Last movie you watched

  • Free Solo in IMAX:
    I'm a little afraid of heights, and this doc made me grip the arm rests. 4/5

    The Boy Who Would Be King:
    From the director of Attack The Block. Pretty much just aimed at 10 year old kids. Was ok. Selection of previews before the movie really weirded me out.

  • The Mule:
    Hmm. Clint Eastwood is a good director, but I think he should stop doing "gruff, unlovable, racist learns a lesson" movies. Bradley Cooper not Oscar snubbed for his role as cardboard cutout DEA agent who unknowingly bonds with drug mule over work/life balance issues in a diner.


  • Reign of Superman. I really enjoyed it to be honest and I am not the biggest S-man fan. I liked how he was more humanized and I really enjoyed seeing the other Supermen handle the situations of the world. Yeah, there were some minor issue like watching the JL just stand there staring at a collapsing portal and the lack of the Titans but other than that it was a fun run. Loved watching the multiple Supes beat the ever living hell out of one another XD

  • The Favourite

    The only other work I've seen from Yorgos was The Lobster and with all the buzz around The Favourite, I may have set my expectations too high. That's not to say this film isn't enjoyable - there's some genuinely funny moments and some of the manipulation at hand is entertaining to watch. Overall though, this film wasn't as strange or as memorable as The Lobster and the end was a little bizarre. Worth a view, maybe not worth the price of a movie ticket though.

  • Oscar
    A comedy about a gangster who is trying to go straight because of a promise but everything is happening under the roof. Starring Sylvester Stallone.
    It's worth watching just being a rare type of genre from him alone and John Landis directed it.

  • Banned

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  • Banned

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  • Battle Angel Alita:
    A few characters got shorted in the "motivation" dept, but world, action, and effects are all A or A- level. They never explain why or how the Motorball champion gets to go to Zalem. Or how Disgraced Zalemites are transferred down to scrapyard, thereby rendering the motivations of several characters to get "sent up" kind of an obvious Macguffin. In certain ways, this movie reminds me of The Running Man. But with a teenage girl instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger. A lot of pivotal moments are shown in the trailers. Which is a shame.
    3/5 but good enough to plan to watch again.

    The Lego Movie 2:
    Pretty good. Not as good as Lego Movie 1. Not as bad as Lego Movie 4: Legos in the Hood.
    also a 3/5, but I'm ok with only seeing it once.

  • @tokyoslim said in Last movie you watched:

    Green Book
    Youtube Video

    Green Book slides into the top 5 of my favorite movies of 2018. Mahershala Ali is outstanding and this should probably earn him another Oscar nod. (He won best supporting last year for Moonlight) Viggo Mortensen is brilliant as always. Directed with a lighter than expected touch by Peter Farrelly ( one half of "The Farrelly Brothers") This isn't a comedy, but it's funny. It's not a social statement, but it's socially aware. This is a road trip, buddy film, fish out of water, "spirit of Christmas", period piece that deftly weaves in and out of scenes that made me smile, made me clench my fists, and made my heart ache. This movie handled differently could have been preachy, or wooden, or exploitative. I think all these pitfalls were avoided or overcome. It's not the deepest film in the world - ultimately it's a film based on the true story of the friendship between two men from different worlds. You've all seen these films before. It's the journey and not the destination. 4.5/5 stars

    I think this is supposed to open at Thanksgiving. Keep your eyes out.

    I think I should go back and address this. This was my immediate reaction, and having learned more about the story behind the film and done some examination - I retract my assumption that "the pitfalls of exploitation were overcome by it's treatment as a buddy road trip movie". I still believe that all of the acting was top notch, the directing was good, and that it's not a social statement. I am very satisfied with Mahershala Ali winning his 2nd Supporting Actor Oscar.

