Last movie you watched

  • Cam.

    An interesting film with a hard to like, slut of a protagonist, but there's some genuine intrigue created by its premise and delivery. The ending is terrible though, it really doesn't pay off.


    A terrible film really. It held an interesting premise, but they didn't utilise it well whatsoever. When there's films like Seven out there to compare it to, it's just a bit of a joke really.

  • The Christmas Chronicles

    Kurt Russell is a good Santa, but with that beard , I just kept seeing The Thing. Kids will enjoy it. 2.5/5

  • What happened to Monday

    I really enjoyed this film. Its cast was great, it has an interesting premise that it sees through well and there's honestly a lot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. My only complaint is that it is sadly kind of predictable, at least to me.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Obviously, some great music in this film but I didn't leave it feeling as great as I imagined. Malek does an excellent job portraying Mercury on stage, especially during the Live Aid concert, but the melodramatic scenes always felt kinda awkward. I basically loved everything in the movie that focused on the music and creation of it and lost interest with the personal drama.

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  • Only the Brave
    Really enjoyed this one, as I tend to like movies that are based on true stories. It was interesting to learn about the Granite Mountain Hotshots and expresses the gravity of forest fires in a realistic way.

    Crimes of Grindelwald
    I am a dedicated Harry Potter fan and this movie disappointed me. I wanted to enjoy it more, but Rowling is just pushing the limits on the story. Johnny Depp had a great performance as well as Eddie Redmayne, but the movie fell short in to many areas. Lots of magic, not a lot of beasts. i have no clue where this franchise is headed.

    The Meg
    Movie about a giant shark with bad acting. Worth the watch

    The Grinch (2018)
    Cute new take on the Grinch story. Expect the hilarious stupidity of an illumination movie and witty writing

    Mission Impossible: Fallout
    I love the Mission Impossible movies, especially numbers 4 and 1, and this movie fit in great. The action is over the top with its own stunt style, "they will never make it", heart pumping moments. The story connected with the 5th movie, which was a plus in my book. I think it may be time to end them, only because it may be the next Fast and the Furious, but I enjoyed this one a lot.

  • Creed 2

    Rocky IV is one of my personal favorite films (even with its 80s cheese lol) , so it was super cool to see them revisit that portion of Rocky lore. Strong focus on family and humanizing even the opposition. Will add it to my personal collection.

  • Widows:
    Pretty good heist thriller. Some standout performances, Viola Davis is a really good actor. Daniel Kaluuya is kinda scary. Not transcendent or anything though. Slow in parts, the big "twist" is a bit telegraphed. Solid. 3.5/5

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse: Chromatic aberration aside, best Spider-Man movie. 4.5/5

  • The Favorite:
    i think the acting, dialogue, costumes, humor, and cinematography is great. I just don't think I gel with Yorgos Lanthimos for some reason. This is clearly his most accessible film, and its nice to see Emma Stone in a good movie - its just not my speed for some reason. 3/5

    I saw this with someone and it was not ambiguous enough to appeal to her sensibilities, and TOO ambiguous for mine. 2.5/5

  • @tokyoslim I'm seeing The Favourite this weekend. I enjoyed The Lobster but not Sacred Deer as much. Looking forward to this one

  • Tomb Raider (2018)

    Cool set pieces and action. Kinda masochistic, like the reboot it's based off of. Mediocre story, acting... but at least a tomb was raided. 2.5/5

  • @tokyoslim 100% agree. It was probably my fault for expecting a lot out of a video game movie.

  • The Witches
    The Mask
    Jingle all the Way
    Demolition Man

  • Pacific Rim Uprising:

    I actually think this is a more enjoyable, more narratively sound version of the original, which I wanted to love, but just thought it was ok. 3/5

  • I went from liking Vox Lux's first 20 min, to laughing at it when it just abruptly ended (I assume from suffocating to death from having its head up its own posterior) Sia songs were ok, costumes and makeup were good. 1.5/5

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  • The Muppet Christmas Carol is still the best Christmas movie out there and I won't hear any objections.

  • Aquaman - Utterly bonkers. Visually incoherent to the point that it feels like 3 different movies from 6 different directors, at least one of whom must have worked closely with Brendan Fraser in the late 90s/early 2000s. At one point near the end my friend turned to me and said, "What the fuck is this movie?" and I think that sums it up perfectly. One of the dorkiest movies I've ever seen, but also just so, so fun.


  • Mary Poppins is competent, but I think it lacks the focus of the original. It seems like this versions story is built to service the songs, not that the songs are a natural extension of the plot. Also, it feels like there's 20 songs. Could use a touch of restraint in there. 2.5/5

    Bumblebee is a surprisingly good transformers movie. A good story, good direction with an actually relatable protagonist, excellent acting, emotionally touching scenes, friendships and family focused, + giant robots fighting. Prob the apex of what a live TF movie can be. 3.5/5

  • Won't You Be My Neighbor? - I watched this on a plane last night. Mr. Rogers was way before my time but this is an excellent documentary about an amazing man. Definitely recommended if you want something uplifting.