Last movie you watched

  • @tearju-engi Yeaaahh, that has been a problem here at my theater as well. When we first looked at the print, we were wondering if we accidentally got a 3D version. I've dealt with several complaints about it being "blurry" and just had to explain it was intentional.

  • Tomb Raider 2018

    Simply terrible. While I don't necessarily think either of the two previous films were any better, Jolie made a 100% better Lara.

    Looks, Personality, social standing, ability; the new Lara was unidentifiable as Miss Croft as we know her

  • Blackkklansman
    It's a well made movie, but I'm already spoiled on the "real" story and have to view it through the lens of propaganda. It's WELL MADE propaganda, but it's using fictional events to prop up Stallworth as a hero.

    I think this was done exceptionally well for the most part. Only in the most meta moments (such as seeing the word "Netflix" show up as one of the choices you can make did it take me out of it. I've actually gone through it twice now, and gotten two seperate endings. I noticed that it messes with you a bit in the real world too. Changing the runtime of the movie in the listing based on your interactions within the movie. It's kind of like the first Netflix interactive adventure game in a way.

  • It's less than an hour away from 2019 here and i've been watching all the recent Star Wars movies to celebrate. It's crazy how much i love all these movies when i barely can keep myself engaged for the original trilogy.

  • Tombstone

    I've been in a bit of a western mood lately (I wonder why) so I decided to pop this one in, since I haven't seen it. Pretty good overall, one hell of a cast, and Val Kilmer kills it as Doc Holiday, easily the best part of the movie. Wyatt's growing love interest felt so tacked on though. Such a strange way to end the film - him dancing in the snow with her as the narrator explains his wife died from an opium overdose. Happy ending I guess?

    Hopefully I didn't spoil the ending of a 25 year old movie for anyone.

  • The Boy and the Beast

    Hosoda is just a freaking master of animated cinema, not my favorite of his but it was still fantastic.

  • Saw a fair bit of movies in my time off:

    Mission Impossible: Fallout
    I know people don't like Tom Cruise as a person, but he's easily the most bankable American action star and he kills it in this movie. The action in this movie is so well-shot, and I think that's largely due to the fact that Cruise is actually doing it himself; they're showboating how stupid and dangerous he's being, and they want you to fully appreciate how absurd it is. Top tier blockbuster cinema. A

    Isle of Dogs
    I like Wes Anderson. I like his writing. I like his vibe. This movie is too much Wes Anderson. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood, but I found the Wes Anderson style to be more distracting than it's ever been. A couple good scenes here and there save this from being a complete failure for me. B-

    Three Identical Strangers
    I already knew a lot of what was going to happen going in, but it's still an incredible story. My main issue is that the filmmakers had a clear thesis going into this, and I think they unfairly judge a few of their subjects. I always prefer it when documentaries present me with the information and the story in a meaningful way, but allow me to draw my own conclusions. Still worth a watch, though, especially if you don't know what happens. B

    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
    I went into this movie expecting to love it, and I was still caught off guard at how incredible this movie is. Much has already been said about the artistry on display here, but the story, characters, and themes are what makes this movie shine for me. Spoilers below so I can dig into this:

    We're introduced to Miles as he's being sent off to a new, prestigious school on a scholarship he doesn't feel he deserves, and are briefly introduced to the public school friends he's leaving behind. What follows is a sequence in which Miles, a bright kid, is overwhelmed by students he feels are better than him, that truly belong at this school for the gifted, and it's breaking him. His parents believe in him too much to see just how hard this is for him, because they know he can do it. He just doesn't know it. This sets up the most important theme of the movie: you might be different, special, or talented, but when you're surrounded by people that you see as so exceptional, your inadequacies only become that much more apparent. This is compounded when Miles receives his spider powers, and is suddenly thrust into the world of the spider-verse. . I read a critique from someone who was frustrated that Miles feels frustrated for much of the second act, but to me that's entirely the point: He's surrounded by multiple versions of his heroes, and somehow he's supposed to live up to them. It's terrifying, but the only way he can begin to live up to his potential is to have faith in himself. Which brings us to one of my favorite scenes in movie history. When Miles jumps off the building, the glass shatters because he was too tense. It's a visual representation of an often overwrought theme: believing in yourself is scary. But when you do make that leap, and you realize the potential you have within you, you ascend. And it's liberating.

    Ultimately, my love of Spider-Man comes down to this: no other movie, show, book, or game has truly captured the feeling of imposter syndrome the way this movie does, how terrible it can feel when you have all these great expectations thrust upon you, and how you just know you can never live up to them. But you can live up to them, and when you realize that, you can be Spider-Man. A

  • @sabotagethetruth For me, Tombstone is my favourite Western. Not because it's the best, but because it's a lot of fun. And that movie is just packed with great actors.

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

    So I haven't talked much about this here, but I've recently been suffering through pretty severe panic attacks and I'm currently in therapy/seeking medication to figure out what is wrong with my broken brain. One of the times those panic attacks hit hardest? In a dark movie theater with loud sound. This is a major bummer because I love watching movies in their natural habitat AND I get them for free. Luckily, we have certain screenings with people with special needs where the sound is less intense and the lights aren't completely dim, so I was finally able to enjoy a movie in a theater again without freaking out! Has nothing to do with this film, but hey, it did make it a little more enjoyable.

    I think @naltmank summed this up pretty well - it's an excellent film and I'm surprised I ended up enjoying nearly every iteration of Spidey. 2018 had to have been the year of the spider, since we were blessed with a great game and an even better movie.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Hope you feel better! Have you tried winning at fantasy sports? I hear that 9/10 doctors recommend it.