic like he says himself here, and to see him this impressed felt pretty damn good. And I don't want to spoil more of the Spoiler Mode, but Kyle's story at the beginning. Damn. Thumbs up for sharing.

  • I haven't been in much of a game playing mood but I have certainly been watching some movies!

    Isle of Dogs
    Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors so I don't know why I waited so long on this. Well, I do know why - I didn't care much for Fantastic Mr. Fox and I was worried this would be in a similar vein. Nope, this movie is absolutely lovely and quite possibly the most visually impressive thing I've ever seen. While the story still isn't too incredible, I liked a lot of the characters and some of the music usage here was just top tier. 2nd favorite film of this year.

    A Quiet Place
    One of my favorite things about horror in general is sound design so when you have a movie that is all about sound, chances are I'm going to have a really good time. There's some really clever implementation of sound, such as it cutting out when shot from the perspective of the deaf girl, or when two of the characters are dancing while listening to music. Sure, there's some plot stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense if you think about it too hard, but it's just a fun, entertaining monster movie.

    Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
    Infinity War has me flying high on the Marvel hype train so I decided I'd visit some of the older films I haven't seen yet. While I like this one, I don't think much of it is going to stick with me. Most of it I just view as done decently without much else to say. The only real stand-outs are Yondu/Michael Rooker and Rocket Raccoon, both characters knock it out of the park.

  • Watched You Were Never Really Here.
    Tough watch. I understand the conceptual goal of the audio mix, it being representative of the disassociation and violence, and being overwhelmed by a mental illness, but in practice, it was super fatiguing. The film itself plays out like a version of Taken, from the point of a person with PTSD suffering delusions and suicidal depression. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, I'd probably skip it. :)

    One of those moviesI'm glad I saw, but am never going to watch again, and am hesitant to endorse everyone seeing.

    Also watched Infinity War again.

  • @tokyoslim Yeah, the trailer didn't really sell me on that one, especially with all of the emphasis on the hammer.

  • I'll be watching 30+ movies between now and June 10th. It's film festival time!

  • Yo, Mad Max Fury Road is so damn good!

  • @ikataishou Just watched this today.
    Would not say it was a good movie though. Damian was super out of character, except his spot on love of animals, and the voice acting, while not terrible, seemed like it was on a weird budget. Most of the voice actors did multiple roles, which wasn't too bad since most of the villains were barely in the movie.

    But I had fun with it, seemed like they were deliberately going for the anime cliches. Would suggest this to people purely for that last bat shit insane fight sequence.

    Also for some reason I laughed when Tim got confused at the sudden female monkey showing up.... a sentence that I hope confuses everyone who reads it.

  • I just watched The Place Beyond The Pines the other day. A very interesting watch. Ryan Gosling is one of my (if not my) favorite actors and HE KILLED IT IN THIS MOVIE! The second act loses a little bit of its footing but it's an engaging movie that reminds me that actions have consequences, not just for yourself, but those around you. Great film.

  • Finally saw The Last Jedi. What a hot mess that was. Yikes!

  • Finally got around to watching Dunkirk after meaning to see it for so long.

    Not too sure what I make of it; didn't really blow me away on first viewing. Maybe I've been hyping it up too much in my head, and expect too much from every Nolan film.

    Think I'll need to re-watch it in a couple of weeks or so to get a better grasp of it. Not seeing it in theatres might have been a mistake, just like with Interstellar.

  • I watched Black Panther: Civil War two weeks ago or so. Right after the viewing I felt like I don’t have any opinion. Wasn’t great but wasn’t so bad either, but also nothing I really liked.

    Stupid/Bad: Drinking something to get depowered in a lengthy scene, twice. - Guys walking into a Casino = James Bond? (Press) - Weapon attack dismantles Car but leaves Driver seat intact. - Killmongers plot to getting into Wakanda. - Only getting told about racism and stuff (from the evil psychopath) against blacks … all over the world? - Checking some stereotypes (e.g. during flash backs, easy civil war)

  • Just finished watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watched all 12 seasons in under two months. I love those five, this show has just the perfect comedy for my taste. They're all so selfish, mean, stupid, absurd and over the top, yet also so freaking lovable as well. It's the perfect mix. :) S10E04, "Charlie Work", is propably my favourite episode out of all of them, that was pure genius, the Birdman style.

    Here's a neat tribute I found:
    Youtube Video