Last movie you watched

  • I recently got into Anime in April. After watching a few shows I decided to go through some popular anime movies in a few days.

    I watched: My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Akira, and The Boy and the Beast.

    I have to say, the Boy and The Beast is great if anyone wants a mature anime movie, that still has a bit of "Ghibli Charm"

  • @cptcobblepot said in Last movie you watched:

    I have to say, the Boy and The Beast is great if anyone wants a mature anime movie, that still has a bit of "Ghibli Charm"

    You should check out Hosoda's stuff, Summer Wars, which is my favorite of his, and also The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Wolf Children.

  • @tokyoslim Okay, I will definitely do that! I have been wanting to watch Wolf Children for a while, just haven't gotten around to it. I will add those to my list.

  • @cptcobblepot I'm not a big anime guy, but I love Ghibli. Kiki's Delivery Service is super underrated in my opinion.. my second favorite behind Princess Mononoke I think

  • @faaip That is so funny you mentioned Kiki as your favorite! I just watched Kikis Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky today.

    My wife and I absolutely loved the charm and simpleness of Kikis Delivery Service! I think the other Ghibli movies can be more favored because of the action/adventure aspect and deeper plots. But, Kikis really clicked with me.

  • @cptcobblepot Yes! I love how simple it is overall but how subtle details really nail the feeling of leaving and trying to make it on your own for the first time.

    For some reason I had it on vhs as a kid and remember finding it kind of boring but also being fascinated by it. It just has a totally different rhythm compared other kids movies that were out then.. there's nothing flashy about it at all. Also, I love Jiji like more than I can describe hahaha

    @TokyoSlim I feel like I've been hearing about Hosoda and his films a lot lately. I'm taking that as a sign and adding them to my list hehe

  • @cptcobblepot Castle in the Sky is my personal favorite, since it's the one I grew up watching the most (I apparently used to watch that, Nausicaa, and old Atom Boy/Leo VHSes on repeat when I was like 2 years old). The music in that movie is otherworldly, but I also recognize it's among Miyazaki's more conventional movies in terms of story. still, it's just so fun to watch.

  • @naltmank It sounds like Castle in the Sky is a favorite among many Ghibli fans. I think that the whole movie being an adventure and just two kids finding their way to this amazing city was fun for me. The characters they meet along the way kept me invested in the story. Nausicaa looks interesting to me. It has a weird concept, but I am sure I will enjoy it!

    Once I finish all of Miyazakis Ghibli films, I will have a favorite I'm sure.

  • I'm not that huge into watching movies personally, and while I loved the first two Spider-Man movies as a kid I've never seen The Amazing Spider-Man or its sequel, nevermind any of the MCU movies. That said I just finished watching Spider-Man: Homecoming and had a blast. Great movie with a lot of great moments. The Vulture was easily my favorite character, I'm always down for a villain that isn't just one-note "blarrgh I'm evil" like that. If I had any complaints it'd be that the movie felt almost too jokey at times, but I think the fact that the main cast was a bunch of high schoolers helped offset that feeling so it didn't bother me too much; I just don't think I'd be able to get behind that tone in general is all. I'm planning to pick up the Spider-Man game later today and this was the perfect mood setter.

  • Searching, not a bad movie but it all takes place on a computer screen and that can get annoying after a while

  • I just saw La Haine, a 90s French film about civil unrest in the projects. All I can say is "wow." It is truly a phenomenal film that is a must watch for everyone. It perfectly captures the essence and struggle of the poor minority population in France, and the kind of shit they have to go through every day. It toys with your emotions frequently, and often lulls you into a false sense of security. I had to take a 10 minute break after viewing just to decompress.

  • Finally got around to watching Justice League. The first half of the movie is alright. The last like, thirty minutes or so is just... bad.

  • I watched Mandy yesterday. Whew! I generally tend to lean towards the side of people that don't like Nic Cage but he is such a good fit for the pace of this movie. Kinda slow but immensely trippy in the beginning, followed by some just sheer madness and brutality towards the end. Really great axe and that Cheddar Goblin commercial had me laughing like crazy. It feels like this film was made on another plane of existence at times, which I absolutely appreciate.

  • Netflix live action adaptation of Bleach.

    Surprisingly good. There's been a handful of good live action anime adaptations, but they are rare. Anime usually works best as anime for a reason. For every Rouroni Kenshin, there's like 10 Death Notes. This is a solid B+

  • The Predator C-

    a solid and entertaining first two acts is absolutely flushed down the toilet for a rushed and poorly filmed final stand, and a stupid macguffin reveal that doesn't make any damn sense at all.

  • A Simple Favor C+

    A bunch of pretty people double crossing each other. About halfway through the movie, you realize the person you thought you were supposed to be rooting for/audience surrogate is just as morally corrupt as everyone else and then it's just a race to see which person can be the most manipulative and underhanded. On one hand it's an interesting idea, but aside from Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in designer clothes and occasionally kissing - if that's your thing - this movie is just kind of shallow.

  • Hold the Dark - Despite having a lot of elements that I like in a movie, it just left me feeling kind of meh. Also, I hate movies where all the characters whisper at each other.. no one does that.

  • The Sisters Brothers B+ or an A-

    I'm gonna have to watch this again. Joaquin Phoenix, John C Reilly, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Riz Ahmed are all excellent in it. Pacing is great. Desplat has another Oscar-worthy score IMO that conjured up immediate comparisons to Philippe Sarde for me (there's some Western influences, but a lot of it sounded equally influenced by 1970's French crime films) Cinematography not being as brilliant as the rest of it is my only real criticism. But it was serviceable. I think this is going on my list of favorite things this year.

  • Venom

    I was excited to watch a bad movie and figured this would be amazing in how awful it was. Unfortunately, it's bad... but not exactly entertaining with being terrible. Tom Hardy makes this film bearable but there is just so much time setting up the bad guy and how he acquires his symbiote, that I would start laughing every time a scene pertaining to those things popped up. You really just want to see Venom interact with Eddie Brock and while those are the best moments of the film, there's just not enough of them. I really can't recommend this one to anyone, even fans of Spidey and his cast of villains probably wouldn't dig it too much.

    The Fly

    On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, I finally decided to watch Cronenberg's classic for the first time. Hot damn, I loved it. Although Goldblum's character does eventually turn into the villain of the film, you still feel sympathetic towards him the entire film. Since it's Cronenberg, there's some lovely/disgusting/fleshy shots spewed across the movie and I found myself actually recoiling in my chair - it's rare anything has such a physical impact on me. The abortion scene? That's going to stick with me for a long, long time. This is defo a movie I want to return to in the future.