Last movie you watched

  • @sheria yep. Some things about the writing really bugged me, but many people didn't seem to mind it.

  • Beetlejuice

    Watched this for probably the 20th time and it's still absolutely remarkable. It's just a perfect blend of cozy, unknown, ghost story, comedy, all mixed into something timeless and infinitely rewatchable. I paid more attention to the writing and set design this go around... and of course, Michael Keaton just knocking the performance out of the stratosphere.

  • Galveston and Ant Man and the Wasp

    Galveston I wanted to be where Drive (2013) left off. But it turned out to be kind of a biopic and less a film. Mediocre in some parts but original interpretation and the whole feel of the main character made it a pretty good crime film for a modern setting.

    I really liked Ant Man. It was pretty genre savvy, even if I was a bit "eh" with how the characters were handled. Good actors, bad scenes (maybe the arcs (story) felt rinse and repeat - but I really liked the charm and how they made it their own.)
    Phew: The reviews are the same for this a lot.
    Yeah, the dialogue was pretty poor - they didn't really make it believable.

  • Dead Alive

    I still can't believe this is a Peter Jackson film. I feel mixed on this one though - the last 30 minutes is immensely gory, slapstick, and overall entertaining, but the first two acts had me so distracted with the main character's behavior. His choices and motivations don't make much sense, he treats his love interest like garbage, and yet... we're given a few scenes that are obviously trying to paint him as a good guy. I would have liked to see someone with more personality fill the role but other than that, it was a pretty fun watch. Honestly, if I ever feel like watching this one again, I may just skip to the last 30 minutes... and the scene with a priest kung-fu fighting some zombies.

  • I was kind of lukewarm on The Deuce last season but I'm enjoying this one quite a bit. Its settling into the characters a bit more and starting to tell more interesting stories.

  • Suspiria (2018).

    Well, I dunno. Which, I guess is pretty much the same feeling I had when I saw the original. So maybe you'll like it?

  • Solo was a decent film. I came into it expecting a horrible Star Wars movie, and got a fairly unexpected plot. It wasn't too predictable (with one or two exceptions), and they took a lot of free license.
    Best part was the action and it was surprisingly violent (compared to Force Awakens), The cameos are silly.
    If I took it seriously I'd dislike the portrayal of Han Solo but good action + surprising movie level violence (vs Force Awakans).

  • Finished Castlevania Season 2 last night. Slow burn first few episodes, as pointed out in the Spoiler Mode, more political intrigue than I was expecting in an animated show ostensibly about killing Dracula. The action sequences and gore are very satisfying when the season does get rolling. Lets go Season 3.

    3.5/5 stars

  • Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen maaaaay be my favorite band of all time. Generally that means I know too much history and rumor to have fully suspended my belief. I'd like to see the movie that Sasha Baron Cohen wanted to do. While Remi Malek is great in this, it takes a minute to get used to his face. While Freddie's teeth were prominent, they really put the focus on them a lot in this film, and occasionally it looks like the teeth may be causing Malek problems.

    That being said, it's unfair to score this film based on what I wish it was.

    I'm giving it another half a star for

    dressing up Mike Meyers as a record exec that tells Queen that kids are never going to head bang to Bohemian Rhapsody in their cars.

    3.5 / 5

  • A Wrinkle in Time

    Good kids movie. Mediocre adult movie. It's been like 30 years since I read the source material, but going by memory, it seems like the book has been condensed a LOT.
    Colorful visuals, very simple uplifting narrative. quick-ish pacing. an 8 year old me would really dig this movie. 38 year old me is giving it 2.5/5 though

  • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

    To be fair, I watched both films as a double header but I don't have as much to say about Excellent Adventure; it's excellent and I've loved it ever since the first time I saw it. Bogus Journey I had only heard about until now and it feels like a fever dream almost. As if time travel wasn't enough, now we've got the subject matter of death, the afterlife, aliens, and robots to contend with. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it, it just felt like a sequel where very few ideas were cut and it can feel like a bit much at times, especially since they re-use a decent number of jokes from the first film. Since a third is essentially confirmed at this point, I'm curious what direction the series will go in. I'm not sure how you get more insane than this one but I wouldn't mind them going back to something a little less complex, like the original.

  • watched Dirty Harry for the first time

  • Finally got around to watching Solo. Some of the worst writing I've seen in a very long time, although I've been pretty selective with movies recently so I'm sure there's worse out there. Occasionally entertaining but ultimately forgettable. C-

  • Used PSVR to watch Wheels On Meals. Picture quality didn't matter much because it was a dvd and I could just lie down. Of course it can be a bit tiresome to your eyes but luckily it's not a long movie. Choreography is still excellent and it's a shame the trio didn't make more movies together than just a few. 4/5

  • Wind River
    I'm somewhat conflicted on this movie. There were moments that were transcendent, but then there were times where the film was almost comically sad. It reminded me of The Sweet Hereafter in that sense - a great movie, but one that gets occasionally bogged down in its own misery. The performances were uniformly solid, with Renner in particular showcasing his range. My biggest criticism with the film is not really with the film, but it's still something I couldn't shake the whole time I was watching it: for how much the film is about highlighting the Native American experience and the unique difficulties their communities face, it's really frustrating to me that the lead is a white male. There was a moment near the end where Renner talks about his "family's people," and how much they've lost. I couldn't help but think that it would've been 10x more powerful coming from a Native American's mouth. Not a fair criticism, though, so I won't dock the film for it on the whole. B+

  • The Night Comes For Us - The plot is pretty paper-thin but the action is top notch and it goes off the rails pretty early on. Really brutal and really gory.. lots of fun

  • Suspiria (2018)

    Thom Yorke does an excellent job with the soundtrack on this one, everything else is just.... bad? Maybe there's some layers I didn't understand here but it all just felt overly pretentious and I'm someone that loves Wes Anderson. A lot of the acting was super stiff, it follows around some characters that don't matter, and even though the conclusion is pretty off the wall, it just never feels earned. Hereditary came out earlier in the year and is similar in pace but it actually explores some interesting concepts and has some incredible acting holding it up. Hard pass.

  • Overlord: Pretty great, fun, intense action. Would watch again 3.5/5

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Hmm.. pretty, deeply flawed. much more actiony than the first film. Motivations seem cheap and unearned. Good CGI. Bad plot devices. Medium acting. 3/5 (but it's basically just a big floofy Zouwu kitty away from being a 2.5)

  • Banned

    Sabrina the teen age witch. The 90s one and NetFlix version.
    I like both. 90s version is fun silly. The Neflix version is excellent it has a darker and creepy.


  • @acidtrip-69 said in Last movie you watched:

    Sabrina the teen age witch. The 90s one and NetFlix version.
    I like both. 90s version is fun silly. The Neflix version is excellent it has a darker and creepy.


    I love the old film and series, but turned off this new thing about 20 mins in. Why would the do that to such a show?


    The Arrival: Absolutely loved it, a fantastic and clever take on first contact. It pretty much avoids plot holes as well, the concept being that our current understanding of both time and space is simply far too simple minded and linear thinking, which is probably true.

    Mama: Another brilliant film by Del Toro. I'm surprised it took me this long to see it.

    The Circle (2017): It came up on Netflix as I'd watched the horror film. It sounded interesting so I gave it a whirl, but switched it off about half way through as it simply housed far too many aspects of the modern world, the internet and social media that I loathe. The big brother aspect wasn't my biggest issue though, the part that truly put me off was when the instructor was giving a tutorial on surveys issued after your assistance and how important it was to maintain close to perfection. It just makes me sick because i know this kind of thing actually happens these days.