    But this film may not be as "aware" as I gave it credit for, and after finding out that Dr. Shirley's family was never contacted about the portrayal, and that they disavowed the depiction of him and his relationship with Vallelonga - I have to make assumptions that the writer was only interested in telling his version of what amounts to a family fable, using a real life man as a prop. Which saddens me and in my opinion diminishes the film. It ended up still being in my top ten films of the year, based on the strength of the performances alone - but lower than it probably otherwise would have been. Mahershala Ali , Viggo Mortensen, and Linda Cardellini all did great work acting in this film, but I think a pretty significant piece of my praise has to be redacted.

    This is in direct response to it winning Best Picture at the Oscars, obviously - but this was a particularly bad year for Best Picture nominations in general, and I don't think it was the WORST choice out of the nominated movies to win, but it was among the three worst, in my opinion - and a couple of movies that should have been nominated above it were conspicuously absent.

    I still think Crash is the worst movie to win an Oscar in my adult lifetime. Green Book isn't dethroning that turkey.

    I also had significant qualms with Bohemian Rhapsody and Blackkklansman being nominated this year for similar reasons.

  • Woof yeah I was certain itd be Roma with maybe a Blackkklansman or Bohemian Rhapsody upset (with my heart hoping for the Favourite haha).. I did not see Green Book coming

    Happy for Olivia though

  • @tearju-engi I really enjoyed that movie as well, I recall the snapping fingers being iconic to my adolescent mind though I'm sure it doesn't hold up. Lol

  • @Mango it has good moments and roles fit well with characters they play. Sure it might not hold up but rarely you see Tim Curry not acting malicious at all.

    Latest movie I watched was Macross: Do You Remember Love? which is retelling of the original series (Robotech in US) and back in 1983 the animation was top notch and some still holds up today. 8/10

  • Not a movie, but finished The Dragon Prince season 2. It's an improvement on the first, which I thought was solid but not great. This season still falls short in many of the same aspects; the animation is slightly improved but is still very choppy, some of the scripting and voice acting comes off as hammy or corny, the pacing struggles throughout the show, and they seem to insert poorly written jokes for the sole reason of "because it's a kid's show," which tends to upend the pacing. Still, there's some surprisingly good character work here, and the Claudia/Soren arc is really well done. Also, this show is stealthily a very progressive kid's show. Major props. Overall definitely worth a watch. Here's hoping we get a season 3 with a real budget behind it!

  • Alita: Battle Angel.
    I somewhat remember reading it back in the '90s but don't remember there being a game they played.
    Movie was targeted to the more younger audiences but I didn't mind. Action was pretty good so I had an OK time. Still wish they hadn't enlarged the eyes. So creepy and unnecessary. Anime eyes just don't fit in live-action. 7/10

  • Motorball was definitely in the Manga. Also, Ashen Victor, which is a pseudo-prequel/same universe is about a Motorball player.

  • @tokyoslim well it was 20 years ago and there have been plenty motorball type of anime/movies

  • Shutter Island

    Scorsese always gets praised for his gangster movies but I remember loving this one in theaters, so I decided to give it another spin to see if it holds up. On the whole, I still enjoyed it quite a bit and there's certainly a lot of small details that make so much more sense when you're aware of what is really happening but there are a few scenes that should have been scrapped - like Leo chasing down a man who made him it in a game of tag and Leo proceeds to deck him for it. Either way, solid performances all around and a rewarding movie with repeat viewings.

  • @sabotagethetruth Don't let Kyle hear that you like it!

  • Most recent movie for me is Pacific Rim 1.

  • Just saw Captain Marvel. That was a pretty solid and familiar-feeling MCU movie, I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't place it among the best Marvel films. Easily the best thing in the film is Captain Marvel herself and how Brie Larson brings her to life, I really liked how Carol acted and felt through all this. A nice mix of attitude and flashiness but also being lost still (in this one). Young Fury made me smile a lot, too, and the way the two interacted with each others was peculiarly enjoyable, what a weird pair. :)

    I also liked how the film handled Carol's origins, that was an imaginative way. And fit the context as well. The plot was fine with a cool connection or two to MCU. The execution of things, however, felt kind of too safe and familiar, not a lot of whoa moments per se.

    But I like I said, I'm really stoked about Carol and the fact that she's now in. But also, damn she's OP! How will Feige & co. treat this character in the future?