Last movie you watched

  • Watched You Were Never Really Here.
    Tough watch. I understand the conceptual goal of the audio mix, it being representative of the disassociation and violence, and being overwhelmed by a mental illness, but in practice, it was super fatiguing. The film itself plays out like a version of Taken, from the point of a person with PTSD suffering delusions and suicidal depression. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, I'd probably skip it. :)

    One of those moviesI'm glad I saw, but am never going to watch again, and am hesitant to endorse everyone seeing.

    Also watched Infinity War again.

  • @tokyoslim Yeah, the trailer didn't really sell me on that one, especially with all of the emphasis on the hammer.

  • I'll be watching 30+ movies between now and June 10th. It's film festival time!

  • Yo, Mad Max Fury Road is so damn good!

  • @ikataishou Just watched this today.
    Would not say it was a good movie though. Damian was super out of character, except his spot on love of animals, and the voice acting, while not terrible, seemed like it was on a weird budget. Most of the voice actors did multiple roles, which wasn't too bad since most of the villains were barely in the movie.

    But I had fun with it, seemed like they were deliberately going for the anime cliches. Would suggest this to people purely for that last bat shit insane fight sequence.

    Also for some reason I laughed when Tim got confused at the sudden female monkey showing up.... a sentence that I hope confuses everyone who reads it.

  • I just watched The Place Beyond The Pines the other day. A very interesting watch. Ryan Gosling is one of my (if not my) favorite actors and HE KILLED IT IN THIS MOVIE! The second act loses a little bit of its footing but it's an engaging movie that reminds me that actions have consequences, not just for yourself, but those around you. Great film.

  • Finally saw The Last Jedi. What a hot mess that was. Yikes!

  • Finally got around to watching Dunkirk after meaning to see it for so long.

    Not too sure what I make of it; didn't really blow me away on first viewing. Maybe I've been hyping it up too much in my head, and expect too much from every Nolan film.

    Think I'll need to re-watch it in a couple of weeks or so to get a better grasp of it. Not seeing it in theatres might have been a mistake, just like with Interstellar.

  • I watched Black Panther: Civil War two weeks ago or so. Right after the viewing I felt like I don’t have any opinion. Wasn’t great but wasn’t so bad either, but also nothing I really liked.

    Stupid/Bad: Drinking something to get depowered in a lengthy scene, twice. - Guys walking into a Casino = James Bond? (Press) - Weapon attack dismantles Car but leaves Driver seat intact. - Killmongers plot to getting into Wakanda. - Only getting told about racism and stuff (from the evil psychopath) against blacks … all over the world? - Checking some stereotypes (e.g. during flash backs, easy civil war)

  • Just finished watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watched all 12 seasons in under two months. I love those five, this show has just the perfect comedy for my taste. They're all so selfish, mean, stupid, absurd and over the top, yet also so freaking lovable as well. It's the perfect mix. :) S10E04, "Charlie Work", is propably my favourite episode out of all of them, that was pure genius, the Birdman style.

    Here's a neat tribute I found:
    Youtube Video

  • Deadpool 2 was a bit of a disappointment. Sure, I kind of chuckled throughout the whole movie, but it never evolved into a real laughter. The first half was surprisingly calm and long-ish, then with the X-Force and onwards from that things moved a bit faster.

    Domino was very sexy, liked her. And seeing Rob Delaney always makes me happy. Vanisher's cameo was a lol moment. Some funny shit in the credits, but once they actually start rolling, you can leave, there was nothing in the end-end this time.

  • @sentinel-beach Always Sunny is one of my favorite shows, period. I know a lot of people dismiss it as something lesser - just vulgar or dumb, but it's insanely well written and acted. Charlie Work is absolutely incredible as well, one of my favorites too!

  • @rarmstar you do realize what this means right?

    time to build a theater in your home...

  • First Reformed:

    Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried star in legendary writer-director Paul Schrader's gripping new thriller about a small-town chaplain struggling with his faith who is plunged into his own tormented past, and equally despairing future, until he finds redemption in an act of grandiose violence.

    I think the performances from Hawke and Seyfreid were good, understated, and tense. There's good and bad in this film, I was absorbed into this, but the blurb above teases something that isn't really there. Ultimately I don't feel like they earned the ending they presented.

    Youtube Video

  • Tully featuring Charlize Theron going through the complications of motherhood.
    Great film, recommended for everyone, know what your mother goes through :p

  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin is back up on Netflix, so I watched that again. It's such a classic. Every time I watch it, it feels like I catch something I missed the previous million times.

  • Sweet Country:
    Set in the majestic Australian outback, director Warwick Thornton's (Samson and Delilah) slow-burn indigenous Western follows an Aboriginal ranch hand struggling against the bitterly divided frontier society that has forced him to go on the run after a violent act of self-defense.

    The aboriginal cast and Sam Neill are all great. There's a lot of complex racism and motivations in this that I can't immediately unpack. There's a part of this movie where a posse of white lawmen are chasing a fleeing aboriginal worker and his wife though the outback, while stumbling over all kinds of traps and such that reminds me so much of Crocodile Dundee that it kind of took me out of it.
    Youtube Video

  • Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit:

    Meet the fascinating felines and the people who pamper then in this whimsical look at the ins and outs of Canada's competitive cat show circuit, where the claws come out when a Turkish Angora and an adorable fluffy red Persian face off to take home the national award for Best in Show.

    This was a very entertaining doc if you like or are morbidly fascinated by pageant parents or the comedy mockumentary Best In Show. These are real people though... well, Canadians. People who somehow convince cats to sit there and be blow dried, groomed, pampered, and manhandled by complete strangers that then judge them based on... guidelines that my comedy brain basically equates to floofiness, THICCCCNES, and willingness to play with string and then just stop when string is moved one inch out of reach.

    Youtube Video

  • Hearts Beat Loud:

    A widowed hipster father (Nick Offerman) goads his talented daughter (Kiersey Clemons, Dope) into forming an unlikely, and incredibly catchy, pop band during her final summer before college in director Brett Haley's (The Hero) sweet, harmonious family fable.

    A great musical feel good family bonding movie. It got me in the feels. The music is excellent, Kiersey Clemons has a great voice. Movie also does a great job in being inclusive. Ted Danson is back behind the bar! Recommended!

    Youtube Video

  • American Animals:

    Turning the heist movie inside out, filmmaker Bart Layton (The Imposter) exhilaratingly dramatizes the outrageous story of four dimwitted college friends who, inspired by their favorite films, hatch a preposterous scheme to steal a multimillion-dollar rare book collection.

    This is much more documentary than last year's I,Tonya - the narration and recollection and explanations are provided by the actual parties, their parents, teachers and the victim.

    It's a look inside how boredom, privilege, entitlement, and naivety can combine to weave a fascinating story of people making the worst decisions or the dumbest decisions of their lives in order just to feel special. This would be a good double feature with fight club.

    Youtube Video